Autumn spirit

After the beginning of autumn, dew cream.To this season’s weather is often overcast obscure stagnation, rainy.  Humanity is autumn autumn worry Sharen.This it is not false.Since the autumn, the vast empty wilderness, shortness school really is lush, cool jerky, lonely Xiao Joseph thousands of miles away, trees and singing Phantom of the Opera ghost picture of solitude, totally gorgeous with no past Rong-Xin.Except only among the mountain ridge, the side scattered farms in bunches, clusters of yellow flowers – wild chrysanthemum who, to this lonely natural world inject a dash of life, not only to make people feel as Burke.  Hunchbacked man on a wilderness walk in the autumn, but I saw Lili of the original on the grass had lost its former vitality and youthful appearance.They let loose with a yellow tutu recklessly shivering in the autumn, people feel very miserable deserved sympathy.Those high, the low, thick, thin, looks regular and irregular tree who spread the wings of imagination, each directed in the autumn wind out one after another moving graceful dance “drunk autumn”, so people dizzying, dazzling, unable to extricate themselves.Do not believe you see those trees sway their yellow leaves open a body, looking through the billowing in the air, he refused to give in the air competition to see who the beautiful gesture, dance limp walk charming.Competition to see who the lineup grand, magnificent momentum.That leaves a gold dancing floor, just like the fairy-like outer space under the highest heaven, and yet graceful and dignified.  Any autumn wind swept wilderness, bringing waves of Autumn Sound, I forget where you are; either autumn wind lifted my hair from my face chilled to scratch, I felt the chill Qinxin; any autumn blowing my skirt, my warm chest open, within my heart faint trace of Health issued a heroic.Because clusters of yellow flowers on a wilderness that attracted me, so I found a slight feeling of life in the silence of cold, we should learn that yellow flowers bloom in solitude.Not for anything else, just for his own life journey can be as quiet beauty like a flower, the most beautiful album in writing sparse, the direct regret the self topic.  Do not believe you, then scattered clusters of wild chrysanthemum clumps on the wilderness, in the vast land of autumn chill, like piles of yellow, like raging bonfire burning, to the vast land covered with a layer of golden color.They lit autumn beliefs with passion for life, with the warm light of life, my body, because I once went into the warm autumn and increasingly lonely lonely soul.With magnificent bright gold armor-like yearning of my life.  Autumn wind gently blowing through the wild chrysanthemum, sent me its cool beauty of pure alcohol taste, people become far more fragrant contend.Yes ah, this scattered in the wild wild chrysanthemum, although it is not as graceful as those who chrysanthemums in flower beds, garden fed by gorgeous, grand splendid, beautiful photos of people, however, they remain in the true life, to the confusion of life has injected a firm belief.They have not only its most basic simple tones – golden yellow, but in ordinary life it himself cast of a golden glory, it illuminates the journey of life, it issued a cry of life!  When implanted in their bodies frost edge, they are increasingly starting to Bo Yu passion for life, a vibrant life filled with desire smile on blooming.Perseverance of the faith deeply engraved in their face, writing brilliant life belong to their own fearless, high-spirited work hard to play a strong backbone of life, to pursue their dream of every brilliant life process.  Ah, wild chrysanthemum.I love you!You really worthy of an angel autumn, autumn is the spirit of this, are you more meaning this autumn Ang Yang life, soul thinking autumn, autumn immortal!I trudged along in the autumn wind, rain, frost stepping edge.With this intention.

