Quest New York | Have you seen the other night it looks like China Town?

  New York, the city has many familiar Leaving Me, Loving you, there are some that you have not heard of HiddenGem。 Our "New York Quest Tour" will find those hidden secrets and treasures of this – the mysterious high-rise garden zenith; hiding in the art underground iron; abandoned factory in a quiet lane; in another, or ordinary people "public entrance"。 Unknown and curious, always surprise you!  Quest sponsored by the ToyotaRAV4Hybrid whole trip to New York, the second leg will visit Chinatown in Manhattan, braved the mundane earthly pyrotechnic gas blocks, actually can change when night falls out another one look at this bustling。
  During the day, China and other parts of the city here is no different, street stalls stood aquatic raw vegetables, the bustling, braving the mundane earthly pyrotechnic gas。
  But in the sleepy early in the morning, thick hours of the night, and then if you look here, you will find a completely different Chinese city。
It felt like watching martial arts in sweeping monk suddenly put down the broom, one second turned peerless master。 People can not help but take a "yo, you have two faces na?"And this other one face, hidden in the shutter doors of businesses on both sides of the road。 These stainless steel door had disgraced suddenly become a picture of a huge graffiti, Chinese city into a large outdoor gallery!wait!!Graffiti is not illegal yet?!Which organization so lawless, it could be so massive, "committing the crime" ……Moreover, painted quite nice!  The figure are AmirmohsenShaheidari, JeanRim, MarcellusHall works, provided the graffiti by the 100GatesProject in the end how much, let's give you slowly come。   Editor: Lu Xiao。