Still use wolfberry soaked in water to drink?This effect is more obvious (1)

  Method of eating a variety, the method most commonly seen is soaked in water to drink, soup。
A new production method is to put medlar, add different ingredients to produce different effects。Detailed production methods: a.Materials: rice, chrysanthemum, nuclear Watkins date practice ,, honey: 1, add water bubble, pluck roots, torn into small pieces; 2, after opening the water into the rice casserole, fire to boil, small fire to continue cook for half an hour; 3, into the chrysanthemum, the denuclearization Watkins date ,, and continue to cook for half an hour; 4, will be cooked and let cool to sixty degrees below, add honey and mix thoroughly。  Efficacy: chrysanthemum well help the body qi, fill power, in addition to dry, detoxification。
Having antipyretic, treatment of diabetes, cough and phlegm and other effects, can be consumed wolfberry root decoction after hypotensive。Jujube sweet flat, into the stomach has the effect of qi, blood, spleen Qi is of the best。
Chinese medicine commonly used jujube treatment weak stomach, blood deficiency, insomnia。
  two.  1 cup white rice material, 15 grams seasoning 8 cups of water, 1 cup sugar practice: 1, Wash rice, add 8 cups of water soak for 20 minutes, moved to the fire boil, piecemeal Simmer rice soft rot。
  2, the sub-washed, added to the cook, and sugar-sweetened, medlar misfire i.e. a soft edible Sheng。
  Therapeutic effectiveness up essence, blood pressure level, eyes and nerves, kidney strong waist。
  three.Scallop Materials: m glass (a mixture of rice, Northeast rice, glutinous rice), three scallops ,, ginger, spring onion, oil, salt, wine a little practice: 1, Wash scallop with blisters (about a foam h), torn filaments; 2, rice washing clean, along with torn filaments of scallop ,, ginger into electric cookers; (reservation function because it is used to cook the evening, so lazy to put together ahead of wolfberry into, so some impact on the finished color medlar, but the effect it can be said that more in-depth!) 3, add water (not seen food for about 3 centimeters) by adding a little salt, oil, wine (rice flowering of fuel can make more powerful, but also to prevent overflow pan; because scallop compare fishy, so the cooking wine and ginger essential plus) with electric cooker pot 4 hours, use a toothpick to tear onion pot before growing thin strips, stir the pot。When a bowl with chopsticks can be modified into a kind of bluegrass!  These are the nights network for friends introduced the system to do a variety of methods, and friends at home when you can do a do it yourself, nutrient-rich porridge of several introduced above, suitable for all friends to taste, wolfberry has many benefits the human body , reasonable consumption of helpful friends health。