Bunao walnut drinks fast it true?

Source: Knowledge is power (from "knowledge is power" magazine article 9, 2015 issue of "brain walnut drinks fast, fly it?"Article, author: LI Yuan-yuan) The new semester began, heavy load approaching, many students have expressed already overworked brain。
So parents began to buy all kinds of goods brain, which is the most popular drinks walnuts。
I believe walnut Bunao argument has gained so many drinks will be holding a banner walnut Bunao, sell very popular, but also loved by young people。
Walnuts can drink it really fast brain?  1。Walnut brain contains the necessary nutrients, can nourish the brain, rather than from the intrinsic shape, walnut reputation is famous puzzle。This may be because the rich walnut-3 polyunsaturated fatty acid, is formed which is an important constituent of cell membrane phospholipids in the brain necessary (brain membrane is a phospholipid bilayer structure)。
Meanwhile, the phospholipid is also involved in the formation of the neurotransmitter acetylcholine, acetylcholine like messenger signal transmission between nerve cells, the lack of it will result in a slow reaction rate, memory loss。
In addition, walnuts are also rich in E, in addition to common nuts Sunflower Seeds will undoubtedly walnut, and E can prevent lipid peroxidation of brain cells, the brain cells to maintain the vitality of the state。
Therefore, we can say walnut nutrients contained in the brain there is a certain role。
  However, the brain cell membrane phospholipids replacement can not imagine so fast, it has its own metabolic rhythm, brain cell membrane phospholipids update requires at least a month's time, while the full update takes about three months。
Therefore, similar to the quick brain and other phrases are nothing more than some people's comfort。
  2。Walnut drinks, nutritional essence of how many though, the market many drinks walnut Bunao name signs, but almost all of its product categories, walnut drinks are beverages。
Since it is essentially a beverage, it must be the most abundant component of water, it is also verified the list of ingredients so。
Careful observation will find, walnut content of these drinks is not only not in the list of ingredients ahead, some even ranked last in the list of ingredients, which means that the drink loaded with very small amount of walnuts。
Some drinks contain so-called six walnut, with its nutrition table, for example, in which the protein content is far below the protein content of six walnut itself, let alone the ē and unsaturated fatty acids。It can be seen, in essence diluted walnut walnut drinks have little, many so-called brain brain function, more businesses are nothing more beautiful blueprint sketched。
  3。Walnut drinks, sugar is not low with a lot of drinks, like walnut drinks which mostly contain more refined sugar, refined sugar drinks that contain too much to drink, may increase ,, gout, infertility, premature aging and other risks。Therefore, the current World Health Organization raised again on the intake of refined sugar Warning: It is recommended for adults and should be a daily intake of refined sugar fell to its total energy intake of 10%, if further reduced to below 5% (about 25 grams per day, equivalent to about 6 teaspoons of refined sugar), will have more benefits。So, you can occasionally drink walnut drinks, but does not recommend regular consumption, especially for growing teenagers but also to guard against these sweet temptations。  4。
How to eat walnuts, walnut learning more as needed to meet a lot of brain nutrients, so eating walnuts also beneficial, but we have to be careful of the following errors: ① walnut is not the more the better。  Although walnuts are beneficial to humans mainly fat to unsaturated fatty acids, but it is after all a series of fat, 1 gram of fat will also generate about 38 kJ of heat, eating too much fat intake will lead to still higher, causing overweight , and other issues, but not conducive to brain。So, eat walnuts perseverance, 1 day?2 is sufficient。
  ② best not to eat spiced walnuts。
  Incense, sugar made walnut sweet spiced walnuts, which is inseparable from behind the contribution of sugar and flavor。These materials, on the one hand so that walnuts contain a lot of food additives; on the other hand can cover up bad walnut flavor itself, it is not easy to identify consumer product quality is good or bad。
So, add sugar, salt, walnuts after the food additive is no longer so pure, so spend the same price to buy cost-effective products reduced。
So, it would be best to eat walnuts or choose flavor。