Attracted to the warm love, flower Iraqis

Under the September sky, a poetry and painting-like autumn, you..  [A] met you, plum early grind the dust cleared, the Intrigue is the Green.A delicate and exquisite snow white memo declared, such as fly-month smoke, gently knocking on each other’s hearts.Millennium Shen Xiang, wind flow back to the snow, that according to glimpse a little under the shadow of the pink twenty-four umbrella, like old friends return.Since then, the warm cordial love, September, portrait.    If we say that this world, every woman’s pre-existence of both correspond to a flower, then you must have that support Painting powder surplus of water lilies, timeless and elegant, do not dye Qian Chen.When the years of easy wind penetration Liuguangfeiwu network, Xiaoxiang dream since I saw your eyebrows gradually from the autumn, conceal your flowers sweet charm and charm.    Goes, as one lone legend.Even if I in the horizon, you are in cloud water.No matter how far the distance of time and space and, also arrived, but the fraternity between the text and consonance.I know that you are the equanimity woman has thoughts to warm smile and aloes, has been like a stick in his Reeds water Mei Ling Qing ink prime Curie, hold a pen calm, poetic language of life.    [Two] September sky, one autumn, you, the noble glamorous masterpiece in Han Yan, Xu Allure you look back, I promise butterfly dream Yiyi.The Red thousand, as long as there is love last as long as handwritten heart, and then a long hard solitary journey, you can Fangcaoqiqi of Greenery in to Ban Zhancha incense elegant and tranquil, the rain and snow weathered ablation Debu leaving a trace.Term blossom, Liuniansishui.    Horse and text over your rivers and lakes, a clear and a Xiao Jing separated scrambling and numerous earthly.Pure and simple black and white, as you do not have the pretense Yan Qing, you will be clever and graceful elements ink painting heart vividly vent.Life Experience and fleeting light and shadow build Yun fingertips she explains, in your palms to form a thin spiral of palm, light singing crooning.So, your time in Iraq made by Iranian language, glittering light waves, static if Ripples.    You waited at Hong Seiitsu away the clouds waterside, listen to your dark sleeve Ying Zi’s heart, such as blue Chuzhan.Numerous Yuebaifengqing night, that a pen flowing, elegant writing, quietly opened a little scent of ink bleeding, such as Fireworks moment, how much achievement meet the fingertips of love smile!And laminated between the lines of blooming or bright sadness, splashing like bead, polished overlooking one another eye meditation.No matter how the years reversed, I know that you are my heart has always been gentle and irreplaceable Qiannian.As time has shown signs of Su Jin years.    When you engrossed common text [three], will you be content with poetry and dreams strokes clear of soft grass outlines, wind and water.Whether it is caused by high rhyme of poetry, the language of Sketches or water, or a graphic superb picture and sound are flourishing prime eat only a little in your hands, natural.Each sum, moon and stars is a myth, also convert your text.Through your thoughts incense glass, as if to see you exquisite and elegant charm, scholarly overflowing in the scent of early autumn.    Su Jian you turn pinkish surplus natural, earthly fireworks, falling wish language, elegant elegant borders and graphics, such as spring warm sun, greeted from.Surprised at your graceful creativeness and Wai Lan heart, like a tree, a tree of flowers.Those chapters overflowing passion poured concentrated dye, the breakdown of the length fleeting Cantabile in warm friendship, writing each way and joy of joys and sorrows of life.Bit by bit time stamp, allowing each pathway passers-by to stop and linger deep for you.Jun Yi think that behind the words, which is what Congling carved woman, can only readily spread snow Xuan years, the achievements of a network segment Langhammer fragrance of love easily?And this thin cool earth, there is none like you, like all the sincerity and enthusiasm, place text on together?    Plain naive friend spend, you and I had to take the hint, and then to each other without the words deliberately flooded to stay.Regardless come and do not come in and gone, we are well aware of each other’s thoughts and blessings, never in my heart the most recluse corner, silent, but deep.Have your day, clear sky, promise big time and space suddenly thrust away, and the hearts of comfort and relying on each other’s warm enough rest.    Like that day you will all chant poems collected blue, elegant and ethereal beauty to the extreme accompanied by pictures, music and picture when the gift is made, a truth kindness, apart from that, I kind of moved and how happy!You say, every time I see pictures and poems about orchids, you will think of me involuntarily and unconsciously covered up, over time, actually stocked a folder.Those pink Sudan border, also you are familiar with my preferences and skilled cut crystal.You said that you like to watch every now and then I will whisper in your placement carefully prepared for my background, watching tranquil warm words and no need to carve patterns penetrate each other, silhouetted against each other, my heart, is the untold gentle and quiet and bored.    [Four] such painstaking intersection, can not tell how good!And I think as long as tall distant ancient city wall, there is such a delicate and exquisite beauty of you, according to shadow near the water, when the whisper Kiyoaki, trance feel elegant charm you on the side, Su Yi Pina sleeve of a robe, Qiaoxiaoqianxi.So, there is always a sense of warmth and emotion, filling, lingering.    When the memory of the tide swept over lighted, you say the purple street free of dust, there are always some haunting feelings from Tao Yun Chung.The original can be real and unreal to contend, as old and never confront youth.This time you, just like the night blooming cereus bloom, the bright sadness alone, people pity.Allure peerless charm of a blossoming inside, who knows the process of flowers, butterfly cocoon is the long wait and the moments of pain and dying Qing Ji?    Time such as water, no trace disappeared.And we, but the years hourglass in an insignificant fine dust, and even has a kind of nostalgia chant, still arrived, but the fate of traction.Fortunately, such a blessing God, make us each other’s character leaning heating, and at first sight.So, Iraq, anyway, that you and I cherish it, take good care of yourself.Life of this process, there is this meet, how much it is not easy!    You see, this September with The red Dan Lu, meet again in the misty rain in the south.End of the World of Love, Grass dream is with me sing the song of blessing Li song, buckle your remote fragrant sangrakwol of Fang Chen.I believe that you must have strayed into the earthly angel, pine stick in the text, the picturesque, poetic.

