Teen liver blood deficiency of the hepatic blood inadequate diet eat what teens

Teen liver blood deficiency What teenagers need to eat is a caring group of people, because they are the flowers of the motherland, the motherland in the future depends on them, then what is the liver blood deficiency teenagers eat and night to see the net hepatic blood shortage teenagers eat What's introduce it!Liver blood deficiency teenagers what to eat (1) Health and ginger practice: When Angelica 15 grams, half a catty mutton, chopped, with the release of the casserole, add water, simmer over low heat and cook until the rotten meat, add ginger 15 grams, a little salt until the meat Shulan, with the amount of sub-ton soup, but also eat meat。
Regular consumption, blood tonic, strong body for illness ,, qi, malnutrition, anemia, abdominal Leng Tong, etc.。
(2) black fungus soup Method: 15 dates, black fungus 5 grams, after the bubble wash with warm water, into the bowl, add water and crystal sugar, the bowl set steamer and steam for one hour。
Once or fractional consumption。Fungus eat dates, soup, treatment of anemia, arteriosclerosis, retinal hemorrhage and thrombocytopenia。(3) chicken juice porridge adolescent blood shortage practice what to eat: hen, after cuts clean, turn on the water thick fried chicken juice to raw chicken juice several times with 2 two porridge。Nourish the five internal organs, blood tonic function。
Suitable for elderly, infirm after the illness, blood deficiency everything debilitating illness。
(4) the practice of chicken liver soup: chicken liver (liver Wuji better) one, washed, fascia, sliced。As when cooked fries into the boiling water, without blood color, tone hot salt, seasoning food little Dayton。
Bugan eyesight function, nutritional treatment of impaired vision, night blindness, such as retinitis Center。According to "cure shaped to form" principle, the liver of animals such as liver, goat liver, beef liver, rabbit liver, duck liver, etc., has the role of eyesight Liver。

What is it folliculitis?How to effectively prevent the occurrence of folliculitis

As soon as we scalp itching, mild pain, or scalp pimple-like, be sure to pay attention to whether the initial symptoms of folliculitis folliculitis How much do you know what is everyday how to effectively prevent folliculitis folliculitis happen following up understand the next。
What is folliculitis is commonly caused by Staphylococcus aureus folliculitis infection under normal circumstances, it will induce the hair follicle inflammation after infection by the bacteria, which appeared in a variety of uncomfortable symptoms, including red spots on the skin It is the most obvious symptom。And folliculitis is also divided into suppurative and non-suppurative two kinds of patients suffering from folliculitis is mostly some of the immunocompromised or diabetic patients, and therefore we should pay attention to check at the time of folliculitis occurs frequently if they have low immunity etc., and also pay attention to blood sugar on a regular basis to detect。
General to head common site of folliculitis, mainly the Ministry of items, and the patient will feel itching and mild pain。
Folliculitis and also tends to relapse frequently occurs and many properties of the refractory。
How to prevent folliculitis 1, eat less spicy, fatty or high sugar content of food。
Eat more vegetables, fruits, and vitamin-rich foods to keep the stool flow, which can be timely exclude the body of toxins, conducive to good health。
2, pay attention to the law of life。
Note that rest time, to develop a more reasonable habits。
But also to relax in life, strive to improve the quality of sleep, relieve stress caused by life。
3, in life take time for physical exercise as much as possible。
There is a strong body not only can improve body immunity, can also enhance their immunity。
4, attention to cleanliness。For head folliculitis, do not force scratch when care or squeeze, wash your hair everyday and do not too often, 3-4 times per week is appropriate, excessive cleaning but can not reach the desired effect。

