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Chinese root server IPv6 deployment of 4: Look at Great Nations responsibility to play

  Just recently, the CPC Central Committee and State Council issued "to promote Internet Protocol version 6 (IPv6) scale deployment action plan" (hereinafter referred to as "Plan")。
  "Plan" that accelerate scale deployment of IPv6, the Internet is the inevitable trend of global evolution of the upgrades is a major opportunity for innovation and development of the technology industry, network security is an urgent need to strengthen the capacity of。 "Plan" also proposed to use 5-10 years, the formation of the next generation of the Internet industry and eco-system independent technology to build commercial applications of the world's largest IPv6 network, to achieve the depth of integration of next-generation Internet applications in various fields of economic and social。
  In addition, the next generation of the Internet sponsored by the National Engineering Research Center led "yeti plan" completed IPv6 root server set up 25 stations in the world。
China deployed four of which, including a table main root and secondary roots three。
From scratch, China did not completely break the plight of root servers。
  Far-reaching root server root server to build the country is one of the key facilities of the Internet, its main role is to manage the home directory of the Internet, many computer scientists call it "truth" (truth)。   Prior to "The Snowman plan" put forward, only 13 root servers around the world。 Of which only one is the main root server, and the remaining 12 were supplemented root servers。 Main root server set up in the United States, and there are nine root servers set up in the United States, and the remaining three are located in the UK, Sweden and Japan。   To some extent, control the Internet root servers worldwide, mastered the root servers of the Internet lifeline countries equivalent to the control of multinational。 Therefore, in our global share of 13 root server system management but US-dominated situation, the network security of other countries constitutes a great challenge。
  In July 1997, between the root servers automatically transfer the Internet address of a blank due to human error caused the distribution list。
The mistakes led to the advent of the Internet the most severe local service interruption, e-mail can not be sent within a few days, the page can not be accessed。   In October 2002, the 13 root servers suffered the largest ever scale DDoS attack (Distributed Denial of Service) attacks, more than 30 the number of regular?40 times more data to violently invade these servers, resulting in the loss of the seven root server processing power of network traffic, as well as two followed suit, paralyzed。   January 2014, the occurrence of "events"。 Because DNS poisoning or DNS hijacking and other reasons, DNS domain name resolution system in my country there has been a failure to access a wide range, preventing access to internal Baidu, Sina and many other well-known sites up to several hours。   Although the cause of most accidents is not the root name server itself, but many vulnerable machines on the Internet, after these vulnerable machines are implanted DDoS client, and send the packet to the root name server, the server will interfere operations even led to its collapse。   Additionally, cyber warfare has become an important part of modern warfare, network security challenges facing the countries do not have the root servers is more severe。 In order to completely prevent similar accidents, access to the Internet to manage their home directory root server management had the right to issue urgent。