Texas Express station a parcel explosion from a suspected fifth bombings

Data for overseas online March 20, according to Fox News reported Tuesday (20) morning, Xie Heights, Texas (Schertz) a FedEx Ground distribution center explosion。
Police said the explosion in a medium-sized parcel on the conveyor belt, and one by acoustic shock injury。
  It reported that Xie Heights is located 22 miles east of Austin, 73 miles south of。 It is not clear whether the explosions and bombings in Austin related。 British Sky News reported that police are looking for bombings murderer, Texas fifth bombings occurred, caused by a FedEx employee is injured。   Earlier, four explosions occurred in the capital of Texas at Austin and a half months。 Local police believe the serial killer is。   According to CNN news, Austin police chief pointed out that Manly 19, law enforcement officers found in the survey, there are similarities between 4 bombings bomb device, may be received staff training, as experienced explosive in the police, military in ordnance disposal technicians。
Manley pointed out that law enforcement officers motive remains unclear。 Whether terrorism cases, yet qualitative。   The four bombings have killed two people, wounded。 Recent cases which occurred in the 18th night。
And the first three cases the situation is different, explosives are placed on the sidewalk。 Lead pedestrian touch passes, it exploded, killing two whites were injured。 Earlier, a bomb in the package is installed, without the express delivery company, secretly put into the house residents。 Victims were African American。
  Currently, 350 US federal agents investigating these four bombings in Austin。 (Compiler / Jiang Shu overseas online translation)。

Will the Hong Kong property market speculation "hot cut" Mr Leung reiterated that "insistence"

  January 13, Chief Executive Leung Chun-ying published in 2016 "address" in the Legislative Council。 China news agency reporters Hong Shaokui and She Xianggang property prices and rents have recently begun to fall, the market speculation that the Hong Kong SAR Government will "cut hot", or even reduce the supply of land。
Hong Kong Chief Executive Leung Chun-ying 13th reiterate that the SAR government to solve the housing problem of courage and determination beyond doubt。 Government has the responsibility to supply land and public housing to meet the housing needs of the public, not only the responsibility to ensure that prices rise not fall, prices should not rely on artificial shortages remain high。 Today, property prices are still far more than the rent affordability, distorted the values of a generation of young people。
"We must continue to adhere to solve the housing problem, not halfway。
When "On that day, Mr Leung published in 2016, the SAR Legislative Council" address ", said housing is still the biggest Hong Kong people's livelihood。 High property prices and rents expensive, cramped living space, Tang rooms spread high innovative applications for public housing cases, these results show clearly that there must be firm and insist on solving the housing problem determination。   Leung Chun-ying introduction, after three and a half years of efforts, the supply increased significantly, property prices and rents recently began to fall, reversing property prices and rents have continued to rise psychological expectations。 The next five years, built by the Hong Kong Housing Authority and the Hong Kong Housing Society public housing units expected to be approximately 97 100。 Private housing, the next 3-4 years the primary residential market supply about 87,000 units since September 2004 the Government announced a new quarterly supply digital high。   Leung finger, Hong Kong does not lack land, the lack of available land for development。
Many social, economic and livelihood issues, are often the root causes of land planning, development keep pace with the needs of society。 But land development often met with resistance, but also hit a lot of vested interests。
The supply of land requires long-term planning, the establishment of reserve land for the next generation。   Leung said that in terms of short and medium term, the government will continue to rezone land to increase density, land use and comprehensive review of view to make its profits。 2015 –16 year, the government land sales program sold or will sell a total of 16 residential sites, plus other private housing land, estimated that the construction of about 20,300 units, exceeding the target supply 19,000 units, also since 2010 Second highest。   Leung Chun-ying introduction, medium and long term, the Government will actively promote the development of new and expansion in the New Territories and Lantau Island, the supply of housing units and develop the regional economy。
We are now planning for the future development of Lantau Island and northern New Territories, and research and development of appropriate reclamation outside Victoria Harbor in the middle of the waters of an artificial island, as well as caves and underground space development。 The Government now in full swing momentum to achieve new development areas and new towns expansion plans。 Estimated Kwu Tung North and Fanling North New Development Area, Tung Chung New Town, and the new development zone Hung Shui Kiu, Yuen Long South and development to supply more than a total of 000 units, for seven years in succession occupation。
Editor: Wang Yue。

