Taiwan media: Tsai authorities look for cold Hualien earthquake donations from battle

  If we do not forgetful, Laiqing De shortly before in the name of "special allocation of tax co-ordination", and a great red $ 12 billion to counties and cities in Taiwan。
Among them, cities and counties all 500 million yuan, 10 million yuan, compared with the township。
Since the move was criticized as "electoral tied pile," Lai Qingde explained that because the tax surplus last year, and "typhoons and other natural disasters did not happen", so the balance divided equally among local, blue and green are the same regardless of the amount。 This argument seems fair hearing, in fact, it is unreasonable, but also violated the "special allocation of tax co-ordination" of using provisions。
  Under "centralized system tax allocation", a "centralized system tax", 94% of the "Common Allocation of tax", and the other 6% "Allocation of special tax"。
Among them, "the general co-ordination of tax allocation" is allocated according to a certain proportion to the use of city and county township; As for the "special allocation of tax co-ordination", as it is required to cope funding "local governments and other major issues of emergency"。   Hualien earthquake occurs, in addition to more than buildings collapsed, residents suffering, breaking the bridge destroyed, the whole mountain tourism industry has also been hit hard。
Faced with such severe natural disasters, the Taiwan authorities, "Executive Yuan" actually appropriated only a mere 300 million yuan for the relief, which it is never too harsh?Alternatively, the Taiwan authorities, "Premier" To save money, so to the end of the year as their own money all over again issued a red envelope?  Hualien county government decided to subsidize people to donate money for the industry, it was not wise。 Regardless of the amount of private donations, the majority of people are suffering the Department of the victims, rather than generalized local economy or industry, which should be the responsibility of the Taiwan authorities。
As a result, Hualien receive 2 billion donation, we put 800 million yuan subsidy for rescue and stone tourism industry, of course, will cause dissatisfaction donors。 The general public will feel equally puzzled: industry turnaround should be the responsibility of the Taiwan authorities, why take private money to spread?  This question, if crossed the Hualien County Government, directly asked Taiwan authorities, "Executive Yuan", might be able to find a clearer answer。 As mentioned above, for local emergency disaster relief, the Taiwan authorities have huge "special allocation of tax co-ordination" for use。 Observation of past practice, over the years have 30-40 billion yuan for natural disaster relief。 What, then, is it serious enough Hualien earthquake, otherwise why the Taiwan authorities, it allocated only 300 million yuan?Laiqing De criticism Hualien money is not a good deal, but as the Taiwan authorities, "the executive heads", he really had it in mind to Hualien disaster?Or that the phrase "responsibility of local governments' responsibilities will be to the Taiwan authorities shirk?  After the earthquake, Hualien, disaster relief, donations and reconstruction often is brought on a par with the gas explosion in Kaohsiung and Tainan earthquake。 From the point of view of a degree, which helps to reference each other and improve; but to some extent, but also easy to over-equalization essentially different events, and blind spots。 For example, Tainan, Kaohsiung gas explosion and earthquake have received more than 40 billion donations, and Hualien has only 20 billion yuan, much less。
Look at the financial and industrial development of three counties, the mountain Hualien highly dependent on tourism and stone processing and other primary industries, two industries is to maintain Hualien local economy and employment pillar, and industrial and commercial development of Kaohsiung, Tainan complete can not be compared。 Moreover, once the earthquake only damaged a building in Tainan; but for Hualien, allows tourists to stop beating the county, long time to recover。
  In early February, when the earthquake is also highly attention, the Taiwan authorities, "Executive Yuan" earthquake reconstruction convener of the ad hoc group to save Chen Meiling also talks a lot about Hualien sightseeing and stone the two industries, and provide 20 billion project financing。
Today, the Taiwan authorities should do is to re-examine the difficulties commitment to work together with local people to solve。 Without which not, yet threw the burden of all places, it is still sarcastic aside, really heartless?  The private donations for relief and stone tourism industry, which is ill-thought-Hualien, misuse of funds。
In contrast, the Taiwan authorities, "Executive Yuan" to "special tax co-ordination" Take red envelope sharing, but not to help the immediate local distress, it is an abuse of the public's hard-earned money。