Perfect score was sprayed insulting!Dengue: we must show in Los Angeles

  Beijing on March 3, according to the "Houston Chronicle" reported that the Houston Rockets in good shape recently, just a few days ago they beat the Los Angeles Clippers, but Harden action in the game has sparked controversy。
  In the game, Harden staged a wonderful shake shooting, he faced Wesley from behind the arc at the top of the arc – Johnson, feign a sudden pick-step exploration crossovers receive the ball, all of a sudden Johnson deceived , fell more than 2 meters away, with no direct Houha Deng shot, as if to hear the referees whistle, like standing still holding the ball at everyone, even once the ball with one hand, very relaxed, until Johnson got up and rushed over prevention, Harden was facing opponents cast-thirds。   However, this action has aroused controversy, some people think this is too humiliating Harden, a bit too far。 Harden said he was not concerned about this, he believes the movement may be the most beautiful ever own a trick, of course, including the "look" before he hit three-pointers action。
  "It's very rude of action (verydisrespectful), but this really is a very beautiful action……At the same time, I really enjoy this action。
If you are Akira fell to the ground, it felt different; I am very happy because I've never been in that position。
"Harden said he did not think anything of humiliating people, he is actually very nervous:" I'm doing that action, I did not notice anything else, I was actually in a hurry, this is a great action I just shake him down, suddenly had so much time convergence in action, I wanted to steady a steady, I did, and I was successful。 "" That was my best action, because I have some time, of course, when you make a great action, of course, you will do some additional actions, or you make a future will do another action。 "Harden said。
  In Harden view, the reason why people criticize him, he is nothing more than shake down Johnson in place so for a while, but Harden think this is not a problem: "to play in Los Angeles, you always have to show them, right?"Teammate Chris Paul – I think this is nonsense, Harden groundless accusations。
  "Man, we need to talk about, something would happen today or tomorrow, they will continue to discuss, I understand that everyone is talking about this action, but this is normal, but Harden body, such a thing is not new。 "Paul said。   (Cushions da)。