What is it folliculitis?How to effectively prevent the occurrence of folliculitis

As soon as we scalp itching, mild pain, or scalp pimple-like, be sure to pay attention to whether the initial symptoms of folliculitis folliculitis How much do you know what is everyday how to effectively prevent folliculitis folliculitis happen following up understand the next。
What is folliculitis is commonly caused by Staphylococcus aureus folliculitis infection under normal circumstances, it will induce the hair follicle inflammation after infection by the bacteria, which appeared in a variety of uncomfortable symptoms, including red spots on the skin It is the most obvious symptom。And folliculitis is also divided into suppurative and non-suppurative two kinds of patients suffering from folliculitis is mostly some of the immunocompromised or diabetic patients, and therefore we should pay attention to check at the time of folliculitis occurs frequently if they have low immunity etc., and also pay attention to blood sugar on a regular basis to detect。
General to head common site of folliculitis, mainly the Ministry of items, and the patient will feel itching and mild pain。
Folliculitis and also tends to relapse frequently occurs and many properties of the refractory。
How to prevent folliculitis 1, eat less spicy, fatty or high sugar content of food。
Eat more vegetables, fruits, and vitamin-rich foods to keep the stool flow, which can be timely exclude the body of toxins, conducive to good health。
2, pay attention to the law of life。
Note that rest time, to develop a more reasonable habits。
But also to relax in life, strive to improve the quality of sleep, relieve stress caused by life。
3, in life take time for physical exercise as much as possible。
There is a strong body not only can improve body immunity, can also enhance their immunity。
4, attention to cleanliness。For head folliculitis, do not force scratch when care or squeeze, wash your hair everyday and do not too often, 3-4 times per week is appropriate, excessive cleaning but can not reach the desired effect。