The elderly how to avoid these foods can aggravate indigestion indigestion

How to avoid the elderly?Indigestion is a very common thing in life, particularly the elderly can easily indigestion, then you know how old you avoid indigestion?The following night on the net for the elderly to tell you how to avoid indigestion。How to avoid indigestion old 1.To eat staple food eat dinner staple food to eat。
Staple food is a "natural digestive medicine"。
Rice, noodles and other staple foods belong carbohydrate, easily digested, and people get a sense of fullness, avoid eating too much to eat, but also help stimulate the secretion of saliva amylase to digest food, to stimulate gastric acid secretion, enhance the ability of the stomach to digest。
Whole grains is the staple food of choice, it is rich in fiber, can promote gastrointestinal peristalsis, but also let the excess fat from the body。2.Chacha bogey after a meal of fruit and fruit on the body and has a very good stimulus, but after eating it takes some time away from them。
Immediately after a meal to eat fruit eat food under it will be blocked, causing the fruit can not properly digest。
And immediately after dinner tea, tea contains tannic acid will affect the absorption of protein, increasing the burden on the stomach。Tea should postprandial gastric emptying, about 2 hours postprandial。How to avoid indigestion elderly 3.Slowly develop the habit of the elderly have more teeth loose, fall off, make chewing food in the mouth is not completely。Refurbishment good teeth, calmly chewing, swallowing slowly, strengthening the mechanical processing of food, not only can reduce the burden of the gastrointestinal tract, and also avoid the rough, hard foods stimulate the digestive tract mucosa bad。