Germany set off hot Chinese students: learn Chinese is to get a sign

Overseas Network January 9, according to "European Times" reported that more and more German schools open Chinese classes。 How the course is set?Why students to learn a foreign language so it?Reporters visited Bonn Helm Holtz (Helmholtz Gymnasium) High School。 12:40。
Section VI class bell rang。 A218 classroom。 Today's Chinese class II began。
Shen Yong female teacher standing before a blackboard to explain to the students sketch the word "put"。
Grade 12 students paying attention in class。 Most of this new phenomenon syntax allows 13 students are still feeling trouble。
Shen teacher using Pinyin, with a sentence to explain the structure of sentences。 She said, "the hardest thing kanji。 Because our high school three years learning the syntax is not particularly difficult. "。
Most of the time, she said the Chinese, but sometimes change in German。
Since mid-2009 onwards offering Chinese, Shen teacher in the secondary schools。
She recalls, "At that time no normal Chinese professional"。 In trained, either Helm Holtz Chinese teachers before school, she was just an amateur Chinese Professor。 Bonn There are two schools offer Chinese courses, Helm Holtz is one of a。
North Rhine-Westphalia Bonn where there are currently more than 20 schools open Chinese classes。 In Bonn, Chinese students can take in high school, or even as a graduation test subjects。 After 3 years of study, students should reach the language level A2-B1。 In addition to the extra-curricular, teacher, Shen also provide assistance to students who prepare by HSK (Chinese Proficiency Test) of。 Some young people think Chinese is a very important lesson。 For this reason, in high school to high school to transfer to Helm Holtz。 Of which there are of Chinese descent German。
Baixiao Fen also go to the Helm Holtz High School。 It seems, she felt very relaxed course。 This is not surprising。 After all, before the transfer, she has been a year in a high school class in Shanghai。
She skillfully use Chinese say: "As a boy my father often went to China on a business trip, so I'm in that country, of particular interest to people over there。 "Students Bjorn·Brandenburg (BjrnBrandenburg) also understand why elective Chinese: "Because China is a rising economic power, how to learn Chinese is worth – and to get a sign."。 To make a choice between the Chinese and Spanish, he did not find it difficult。 In addition, there may be the opportunity to participate in exchange programs, which he considers very important。
Every two years, Helm Holtz school will organize Chinese students to China of Easter holidays。 German students spend the first week of school in cooperation Ma On Shan; the second week visit other Chinese cities such as Shanghai。
Travel photos and cooperative school students decorated with calligraphy classroom assignments。
Organization and accompanied tour of Shen teacher, said Chinese breakfast and lack of heating equipment, especially the Germans kids feel unwell。
But she stressed that, despite this, "The students are very happy."。 Bjorn and Xiaofen very clear, once tourism is not enough。 Xiaofen has a definite future plans。 She smiled and said: "I will want to live in China。

The method of scraping essentials and specific steps

First, the Chinese method of scraping is used to health care, because scraping allows the body to discharge toxins out of the body endocrine regulation, enhance the body immunity, beauty care。 The development of technology, scraping now added effect of weight loss, magnified the effect of scraping。 So what kind of scraping method can play a very good role in weight loss scraping method does essentials: 1.Take scraping plate method: holding by hand scraping plates, and the need to use thin side edges thin edge scraping treatment, adhesion palm scraping edge thickness; when the thickness required webbing side edges and care or treatment, a thin scraping plates snapping the palm side。
2.Wiping direction: neck, back, abdomen, arms, legs downwardly from the upper portion wiper, wiper chest from the inside out。 The method of scraping essentials and specific steps 3.Wiping angle: scraping plates holding the wiping direction 90 degrees?45 degree。 4.Fill scratch, diarrhea scratch: reinforcing the use-reducing techniques, and fill scratch, diarrhea scraping, reinforcing-reducing scraping method is mainly based on the strength and speed of the wiper to distinguish: up scraping a small force (light) speed (frequency) Slow approach, diarrhea scraping to force large (heavy) speed (frequency) fast approach, reinforcing-reducing as moderate strength, speed (frequency) of moderate or small power (light) speed (frequency) fast, then or large force (weight ) speed (frequency) slow approach。

