What kind of women more prone to single women should pay attention to five

Even if the work is very tired, but finally some holiday, you are very afraid, such as festivals like Valentine's Day, make you feel lonely, desolate thought of his situation, back to the cold nest, it will be big sense of loss。 In this atmosphere, you have to own lonely doll holding a pillow to sleep early, hoping the next day it can get rid of this sense of sadness。
Or you choose to you with a good showing men together, but a sweet couple in a restaurant, you and the man is obviously dubious, absent-minded, and finally you can only return to a lonely person's hut alone。
In this way a vicious circle, you are more afraid of the holidays, more and more afraid of the festival, always a festive feeling anxious, or even your own birthday wish is quickly married, but this desire seems to have promise for a few years yet achieve。 3, afraid of marriage occasions single for a long time, her friends one by one to get married, participated in a lot of weddings, but feel lonely, even if you put on a chic singles, but still can not escape the inner solitude and loneliness。 Eager to end the single, but has no development, most fear is that the students who heard the news to get married, your sense of crisis worsen, but the delay is not forthcoming, the most afraid of you or someone else invited to the wedding , you miserable, alone to dinner, see all pairs of people, in the new sweet intoxicated when you are feeling very depressed, with a trace of envy, a trace of joy, heart mixed feelings, I do not know when the pair of dazzling newcomer can be converted into himself and another person。
As shown, the boss used to be dictated to 4 which is easy to single women because you're single, so you are forced to become career-driven woman, the boss think you do not have family, repeatedly called to let you arrive in half an hour meeting of the company, but you also have to put on a very positive way with。
You might tell myself this way, the company's new plan has just begun, the first half is busy some of the second half on the track and that they will wait a。
But in fact as early as last year's plan, you would have to say so myself, it is possible to bring your interest is no longer a man, but the male customers, give you a sense of accomplishment of professional people。
You already own company and devoted her career, often from morning to evening, on your efforts, and finally rose to the company's mid-level cadres, but all alone, who can pay for your single it carefully inventory look, and feel around men who do not comply with their spouse, ultimately, put away their share of underachievement in reverie, continue to morph into a workaholic。
5, some of the bad habits you have tainted the very beginning and, like every girl, purity, innocence, even otherworldly, but having gone through the trauma again and again love, you begin to learn to smoke, and or learn to drink the odd glass of low, in order to comfort themselves alone and lonely heart。
You feel alone, no one control you, do not worry about having children, so once again learn to intoxicate themselves nerves, so if you can make a little less pain, paralysis will make at least his heart is not so air。
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