Elderly white hair faster how to do?What to eat to prevent hair white

Elderly white hair faster how to do?What to eat to prevent hair white?For older people, the most obvious hair is a manifestation of the age, diet can slow down the rate of aging, so that the hair slowly turned white。So what to eat to prevent hair turned white following night it website describes what to eat to prevent hair white, with a look。Hair color is a factor in determining how much hair pigment granules, with the growth and development of pigment cells in hair roots about the nipple。Hair from black to white, the hair pigment cells typically function decline, when the recession completely unable to produce pigment particles, the hair is completely white。
Normal people from the age of 35, the hair pigment cells began to decline。However, if you do not take good care of it, it may be turned into white-haired brunette in advance。There are many causes of elderly white hair, but the staple food and meat protein intake is less a result of malnutrition, it is a very important factor。What to eat can prevent the elderly white hair can eat purple rice, black beans, red bean, green beans, Hung Ling, black sesame, walnut and other staple food, but also eat fowl, beef and mutton, pork liver, turtles, deep color succulent fish, sea cucumbers and other meat。In addition, the elderly should eat carrots, spinach, purple radish, red cabbage, mushrooms, black fungus, etc.。
In short, all foods contain dark pigment, beneficial to the maintenance of hair color。
1, black sesame seeds dry hair, easily snapped, bifurcation, white, etc., can be improved by eating black sesame seeds。
Nutrients black sesame contains a large number of hair desired acid, folic acid, protein, palmitic acid, like calcium and vitamin é。