The new department was in charge of the first ministers backing the work of the National Palace Museum

(Original title: Culture and Tourism Ministry, the new department turned out to be a great background) March 19, Thirteenth National People's Congress at the seventh plenary meeting by a vote, the decision of the Ministry of Culture party secretary, Minister Luo tree just as Minister of culture and Tourism。
The former Ministry of Culture and the National Tourism Administration is no longer retained in the field of culture and tourism, opened the prelude of institutional reform。
State Councilor Wang Yong said that the formation of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism is to "strengthen and highlight the cultural self-confidence, co-ordination of cultural undertakings and cultural industries and tourism resources development, enhance national cultural soft power and influence of Chinese culture, promote cultural undertakings and cultural industries integration of tourism development。
"Tourism and culture are five happy two industries, how the newly formed Ministry of Culture and Tourism will promote the integration of development, improve people's well-being?Luo tree just in an interview with reporters China news agency reporter Fu Tianshe (Source: WASHINGTON) sore point with the economic and social development and lifestyle changes, the relationship between culture and tourism more and more closely, both in the case of fragmentation, some problems on will highlight over time。
On the resource development planning and industry, culture and tourism division of the situation would lead to achieve the organic integration of culture and tourism resources difficult to achieve。 Cultural Industry Research Institute of Peking University, Chen Shaofeng said: "A lot of local construction of cultural class venues, in fact, can not support endogenous growth, business and industry can not solve both problems, many utilities are losing money。 If the combination of culture and tourism, both to take advantage of tourism growth of cultural industries, but also to strengthen the cultural experience in the tourism and industrial property。 "In the industrial management, although a growing number of projects have been cultural trends combined with the tourism industry, but in the pre-reform organization, is partially owned by the Ministry of Culture cultural industries, some belonging to the tourism industry owned by Tourism Management。
In this situation the powers and responsibilities of the cross, will inevitably lead to the phenomenon of unclear function。
Hu Dunhuang photo (Source: WASHINGTON) For example, when you play in the area, you go to visit attractions Tourist Board jurisdiction in the area while you watch the real musical theme is owned by the Ministry of Culture。 For the cultural characteristics of the main tourist destinations, some of the cultural demonstration projects became part of the powers of the two cross-zone。
Monks no water to drink more than a phenomenon is not conducive to the development of tourism and cultural industries, will bring inconvenience to related businesses and consumers。 In this context, it is a recipe calls for reform。 Cultural Development Research Institute, Communication University of China Fan Zhou said: "Innovation in the background most of the reform of the regulatory system market ideas, explore market regulatory approach, micro-management by integrating scientific opportunity planning functions of various departments, reducing internal friction, can further improving the convenience of service levels, streamline procedures, reduce time, improve efficiency。 "The combined functions of Culture and Tourism Bureau will undertake what kind of functions?We can start with the original function of both the pre-reform Speaking。 Briefly, the National Tourism Administration duties include the following: overall coordination of tourism development, management of tourism resources, tourism exchanges and cooperation with the international publicity, supervision and management of the tourism market, tourism professionals to guide planning。 Let me say the Ministry of Culture。 Ministry of Culture of People's Republic of China is the supreme body of Chinese culture administration。
Is the functional departments of the State Council, the management of the national arts and culture under the leadership of the State Council。
