Taiwan high school principals: Taiwan Lu Qing went to school has become a trend is the biggest investment in life

  Taiwan high school principals: Taiwan Green went to Lu school has become a trend, this is the life's largest investments in Hong Kong in the assessment community 18 published RAP article pointed out that school test results to be published Taiwan University area, Taoyuan City, the first volunteer Wuling high school has nine full fractions, 70 points or more up to 166 people, 498 more than the top mark 63 points, the principal Linqing Bo said in an interview a few days ago, approached the president wrote a letter of recommendation to apply for student well-known mainland colleges and universities, only single digits last year, more than 40 people。 Linqing Bo believes the number Lu went to study "critical amount" of growth, in addition to considering future development and internationalization of Taiwan educational environment is also a factor, especially NTU president has so far not yet assumed office, I am afraid that the collapse of confidence。
  He comments that Linqing Bo said, why ask students to apply for mainland colleges and universities, the grounds are mostly "more choice"。 These students apply for mainland schools, but also with the rest of the mainland provinces to fight the elite compete, may not be able to do so was admitted to Peking University or Tsinghua University and other schools, but there will be a catalytic effect, year after year, there will be critical mass, the more the number of for more, see "Mo Allied to Royal"。
  Linqing Bo said that more parents now smart enough to know the next generation of the job market in the mainland, considering convergence of academic research, simply let the children to the mainland to study, four years of college, living and learning together, that is a lifetime friend, all contacts, future business partners, this is the biggest investment in life。