Elderly white hair faster how to do?What to eat to prevent hair white

Elderly white hair faster how to do?What to eat to prevent hair white?For older people, the most obvious hair is a manifestation of the age, diet can slow down the rate of aging, so that the hair slowly turned white。So what to eat to prevent hair turned white following night it website describes what to eat to prevent hair white, with a look。Hair color is a factor in determining how much hair pigment granules, with the growth and development of pigment cells in hair roots about the nipple。Hair from black to white, the hair pigment cells typically function decline, when the recession completely unable to produce pigment particles, the hair is completely white。
Normal people from the age of 35, the hair pigment cells began to decline。However, if you do not take good care of it, it may be turned into white-haired brunette in advance。There are many causes of elderly white hair, but the staple food and meat protein intake is less a result of malnutrition, it is a very important factor。What to eat can prevent the elderly white hair can eat purple rice, black beans, red bean, green beans, Hung Ling, black sesame, walnut and other staple food, but also eat fowl, beef and mutton, pork liver, turtles, deep color succulent fish, sea cucumbers and other meat。In addition, the elderly should eat carrots, spinach, purple radish, red cabbage, mushrooms, black fungus, etc.。
In short, all foods contain dark pigment, beneficial to the maintenance of hair color。
1, black sesame seeds dry hair, easily snapped, bifurcation, white, etc., can be improved by eating black sesame seeds。
Nutrients black sesame contains a large number of hair desired acid, folic acid, protein, palmitic acid, like calcium and vitamin é。

Bunao walnut drinks fast it true?

Source: Knowledge is power (from "knowledge is power" magazine article 9, 2015 issue of "brain walnut drinks fast, fly it?"Article, author: LI Yuan-yuan) The new semester began, heavy load approaching, many students have expressed already overworked brain。
So parents began to buy all kinds of goods brain, which is the most popular drinks walnuts。
I believe walnut Bunao argument has gained so many drinks will be holding a banner walnut Bunao, sell very popular, but also loved by young people。
Walnuts can drink it really fast brain?  1。Walnut brain contains the necessary nutrients, can nourish the brain, rather than from the intrinsic shape, walnut reputation is famous puzzle。This may be because the rich walnut-3 polyunsaturated fatty acid, is formed which is an important constituent of cell membrane phospholipids in the brain necessary (brain membrane is a phospholipid bilayer structure)。
Meanwhile, the phospholipid is also involved in the formation of the neurotransmitter acetylcholine, acetylcholine like messenger signal transmission between nerve cells, the lack of it will result in a slow reaction rate, memory loss。
In addition, walnuts are also rich in E, in addition to common nuts Sunflower Seeds will undoubtedly walnut, and E can prevent lipid peroxidation of brain cells, the brain cells to maintain the vitality of the state。
Therefore, we can say walnut nutrients contained in the brain there is a certain role。
  However, the brain cell membrane phospholipids replacement can not imagine so fast, it has its own metabolic rhythm, brain cell membrane phospholipids update requires at least a month's time, while the full update takes about three months。
Therefore, similar to the quick brain and other phrases are nothing more than some people's comfort。
  2。Walnut drinks, nutritional essence of how many though, the market many drinks walnut Bunao name signs, but almost all of its product categories, walnut drinks are beverages。
Since it is essentially a beverage, it must be the most abundant component of water, it is also verified the list of ingredients so。
Careful observation will find, walnut content of these drinks is not only not in the list of ingredients ahead, some even ranked last in the list of ingredients, which means that the drink loaded with very small amount of walnuts。
Some drinks contain so-called six walnut, with its nutrition table, for example, in which the protein content is far below the protein content of six walnut itself, let alone the ē and unsaturated fatty acids。It can be seen, in essence diluted walnut walnut drinks have little, many so-called brain brain function, more businesses are nothing more beautiful blueprint sketched。
  3。Walnut drinks, sugar is not low with a lot of drinks, like walnut drinks which mostly contain more refined sugar, refined sugar drinks that contain too much to drink, may increase ,, gout, infertility, premature aging and other risks。Therefore, the current World Health Organization raised again on the intake of refined sugar Warning: It is recommended for adults and should be a daily intake of refined sugar fell to its total energy intake of 10%, if further reduced to below 5% (about 25 grams per day, equivalent to about 6 teaspoons of refined sugar), will have more benefits。So, you can occasionally drink walnut drinks, but does not recommend regular consumption, especially for growing teenagers but also to guard against these sweet temptations。  4。
How to eat walnuts, walnut learning more as needed to meet a lot of brain nutrients, so eating walnuts also beneficial, but we have to be careful of the following errors: ① walnut is not the more the better。  Although walnuts are beneficial to humans mainly fat to unsaturated fatty acids, but it is after all a series of fat, 1 gram of fat will also generate about 38 kJ of heat, eating too much fat intake will lead to still higher, causing overweight , and other issues, but not conducive to brain。So, eat walnuts perseverance, 1 day?2 is sufficient。
  ② best not to eat spiced walnuts。
  Incense, sugar made walnut sweet spiced walnuts, which is inseparable from behind the contribution of sugar and flavor。These materials, on the one hand so that walnuts contain a lot of food additives; on the other hand can cover up bad walnut flavor itself, it is not easy to identify consumer product quality is good or bad。
So, add sugar, salt, walnuts after the food additive is no longer so pure, so spend the same price to buy cost-effective products reduced。
So, it would be best to eat walnuts or choose flavor。

