Mourinho was approved: it is difficult to activate Boge Ba?

According to the "Daily Mirror" reported that former Arsenal striker Ian – Wright criticized Mourinho does not properly use Boge Ba。
He said that to solve this problem and not let him rocket。
This season, Boge Ba's performance has been a hard look at by everyone, the last few games he missed, of course, there are reasons for injuries。
It is said that Bo Geba has lost the trust of Mourinho。 Wright said: "Deschamps has said, Boge Ba is not the correct use。
You have to look at what is the character of Bo Geba。
He's a free player。 It is that you can make Boge Ba retracement deeper, so that he can ball, but if you let some of his more forward position, he can express themselves。
Boge Ba is this type of player。 He wanted to express themselves, or do similar things。 I think this is not as difficult as rocket。 "Bellamy also agree with Wright's statement, he said:" I do not think he was placed in the position he is good。
He does not look happy。 I do not think he understood the coach arranged for him playing position。
When I watch him play, I'm not sure what type of midfielder in his playing。
"(From the Stanford football off)。

Trump signed!Chinese war against the United States at midnight!

  At around 00:40 in the morning in several hours before US President Trump signed a presidential memorandum so-called sanctions an act of aggression against China economy。
  This also means a trade war between the two countries has officially started by the United States!  Trump signed a presidential memorandum live video in accordance with Trump saying this morning at the White House Correspondents conference, he believes that China and the United States over trade tariffs is unfair; and for the development of science and technology that the US economy [important] backing, he said the United States is constantly being violated in China by means of forced transfer of technology as well as theft。   He also mentioned that China is now a huge trade surplus with the United States。
In his original words: China's trade surplus with the United States about $ 500 billion, while the trade deficit with the United States and around the world is $ 800 billion, which means that only China accounted for more than half。
  Trump therefore declared that he must change all this, to defend US interests。   And he signed this memorandum sanctions against China, will total about $ 60 billion worth of Chinese imports tariffs。   According to "The New York Times," the latest report, which will be levied tariffs on Chinese products ranging from all aspects of shoes, clothes to electronic products, there are about 1300 kinds。
Specific details will be announced by the United States about the trade sector in 15 days。
  Trump also further elaborated that his tariff policy is a corresponding measure of US tariff treatment China has long levied been made, that is, if you are taxing our products, we will be the same for you product taxation。   Not only that, Trump still press conference this morning on the Chinese made another excessive demands: the need to reduce the $ 100 billion trade surplus with the US。
  Currently, the US stock market to make this action Trump has expressed significant fears。 According to Reuters, saying the three major US stock indexes all fell more than% appears, as investors are worried about Trump's behavior will directly trigger a trade war between the two countries。   On the other hand, just yesterday, our China's Ministry of Commerce has issued a warning to Trump: We resolutely oppose the US unilateralism and protectionism such acts。
China will not sit idly legitimate rights are being infringed, will take all necessary measures to resolutely safeguard their legitimate rights and interests。   Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman, also said: The Chinese side did not want to fight a trade war with anyone, but if someone is forcing us to have to fight, then we will not be afraid, two will not hide。   Finally, it is worth mentioning that Trump planned around a central figure in the trade war with China, the United States Trade Representative Robert Wright hawks Abashidze (RobertLighthizer), [in fact] are not satisfied with the current Trump announced this $ 60 billion worth of Chinese goods tariffs。
  According to "The New York Times" reported that he really want to combat high-tech products and industries we Chinese government launched the "Made in China" 2025 Strategy of Strengthening Nation。   These are the things to levy tariffs of my concern, he said,。
  It appears that the United States the rise of China's technology and products, is really very anxious….。