After a lapse of nine years before they see a single field 40 +! Most civilian team in NBA history a real hammer

Beijing on March 21, the Atlanta Hawks on the road 99 to 94 upset victory over the Utah Jazz, Hawks win campaign contributor non-Denis – Shilao De none other than the audience he played 35 minutes, 16 of 28 shooting, three-pointers 7 from 3 highest 41 points, while seven assists and 5 rebounds。
He also broke the team record of the history of a dusty years。
The game ushered Schroeder personal outbreak, in the final moments, by virtue of his dumped a breakthrough to help the team ahead in the score。
Schroeder audience almost single-handedly by virtue of the powerful Jazz thrown to the ground, he got a game-high 41 points, scoring a career-high refresh。 Meanwhile Schroeder to become self Dec. 19, 2009 Joe – after Johnson, the first single games to get 40 + players on the Hawks history。 Eagles created the first time in the history of the longest two different players with NBA team single-game record 40 points to take。
In any case, Schroeder today's performance can be described as the savior of the Eagles, after this season, although the team has missed the playoffs, but this is a proof of his strength, I believe he will get more 布登霍尔泽 coach trust。 (Shen Wei)。