Australia's well-known male host walks struck by lightning died killed

Anthony family photo while traveling。
Source: 7News overseas online January 4 electric Recently, the well-known radio host Anthony Australia with his family at the Kings Canyon walk, misfortune struck by lightning, died a death。
It is reported today in Sydney, January 1, Anthony carrying a family of five to Australia's famous Uluru holiday resort, just when they walk in Kings Canyon, tragedy struck: the more remote due to the incident, coupled with bad weather after more than two hours, before the ambulance crew arrived on the scene。 In two hours, Anthony is a local file music program of well-known host of Australia, he has been involved in radio FreshFM programs, and to "trance" is well known。
Ended after nearly six years of work stations, Anthony found a new job, working in sales at company profits。 Intended to travel with his family to spend the holidays together, did not expect to suddenly unexpected calamity。 This wife Jessica.But they put their wedding photos time and wrote: "Anthony, you are my soul mate and love this life。 "。