Functional brief for the Ministry of Culture include the following: the development of arts and culture policies, draft laws and regulations; the development of arts and culture, industrial development planning and organizing the implementation; in the field of culture and art of public cultural services; foreign cultural exchanges and cooperation in industry; non material cultural heritage protection; cultural market planning, cultural products, regulatory approval。 The main responsibilities of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism of the merger are: the implementation of the Party's propaganda and cultural work policies, research and the development of cultural tourism policy measures, overall planning of cultural undertakings and cultural industries, tourism development, in-depth implementation of cultural projects that benefit, organization and implementation of cultural resources survey, excavation and protection, maintenance of various types of cultural tourism markets, including the market order, strengthen international cultural exchanges, promote Chinese culture to go out, etc.。
Zhangbin it (Source: WASHINGTON) from the point of view of the three functions, functions of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism is to optimize the integration of the two former。
However, institutional reform, together with the Ministry of Culture Tourism Bureau, more than just a simple overlay functions。 But can solve the existing problems, 1 + 1> 2 programs。 Looking to the National Tourism Data Center data show that in 2017 Chinese domestic tourists million passengers, an increase of% over the previous year; the total number of inbound and outbound tourism million passengers, an increase of%; annual tourism revenue trillion yuan, an increase of%。
National Bureau of Statistics data show that in mid-2017 our culture and related enterprises operating income of 9.195 trillion yuan, an increase over the previous year%。 2016 Summer Davos Forum, Premier Li Keqiang proposed tourism, culture, sports, health, pension five happy industry concept。
With the economic and social development and rising personal incomes and conditions, tourism and culture will gradually become the people's happiness just to be acquired。 Tourism and culture on the one hand is an important growth point of China's economy, on the other hand is an important part of people's happy life。 After the reform of institutions, the Ministry of Culture and Tourism will be how to play a more active role in these two aspects of it?In resource development, hardware and software will be to better integration。
Culture and Tourism Ministry set up to help increase efforts to tap tourism resources and cultural connotation, and promote the industrialization process of cultural projects。
Cultural Industry Research Institute of Peking University, Chen Shaofeng said: "rose from sightseeing to entertainment, then rise to the cultural connotation of experience。
The development of the connotation of the main cultural and tourist industry can be expected in the future there will be more of a tourist destination has connotations。 "On the cultural transmission, after the formation of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, the main route of spread of soft power will combine more closely, to achieve a more ideal synergistic effect。 Chinese Academy of Social Sciences Tourism Research Center special researcher Liu SM said: "cultural soft power is sure to be output to the output is concerned, it is that tourism, which is a large part of inbound tourism。 That foreigners come to China, our Chinese culture spread out。
"Inbound tourism is an important way of cultural transmission, while the Chinese culture is the business card to attract foreign tourists。 Culture and Tourism in the future if we get closer integration, cultural promotion and tourism promotion so both will be more progress。
On the cultural relics and intangible cultural heritage protection, culture and tourism sectors will merge to provide a better solution。 Practice has shown that, for cultural heritage protection is the best way of development, and the development of tourism is to develop the most effective protective means。
For non-material cultural heritage, heritage tourism development can make people get material rewards, so as to promote non-genetic inheritance。 At the same time, the non-material cultural heritage and tourism will also be combined with a greater opportunity to showcase and disseminate。 Attachment: CV's first Minister of Culture and Tourism tree Luo Gang, male, Han nationality, born in May 1955, Hebei palace, joined the Communist Party of China in September 1981, February 1971 to work。
Department of the Party Central Party School theory of party building theory and graduate, graduate degree, a master's degree, the pipeline。

