98th national rum Chengdu curtain multinational sell their wines

  Reporters on the scene, before many national and regional pavilions have come around full consultation merchants。 Before Margaret Nauta Canadian wineries booth, an exhibitor from time to time for merchants pouring, she expressed the hope that more exchanges with merchants to make China a better understanding of Canadian wine market, bigger and stronger in Sichuan and Chongqing。
  Canadian Consul General in Chongqing Daijie Hao told reporters that Canada is the world's fifth largest agriculture and agri-food exporter, China is the second largest agricultural export market。 "By 2017, Canada's total exports of agricultural products to China reached 40 billion yuan, an increase%, China has become Canada's largest bottled wine export market。
"Daijie Hao said that 2018 is a Canadian tourist, he was looking forward to more Chinese people travel to Canada," a trip to wine tours, food and wine tasting in person in Canada。
"It is reported that this rum will continue until the 24th, with a total exhibition area of nearly 210,000 square meters, is the largest exhibition area of rum term, an increase of 65 percent over the previous year, the exhibition is divided into the traditional liquors , the international wine and spirits, food and beverage, condiments, food and food packaging machinery exhibition six。 (Finish)。