Hong Kong retail shop surrender minus Members ︰ worse than SARS

  Wholesale and Retail Council Member Vincent Fang (right) and Retail Management Association main Ximairuiqiong (left) refers to high retail rents, plus one hundred pounds on retail trade。 Vincent Fang refers to the current economic environment, "worse than SARS."。
Hong Kong, "Sing Tao Daily" map Hong Kong, "Sing Tao Daily" reported that the Hong Kong retail sales declined for five consecutive months, the Hong Kong Retail Management Association main Ximairuiqiong said the tourists fell due to reduced consumption, the retail industry has emerged surrender, minus hire staff and so on; wholesale and retail Council Member Vincent Fang is to describe current economic conditions "worse than SARS (SARS)" I hope the owners are willing to rent the large reduction difficult time together with the industry。   According to reports, Caroline Mak 5th in radio program said that mainland tourists figure was reduced, operating costs rising retail rents, salaries, etc., as well as currency effects, push down local retail sales。
  She also believes that retail shrinkage, the general public is not being felt, but the retail, wholesale, closing a total of more than 70 million working population, such as the poor economy, people's consumption patterns back to the basic necessities of consumption, huge impact。
  Vincent Fang believes that the current economic environment is poor, "worse than SARS" front-line salesperson revenue fell by more than two percent。
  Vincent Fang refers to the devaluation of the renminbi, the mainland stock market volatility has an impact, coupled with anti-parallel-off "impolite" action so that mainland visitors dissatisfied, he urged the government to take stringent measures to prevent and to apologize in relation to the Mainland, Hong Kong people expressed welcome to the mainland customer。