Taiwan media: Tsai authorities look for cold Hualien earthquake donations from battle

  If we do not forgetful, Laiqing De shortly before in the name of "special allocation of tax co-ordination", and a great red $ 12 billion to counties and cities in Taiwan。
Among them, cities and counties all 500 million yuan, 10 million yuan, compared with the township。
Since the move was criticized as "electoral tied pile," Lai Qingde explained that because the tax surplus last year, and "typhoons and other natural disasters did not happen", so the balance divided equally among local, blue and green are the same regardless of the amount。 This argument seems fair hearing, in fact, it is unreasonable, but also violated the "special allocation of tax co-ordination" of using provisions。
  Under "centralized system tax allocation", a "centralized system tax", 94% of the "Common Allocation of tax", and the other 6% "Allocation of special tax"。
Among them, "the general co-ordination of tax allocation" is allocated according to a certain proportion to the use of city and county township; As for the "special allocation of tax co-ordination", as it is required to cope funding "local governments and other major issues of emergency"。   Hualien earthquake occurs, in addition to more than buildings collapsed, residents suffering, breaking the bridge destroyed, the whole mountain tourism industry has also been hit hard。
Faced with such severe natural disasters, the Taiwan authorities, "Executive Yuan" actually appropriated only a mere 300 million yuan for the relief, which it is never too harsh?Alternatively, the Taiwan authorities, "Premier" To save money, so to the end of the year as their own money all over again issued a red envelope?  Hualien county government decided to subsidize people to donate money for the industry, it was not wise。 Regardless of the amount of private donations, the majority of people are suffering the Department of the victims, rather than generalized local economy or industry, which should be the responsibility of the Taiwan authorities。
As a result, Hualien receive 2 billion donation, we put 800 million yuan subsidy for rescue and stone tourism industry, of course, will cause dissatisfaction donors。 The general public will feel equally puzzled: industry turnaround should be the responsibility of the Taiwan authorities, why take private money to spread?  This question, if crossed the Hualien County Government, directly asked Taiwan authorities, "Executive Yuan", might be able to find a clearer answer。 As mentioned above, for local emergency disaster relief, the Taiwan authorities have huge "special allocation of tax co-ordination" for use。 Observation of past practice, over the years have 30-40 billion yuan for natural disaster relief。 What, then, is it serious enough Hualien earthquake, otherwise why the Taiwan authorities, it allocated only 300 million yuan?Laiqing De criticism Hualien money is not a good deal, but as the Taiwan authorities, "the executive heads", he really had it in mind to Hualien disaster?Or that the phrase "responsibility of local governments' responsibilities will be to the Taiwan authorities shirk?  After the earthquake, Hualien, disaster relief, donations and reconstruction often is brought on a par with the gas explosion in Kaohsiung and Tainan earthquake。 From the point of view of a degree, which helps to reference each other and improve; but to some extent, but also easy to over-equalization essentially different events, and blind spots。 For example, Tainan, Kaohsiung gas explosion and earthquake have received more than 40 billion donations, and Hualien has only 20 billion yuan, much less。
Look at the financial and industrial development of three counties, the mountain Hualien highly dependent on tourism and stone processing and other primary industries, two industries is to maintain Hualien local economy and employment pillar, and industrial and commercial development of Kaohsiung, Tainan complete can not be compared。 Moreover, once the earthquake only damaged a building in Tainan; but for Hualien, allows tourists to stop beating the county, long time to recover。
  In early February, when the earthquake is also highly attention, the Taiwan authorities, "Executive Yuan" earthquake reconstruction convener of the ad hoc group to save Chen Meiling also talks a lot about Hualien sightseeing and stone the two industries, and provide 20 billion project financing。
Today, the Taiwan authorities should do is to re-examine the difficulties commitment to work together with local people to solve。 Without which not, yet threw the burden of all places, it is still sarcastic aside, really heartless?  The private donations for relief and stone tourism industry, which is ill-thought-Hualien, misuse of funds。
In contrast, the Taiwan authorities, "Executive Yuan" to "special tax co-ordination" Take red envelope sharing, but not to help the immediate local distress, it is an abuse of the public's hard-earned money。

Japanese media: Japan's defense ministry intends to pass a radar monitor space junk

Data for: Satellite clean up space junk。   Reported that the mission of space junk, including satellites, rocket parts, etc., to 7 to 8 kilometers per second, ultra high-speed flight in space。
Because of the risk of collision with the operation of the satellite, a move designed to use radar to detect in advance, by modifying the satellite orbit to avoid collision。   According to the Defense Bureau, the selection of installation location that, over the radar satellites in geostationary orbit Japan concentrated east longitude 126 degrees to 136 degrees, there is no shelter around, all of Japan's Defense Ministry and other land。 Plans to install several diameter 15-40 m parabolic antenna, managed by the Air Self-Defense。
  It is reported that the radar plan year 2023 and put into use, Japan's defense ministry included 4.4 billion yen (about RMB million) related funds in the 2018 annual budget request。
  The country's Defense Agency official stressed During the presentation "The purpose is always peaceful use", also denied the radar and county Hagi GSDF Mu exercise field a candidate for the deployment of land-based interceptor system "land-based Aegis there is a correlation between the system "。

