Benefits of foot massage can prevent cancer and promote detoxification sleep

Benefits of foot massage, anti-cancer detoxification can promote sleep, the following small series details for you。 Today, people's health has become a top priority, massage is a health care the way people advocating, massage can play the effect of preventing and curing diseases, welcomed by everyone, here we tell you about five of the benefits of foot massage to look at it!Foot Massage in ancient China there, especially on the soles of the feet massage。
The pressures of life big enough, can not allow the discomfort to block our spiritual progress, so at the usual time, you can do some foot massage to relieve mental stress body。
Body unhealthy, mostly because of the lack of relations campaign, people in ancient times all day barefoot in the fields crafts, foot direct contact with the ground, thus stimulated, promote circulation, and then sweat drink, complete the normal metabolism of a cycle, play the body's healing power。
Therefore, the ancient human body than our modern health of many。 Reflexology, is in accordance with the principle of stimulus, do therapy。 Benefits of foot massage can prevent cancer and promote detoxification sleep 1.Promote smooth blood circulation。
2.Clear the obstacles of human energy circulation pipe。 3.Promote coordination between organs and parts of the function of the normal organ systems。
4.Promote balance of endocrine, easing tensions of the system。
Fives.Excretion of toxins debris, maintain health。 6.Strengthen metabolism, maintain youthful vitality。 7.Stimulate cells to produce energy, prevent aging。
8.Restoration of degraded organ function, prevention of illness。