What are the benefits women eat chocolate?

  Many women like to eat, but worry about eating more chocolate fat, can not eat, always very tangled。
Today, chocolate has become part of a snack or dessert people, chocolate calories, good taste, is a good snack。 So, women eat more chocolate, what good is it?  Protect the heart has been able to affect human health, may be flavonoids contained in chocolate played a role, as it has been found that flavonoids can not only reduce blood pressure, improve blood factors also have heart-healthy, high blood pressure is risk factors for stroke。   For concentrate focus, enhance memory and improve intelligence have a role。
Some drivers to improve driving ability as the spirits of the students take the test agent can also be used brain。   Relieve stress can increase levels of the brain called "Selo Toning" chemical substances。
It brings a sense of tranquility, to better eliminate tension, relieve stress play a role。
  Pleasure good physical and mental fatigue contains phenylethylamine, can cause the brain to release endorphins, in turn engender a sense of pleasure。
On the one hand, eating chocolate indifferent or physically weak person would have an effect similar to the movement, on the other hand there are those who over-excited calming calming effect。
  Flavones enhance immunity contained immunomodulatory effects。
Immunomodulation is an extremely complex process。 Artificially regulate immune function by means of drugs will take some risks。 Chocolate and other foods can take on this task, while improving the immune system, the risk value to a lower level。   Sports Nutrition supplement energy research showed that before exercise can increase the use of glycogen stores in the muscles, which will help improve athletic ability, saving glycogen consumption, delay fatigue, but also conducive to recovery after prolonged exercise glycogen。
  Midwifery mothers prior to delivery if properly eat, can get enough power to promote uterine big mouth open as soon as possible, smooth delivery, mother and child are very useful。