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Turn on the computer, see the avalanche of news———Faye Wong and Nicholas Tse。After so many years, and two people are married, and each had their own children, but two consecutive divorced, they are still together to!    I want to say: there is no right or wrong love, the same marriage。Not because of the child, we should let two people reluctant to spend a lifetime inappropriate。I believe Nicholas Tse never gave up his two sons, but rather before there have been news that Deborah was always missing two Sun did not see, because they take away from Hong Kong have been Cecilia。Two sons ultimate weapon is Cecilia Bale。If she really treasure this family, she should not let yourself have such erosion of the past, and Edison and lingering。Faye Wong and Li Yapeng together 10 years, 10 years is not a short period of time。I remember one interview, the host asked what Faye Wong Yapeng favorite song, like a long time before Yapeng said evasively“legend”……In fact, do not understand Faye Wong Yapeng, Faye Wong is true even though he loved, but he could not approached her inner world。Ask what women want their marriage always broken?To a certain age, who do not want their love life can really settle down?They are not extra-marital affairs, who is not a small three。Just the right time to the right come together。    Online reported that everything looked between them, whether it is true or false!But the feeling is really in love with Faye Wong Nicholas Tse, Faye Wong because he will quietly sit there while he was beloved woman to cook!Happiness overflow during their hearts!Whether this love will bear fruit, I believe at this time, they must be love!Experienced the vicissitudes of life, I had to do a thousand sails, even looking back, but there favorite!    Listening to "the most happy people" can not help but sigh: both a human life, if there is no love, if there is no intersection of a soul, just to make a living for our children, what a pity it is one thing!But after all, we just regret, in their dreams, or in your own text, or in other ways, with a good will, living ordinary day to day!    Maybe we grow old that day, remembering ever dream!Or remembering those years, those of us crazy idea!In any case, let us in someone else's story, dreaming of their own stories!