KPMG: 2017 Hong Kong IPO is expected to raise funds amounted to HK $ 130 billion in

  Xinhua News Agency December 11 (Reporter Wang laying) 11th international consulting firm KPMG said in Hong Kong this year is expected to Hong Kong IPO funds raised will reach HK $ 130 billion。
As more and more factors "new economy" companies listed, plus the listed reform may introduce new policies, it is expected to IPO funds raised in Hong Kong in 2018 is expected to exceed HK $ 200 billion。
  KPMG China's capital market development services group in Hong Kong Managing Partner, Lee make Germany the press conference that day he said that although Hong Kong IPO number of cases is expected in the high 2017 mid-innovation, up to 160, but the lack of large public projects, the total funds raised will be reduced to HK $ 130 billion, the lowest since 2012, failed to Hong Kong named world's largest IPO market in mid-2017 status。   Lee Lingde said the Hong Kong IPO market fund raising activities in the past dominated by traditional financial services company, is making the transition to the Internet and business-related science and technology "new economy" companies drive。
These enterprises are mainly engaged in electronic games, online auto finance, insurance and online services such as e-books。   KPMG data shows that the top ten IPO in Hong Kong in mid-2017, there are four belong to the "new economy" companies in 2016 is the lack of the same type of large public events, reflecting the IPO technology companies are leading the market transition。
In addition, these "new economy" companies IPO Junhuo significantly oversubscribed, indicating that those who have a keen interest in such company。   Lee Lingde also said that the Hong Kong market is discussing matters relating to market reform, might modify the Listing Rules in order to attract "new economy" companies, innovation and technology companies listing in Hong Kong, these reforms will help enhance Hong Kong's attractiveness as a destination listed。
Editor: Shao Yuxiang。