The famous poet Yu Kuang-chung died at the age of 90-year-old masterpiece "Nostalgia" and other

Data for: the poet Yu Guangzhong。
China news agency issued photo BEIJING Wang held Dec. 14 Xinhua Taiwan media reports, Taiwan famous poet, writer Yu Kuang-chung, died today at the age of nine years old。 Sun Yat-sen newsletter released at noon today confirmed that Foreign Languages Department of Zhongshan University Professor Emeritus Yu Guangzhong more than 10 died this morning, family members do not want to be disturbed, declined media interviews。 Yu Guangzhong daughter Yu Youshan telephone respondents said his father had just past, the families are very sad, inconvenience interview, please contact the relevant disease hospital inquiry。 Yu Guangzhong October 21, 1928 was born in Nanjing, author of poetry, prose,, translators, editors, and many more articles selected works into three places college, high school textbooks, settle in Taiwan Kaohsiung, widely representative of "Nostalgia" and other dissemination of。
Yu Guangzhong is Emeritus Professor of Foreign Languages Department of Zhongshan University, this year has not commenced at the school, he served as Zhongshan University of Foreign Languages and Literature Department, Professor of Applied English lectures Kaohsiung First University of Science and Technology, Sun Yat-sen literature president, United College of the Chinese University Department of Chinese Department Director, Associate Professor, Department of English America West Michigan State University。
Yu Guangzhong October 23 this year, just over 90 years old birthday。 It is understood, Yu Guangzhong recently admitted to hospital with suspected minor stroke, lung infection there, was admitted to the intensive care unit, has not reappear, October 23 organized by the Sun Yat-sen for his birthday party, he finally became a figure in front of the camera。
Editor: Fei Fan。

Facebook scandal fermentation medium and small US social media shares or come to the fore

  In the 20th three major US stock indexes closed up slightly in the background of the recent social media content issues are frequent, face book, twitter, social media giant fast three collective share price down。 Among them, Facebook is already fell for two consecutive trading days, the cumulative decline of nearly 10%, not only wiped out all the gains since 2018, the market value has shrunk from nearly $ 540 billion at Friday's close to less than 4900 One hundred million U.S. dollars。
  Analysts predict that the Facebook share price may fall further short-term, but social media give consumers a positive impact far beyond the negative impact, after a possible leak of privacy concerns dissipate, stocks related sectors will stabilize, some small and medium capitalization social media stocks expected to continue strong future。
  Social media content issues are frequent face book recently caught in scandals in the history of the largest data breaches。
According to several media reports, there are over 50 million Facebook user data information is leaked。
He said the media exposure, face book many years ago realized that there is a self-proclaimed third-party applications to collect user data for research purposes, which the application users take advantage of flaws in terms of obtaining a large number of user data。
The designer of the application of these data will be sold to a company called "Cambridge analysis" of data analysis company。
  March 20, Facebook scandal continued to upgrade。 Video evidence showed media reports, company executives claimed that the use of Cambridge analyzed data obtained from Facebook, implemented a series of the US presidential election result means precise delivery strategy of political attack ads and so on; the same day, San Francisco-based US Court of Appeals Court accepted initiated by Facebook shareholder class action, that the disclosure of the existence of misconduct and misleading shareholders, investors suffered losses; US Congress judiciary Committee also asked Facebook participation hearings on aspects of energy analysis firm in Cambridge not the hearing will be held by the earliest possible access to the user data to question the case of authorized this week; the US Federal Trade Commission is to carry out this investigation, mainly for Facebook is a violation of the relevant settlement order in 2011, it might be a huge Facebook fine。   In addition two social media giants Twitter, captured recently got into trouble。
According to media reports, the Israeli government is considering taking legal action against Twitter, because the latter has been ignored delete part of the Israeli Government's requirements。 Twitter share price fell more than 10% on the 20th, but this year the cumulative increase still more than 30%。   As "Burn After Reading" communications applications Snapchat's parent company, is not better than the recent capture life。
Its advertising on the platform of domestic violence incidents involving entertainment stars, the parties have been denounced。
Its shares fell 20%, but this year the cumulative increase is still nearly 10%。
  Small social media shares or favored by market participants believe that, with data leakage scandal fermentation, face book or short-term stock prices remain under pressure。 But the market parties to Twitter to capture the market outlook mixed views。
The minimum Longbow Asset Management fund manager, said three social media giant, Facebook may be subject to potential regulatory pressure。
Baker Street Asset Management investment strategist warned that for these three social media companies, regulatory risks from European governments Bukebufang。   Despite the recent negative information appeared frequently, but social media is still an effective tool for people to entertain the pressure of life, an irreplaceable role, Wall Street firms for social media industry is still holding relatively positive view。 Data show that in the year 2017, more than two-thirds of US adults use social media for news, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter still dominant social media。
  Some market participants believe that in this incident, investors' reaction overdone intervention led to the emergence of opportunities for social media stocks, may be concerned about some of the recent small-cap stocks of social media。
Wall Street firms recently more respected social media shares include: IAC / InterActiveCorp Company (IAC) and MATCH Group, the two companies are not current market value to $ 15 billion。 The former covers information services, e-retail, travel services and other digital home services market, the stock has risen more than 30% this year; the latter is the world's leading dating site, this year the stock has risen nearly 50%。
  Wall Street firms also strong interest on the part of US-listed foreign social media companies, such as China's micro-blog, unfamiliar street, togetherness era and Russian Internet giant Yandex, etc.。