Hair loss is often the cause of five women ate conditioner?(1)

  Season is a favorite season, mainly with female hair loss inappropriate, mental stress, long-term relationship and the reason for using computers malnutrition。
So conditioner ate it?Today recommended several hair care nutrition food for everyone。  What to eat: Eggs are rich in biotin。This lack of hair will become very fragile element。Other foods rich in biotin also include peanuts, almonds。
salmon。Low-fat milk slightly。
  Lean red meat: the body iron deficiency can cause baldness, according to the treatment of iron deficiency may help to grow hair,。Or hair growth problems are usually the body of iron deficiency。especially。
  Bananas, beer, oats, raisins: These foods contain silica minerals。This substance can increase the degree of thick hair, and eat more foods rich in these substances make the hair becomes more robust。  1.  Rich in oleic acid, vitamin E, protein and other nutrients, especially high fat content, can effectively moisturize the skin, nourish hair, while the fork has a significant role in improving the brown hair。
  2.Fish rich in fish rich in niacin, can dilate capillaries, enhance microcirculation, blood accessibility, elimination of melanin obstacles to remove yellow hair Bodybuilding。  How to 1, the inner conditioning: to sleep, to eat more nourishing yin, nourishing the liver and kidney of food。
Chinese medicine main black kidney, black kidney food to be very good, like black sesame, black beans, black rice are good。There are chestnut, sea cucumber, walnuts, can be a good nourishing liver and kidney yin nourishing。
There are some nourishing spleen food, such as jujube, longan, mulberry, medlar and animal liver。  2. Hair Care: Avoid excessive perm, use plain, scalp massage, regular hair care film depth。  3, correct scalp clean: Keep the hair and scalp clean, use high-quality shampoo products, in order to inhibit the reproduction of bacteria, but not too much emphasis on cleaning。
  4, light diet: eat something light, like vegetables, fruits, and eat less greasy food, especially spicy hot pot to eat。  5, slept more laughter: no matter how busy have time to sleep, good sleep is dependent of the essence and vitality, and Manner with, people naturally refreshing。Bother, but also more than make yourself laugh, listen to crosstalk, and more with the family, and more love, more than walk out, only a good mood, in order to have more positive emotions against negative emotions。

Quest New York | Have you seen the other night it looks like China Town?

  New York, the city has many familiar Leaving Me, Loving you, there are some that you have not heard of HiddenGem。 Our "New York Quest Tour" will find those hidden secrets and treasures of this – the mysterious high-rise garden zenith; hiding in the art underground iron; abandoned factory in a quiet lane; in another, or ordinary people "public entrance"。 Unknown and curious, always surprise you!  Quest sponsored by the ToyotaRAV4Hybrid whole trip to New York, the second leg will visit Chinatown in Manhattan, braved the mundane earthly pyrotechnic gas blocks, actually can change when night falls out another one look at this bustling。
  During the day, China and other parts of the city here is no different, street stalls stood aquatic raw vegetables, the bustling, braving the mundane earthly pyrotechnic gas。
  But in the sleepy early in the morning, thick hours of the night, and then if you look here, you will find a completely different Chinese city。
It felt like watching martial arts in sweeping monk suddenly put down the broom, one second turned peerless master。 People can not help but take a "yo, you have two faces na?"And this other one face, hidden in the shutter doors of businesses on both sides of the road。 These stainless steel door had disgraced suddenly become a picture of a huge graffiti, Chinese city into a large outdoor gallery!wait!!Graffiti is not illegal yet?!Which organization so lawless, it could be so massive, "committing the crime" ……Moreover, painted quite nice!  The figure are AmirmohsenShaheidari, JeanRim, MarcellusHall works, provided the graffiti by the 100GatesProject in the end how much, let's give you slowly come。   Editor: Lu Xiao。

