Hair loss is often the cause of five women ate conditioner?(1)

  Season is a favorite season, mainly with female hair loss inappropriate, mental stress, long-term relationship and the reason for using computers malnutrition。
So conditioner ate it?Today recommended several hair care nutrition food for everyone。  What to eat: Eggs are rich in biotin。This lack of hair will become very fragile element。Other foods rich in biotin also include peanuts, almonds。
salmon。Low-fat milk slightly。
  Lean red meat: the body iron deficiency can cause baldness, according to the treatment of iron deficiency may help to grow hair,。Or hair growth problems are usually the body of iron deficiency。especially。
  Bananas, beer, oats, raisins: These foods contain silica minerals。This substance can increase the degree of thick hair, and eat more foods rich in these substances make the hair becomes more robust。  1.  Rich in oleic acid, vitamin E, protein and other nutrients, especially high fat content, can effectively moisturize the skin, nourish hair, while the fork has a significant role in improving the brown hair。
  2.Fish rich in fish rich in niacin, can dilate capillaries, enhance microcirculation, blood accessibility, elimination of melanin obstacles to remove yellow hair Bodybuilding。  How to 1, the inner conditioning: to sleep, to eat more nourishing yin, nourishing the liver and kidney of food。
Chinese medicine main black kidney, black kidney food to be very good, like black sesame, black beans, black rice are good。There are chestnut, sea cucumber, walnuts, can be a good nourishing liver and kidney yin nourishing。
There are some nourishing spleen food, such as jujube, longan, mulberry, medlar and animal liver。  2. Hair Care: Avoid excessive perm, use plain, scalp massage, regular hair care film depth。  3, correct scalp clean: Keep the hair and scalp clean, use high-quality shampoo products, in order to inhibit the reproduction of bacteria, but not too much emphasis on cleaning。
  4, light diet: eat something light, like vegetables, fruits, and eat less greasy food, especially spicy hot pot to eat。  5, slept more laughter: no matter how busy have time to sleep, good sleep is dependent of the essence and vitality, and Manner with, people naturally refreshing。Bother, but also more than make yourself laugh, listen to crosstalk, and more with the family, and more love, more than walk out, only a good mood, in order to have more positive emotions against negative emotions。