What kind of medicine diarrhea baby diarrhea should pay attention to spring baby

What kind of medicine to the baby belly is a very common thing, many babies often diarrhea, then you know what to eat baby diarrhea medicine okay following small series to tell you what to eat baby diarrhea baby diarrhea medicine What kind of medicine oral rehydration salts: baby diarrhea the most important thing is to prevent and correct dehydration, diarrhea if the quantity, less urine, dry mouth or the baby, parents can be a small number of feeding oral rehydration salts。 Montmorillonite: protect the intestinal mucosa and virus adsorption, the role of bacteria, while taking in accordance with the requirements of the specification, the proportion of drug watered master。
Gut flora modifier: As MAMIAI Bifico, Jinshuangqi class, adjuvant therapy for the treatment of diarrhea。 Baby diarrhea medicine Umbilical more available or do not take medicine can treat severe cases of diarrhea need to seek immediate medical attention if your baby。 Baby diarrhea ate radish: Fresh carrots appropriate, cut into small pieces, boiled with water or vapor rotten, taken carrot, mashed, then add water and mix thoroughly boiled carrots, every 5?Plus about 10 g carrot carrot 100 ml of water。 This method adjuvant treatment of infantile diarrhea effect is remarkable。
Coke rice cereal: Apply, the powder into the pot with gentle heat fry brown, add appropriate amount of boiled into a paste, cool, warm dose, day 2?3 times。 Coke rice cereal easy to digest, but also its structure carbonized material in the intestinal absorption of corruption, there is Qudu diarrhea effect, is the preferred food baby diarrhea。
What to eat baby diarrhea medicine steaming mud: steamed apple has a good antidiarrheal effect, this is because apples contain pectin, tannic acid, unheated raw pectin can soften the stool, play a laxative effect while the cooked pectin is the role absorb bacteria and toxins, as well as convergence, antidiarrheal effect。
Wash the apples, peeled and cut into small pieces with a bowl and steam for 5 minutes, cool slightly, can be eaten with a spoon mashed, ate an average of 2 daily?3 times。
Porridge: purslane is a medicine, edible plants, clearing and detoxifying, dampness antidiarrheal effect of short duration, fecal urgency, diarrhea golden color will have a good therapeutic effect。
30 grams of fresh purslane (Portulaca oleracea or dry 10 g) plus 100 grams of porridge, sooner or later take。 Rice porridge: yam has the effect of spleen and kidney, and spleen also lotus effect is diarrhea, diarrhea suitable course of time, the stool milk valve with indigestion, diarrhea food。 30 g of yam, peeled, cut into thin slices or Ding, after washing 20 g lotus seed soak 2 hours, and 100 grams of rice porridge together, sooner or later take。