Ninth World Chinese Outstanding Young Chinese line

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Chinese root server IPv6 deployment of 4: Look at Great Nations responsibility to play

  Just recently, the CPC Central Committee and State Council issued "to promote Internet Protocol version 6 (IPv6) scale deployment action plan" (hereinafter referred to as "Plan")。
  "Plan" that accelerate scale deployment of IPv6, the Internet is the inevitable trend of global evolution of the upgrades is a major opportunity for innovation and development of the technology industry, network security is an urgent need to strengthen the capacity of。 "Plan" also proposed to use 5-10 years, the formation of the next generation of the Internet industry and eco-system independent technology to build commercial applications of the world's largest IPv6 network, to achieve the depth of integration of next-generation Internet applications in various fields of economic and social。
  In addition, the next generation of the Internet sponsored by the National Engineering Research Center led "yeti plan" completed IPv6 root server set up 25 stations in the world。
China deployed four of which, including a table main root and secondary roots three。
From scratch, China did not completely break the plight of root servers。
  Far-reaching root server root server to build the country is one of the key facilities of the Internet, its main role is to manage the home directory of the Internet, many computer scientists call it "truth" (truth)。   Prior to "The Snowman plan" put forward, only 13 root servers around the world。 Of which only one is the main root server, and the remaining 12 were supplemented root servers。 Main root server set up in the United States, and there are nine root servers set up in the United States, and the remaining three are located in the UK, Sweden and Japan。   To some extent, control the Internet root servers worldwide, mastered the root servers of the Internet lifeline countries equivalent to the control of multinational。 Therefore, in our global share of 13 root server system management but US-dominated situation, the network security of other countries constitutes a great challenge。
  In July 1997, between the root servers automatically transfer the Internet address of a blank due to human error caused the distribution list。
The mistakes led to the advent of the Internet the most severe local service interruption, e-mail can not be sent within a few days, the page can not be accessed。   In October 2002, the 13 root servers suffered the largest ever scale DDoS attack (Distributed Denial of Service) attacks, more than 30 the number of regular?40 times more data to violently invade these servers, resulting in the loss of the seven root server processing power of network traffic, as well as two followed suit, paralyzed。   January 2014, the occurrence of "events"。 Because DNS poisoning or DNS hijacking and other reasons, DNS domain name resolution system in my country there has been a failure to access a wide range, preventing access to internal Baidu, Sina and many other well-known sites up to several hours。   Although the cause of most accidents is not the root name server itself, but many vulnerable machines on the Internet, after these vulnerable machines are implanted DDoS client, and send the packet to the root name server, the server will interfere operations even led to its collapse。   Additionally, cyber warfare has become an important part of modern warfare, network security challenges facing the countries do not have the root servers is more severe。 In order to completely prevent similar accidents, access to the Internet to manage their home directory root server management had the right to issue urgent。

What kind of women more prone to single women should pay attention to five

Even if the work is very tired, but finally some holiday, you are very afraid, such as festivals like Valentine's Day, make you feel lonely, desolate thought of his situation, back to the cold nest, it will be big sense of loss。 In this atmosphere, you have to own lonely doll holding a pillow to sleep early, hoping the next day it can get rid of this sense of sadness。
Or you choose to you with a good showing men together, but a sweet couple in a restaurant, you and the man is obviously dubious, absent-minded, and finally you can only return to a lonely person's hut alone。
In this way a vicious circle, you are more afraid of the holidays, more and more afraid of the festival, always a festive feeling anxious, or even your own birthday wish is quickly married, but this desire seems to have promise for a few years yet achieve。 3, afraid of marriage occasions single for a long time, her friends one by one to get married, participated in a lot of weddings, but feel lonely, even if you put on a chic singles, but still can not escape the inner solitude and loneliness。 Eager to end the single, but has no development, most fear is that the students who heard the news to get married, your sense of crisis worsen, but the delay is not forthcoming, the most afraid of you or someone else invited to the wedding , you miserable, alone to dinner, see all pairs of people, in the new sweet intoxicated when you are feeling very depressed, with a trace of envy, a trace of joy, heart mixed feelings, I do not know when the pair of dazzling newcomer can be converted into himself and another person。
As shown, the boss used to be dictated to 4 which is easy to single women because you're single, so you are forced to become career-driven woman, the boss think you do not have family, repeatedly called to let you arrive in half an hour meeting of the company, but you also have to put on a very positive way with。
You might tell myself this way, the company's new plan has just begun, the first half is busy some of the second half on the track and that they will wait a。
But in fact as early as last year's plan, you would have to say so myself, it is possible to bring your interest is no longer a man, but the male customers, give you a sense of accomplishment of professional people。
You already own company and devoted her career, often from morning to evening, on your efforts, and finally rose to the company's mid-level cadres, but all alone, who can pay for your single it carefully inventory look, and feel around men who do not comply with their spouse, ultimately, put away their share of underachievement in reverie, continue to morph into a workaholic。
5, some of the bad habits you have tainted the very beginning and, like every girl, purity, innocence, even otherworldly, but having gone through the trauma again and again love, you begin to learn to smoke, and or learn to drink the odd glass of low, in order to comfort themselves alone and lonely heart。
You feel alone, no one control you, do not worry about having children, so once again learn to intoxicate themselves nerves, so if you can make a little less pain, paralysis will make at least his heart is not so air。
For more information, please visit 6681 health network!。

Ministry of Education: recruit college students from poor families should increase focus on policy preferences

(Original title: Ministry of Education: major colleges and universities to recruit students from poor families should increase policy support) BEIJING, March 23 Xinhua news website of the Ministry of Education, Ministry of Education recently issued "on efforts to recruit key universities in 2018 in rural and poor areas inform students work, "clearly 2018 continue to implement the key universities to recruit students in rural and poor areas of special national programs, special programs and special local college plans to increase the requirements for students from poor families of preferential policies, meet the relevant requirements of the university built Toudang Li poor families file card candidates, priority admission under the same conditions。 "Notice" requirements, strict conditions apply and qualification。
National special programs directed to recruit students in poor areas, the implementation of regional focus on contiguous special difficulties for the county, as well as key counties for national poverty alleviation and development in South Xinjiang Four States, the poverty-stricken counties out of poverty special national plans to implement the region in 2018 will continue to apply national special Program policies。
Special programs directed to recruit local provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities) implementation of rural students in the region, the implementation of regional and specific conditions apply to achieve full coverage (autonomous regions and municipalities) Ethnic Autonomous County of the province the provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities) determined according to local conditions, by the。
Special programs to recruit college orientation in remote, poverty, ethnic and other regions of the county (including county-level cities) of the following high school studious, good student achievement in rural areas, the region is determined by the implementation of the relevant provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities)。 He urged all localities to strictly implement the plan to apply for special conditions, improve qualification measures to further improve the multi-sectoral joint audit mechanism provincial, municipal and county levels of education, public security, to ensure that candidates household registration, enrollment true and accurate。 Conscientiously carry out the requirements for qualified candidates to verify universities, verification of candidates by people related materials。
"Notice" stressed the increased promotional services and helping candidates。
Called on all localities and relevant universities to increase enrollment propaganda, in-depth and secondary schools in poor areas to carry out special programs take many forms extensive policy advocacy, improve the effectiveness of propaganda。 Candidates innovative service initiatives, provide more convenient for the candidates to apply for service。 Increase policy support to students from poor families to reach the next filing card established candidates from poor families, the same conditions relevant universities Toudang priority admission requirements。
Complete their studies by increasing financial aid to students from poor families and other measures to help students find special。
"Notice" requirements, strict enrollment management and investigate violations。 Requirements and relevant universities around the perfect way of special enrollment plan, admissions program optimization work to improve the chance of admission of candidates。
Strengthen the continuity of work, do a good job candidates voluntary reporting, admissions, etc.。
Earnestly implement the enrollment message for ten disclosure requirements, the initiative to accept the candidates, schools and public oversight。
Increase efforts to deal with violations of illegal activities planned special admissions process, according to the law severely punished。
For providing false application materials of candidates, identified as cheating in national education examinations, qualifications and plans to cancel its special year college entrance qualification。