Another year fragrance

Lunar August arrived, the weather is cool a lot, usually through a small street, there will be dark green tree-lined leisurely refreshing aroma wafting.    Do not think carefully, they know that it is sweet-scented osmanthus fragrance comes out, thick but not smoked, with the cool breeze of autumn into the nostrils, the heart suddenly a lot of fresh.Without careful observation, that among the dense foliage, it is hard to see the look of sweet-scented osmanthus.Those petals surrounded with fine, elegant goose yellow leaves are dark green with block, like the shy girl, the face of ambiguous.In the dense woods seem to see her presence, however, that intoxicating fragrance tell you, she actually is on your side, you have no room for the slightest doubt.    I really fell in love with this sweet-scented osmanthus August, and she just far can smell the unique flavor, but also because she was quieter tranquil rustic and elegant, and her growth environment with casual.Think about it, Rose can comfortably grow in unusual curb it?I think I should not, that young demon is fragile body can not withstand the wind and rain, can only grow Jiao Zi dripping obsequiousness to attract style in intensive care gardeners, however, with the fragrance of osmanthus compared to poor a lot of.Peony it very generous, but I think she’s flowers bloom almost exaggerated, more than a dash show off the ingredients, and peony requirements for living environment demanding a lot.I think the beauty of flowers to be just right for the job, such as jasper, also want to say is the ultimate shame of pure good.Plum, is my favorite species, but her cold and aloof, seems incompatible with autistic other species, can not help but at arm’s length.All of these reasons, naturally, I am fond of sweet-scented osmanthus.To put it bluntly, I fell in love with the sweet-scented osmanthus.    Fine chemicals up the beauty of flowers, should be subtle and elegant appearance, intrinsic subtle fragrance, do not choose to be born squeamish, so that it can enter the hearts of ordinary people, because of her sweet-scented osmanthus rustic and windy in August in time and space.    August is the best time of year, autumn, fine, clear, the temperature is neither hot nor cold, all things mature, with one of the world’s abundance.This season often remind me think fondly of the countryside, there are signs everywhere of autumn.The most simple landscape can be seen at a glance, you can close your eyes to imagine the charm of autumn.No need to modify autumn beauty and maturity is at hand.And without looking carefully, autumn has been into your heart.This feeling is just as sweet-scented osmanthus fragrance floated the quiet complementary.    This year the summer season, I look at the collapse of the old house renovation, can be considered to revive for a new look, white walls, tall flat-topped, compared to the previous air a lot of the old house.New doors and windows, the clean back porch Qian Yan, abandoned old house looks old state.The old house down and the trail becomes a memory, the only backyard trees osmanthus tree still grows luxuriantly in the former residence of the land, it exudes a faint scent.    Seasons rotate in time, the life experiences of the initial grace of life, then entered the mature.The middle-aged man, has long been bearish on the glitz.Once proud of the journey, such as the situation in general are light.Restless heart is no longer in life resulting in complacency, the pros and cons in her heart.Starchaser not catch on Fuming get around them, do not spare no efforts desire brilliant life.Peace of mind, their own happiness alone has.    At this point, suddenly feeling into middle age, with the same quality sweet-scented osmanthus.Trying not looking for a sunny release under the lovely, do not care to spend a unique room of fertile soil, it will not feel dejected because no close friends.Lived up to the wonderful, I think it was enough triumph in the life.    I smell the fragrance of osmanthus’s confession of life, is the Mid-Autumn season, if the autumn should fall yellow everywhere, why she was so elegant style of blooming splendor.Seemingly including but not exposed plain white floral able to release an amazing fragrance in the space-time champion in August.Perhaps interpretation, life is not necessarily to achieve glory in the best time of life.The hearts of obsession, but since weathered.    I not only attracted to sweet-scented osmanthus fragrance, more low-key joy in general as human feelings.Spring, flowers Jing Fang, bunches of colorful, like a verse as “squandering For beautiful eyes” can be described as crowded.However, few people can identify their names, how many people can keep in mind, but ultimately short-lived vanity Bale is grandstanding.    Naive, is a kind of beauty; reserved, more charming.Ordinary people can enter the heart of the United States, it does not necessarily require a large purple red swagger.Just a plume of diffuse through the branches of the Fragrance enough memorable in the depths of fleeting.    八月桂花香, I’m waiting in the depths of autumn.    (QQ: 643873256)

Always want to cry

And from sleeping soundly in the spring safely woke up, how lucky!Sleepily, side head a look, Seimei spring has been waiting a long time for the window.    Advance to the school, on the playground have come earlier, who are some of the early morning reading to students.They walked reading, endorsement sides look exactly like singing folk songs in travel; they are reading, endorsement morning bird sounds more like fun and Naruto.    As always, take a walk around the playground.The edge of the first ray of sunshine to illuminate the playground when the tree, pale green buds look as dashing as green stars, from the hands of nature that is truly beautiful youth, let me excited, even, so I was moved to almost to tears.    A middle-aged, how always have the feeling you want to cry?Not got “eye” disease, but the inner excitement, as to why always excited, really hard to say, as if a lot of reasons, and if they did not have any reason, just to be ready, excited feeling excited occur instantaneously my feelings, or is never miss the scheduled arrival of spring, my flesh, spirit and nature are beginning to sprout.    First of all because my grandson and grandnephew who can not help.To see them one by one like newly hatched birds as sweet and innocent, I always put them in his arms, talking to them, playing with them, although they are currently only know me with teasing and do not know me in the words are what matter.They will laugh, smile more innocent and naive, kind of cute is beyond words, and my heart’s joy and excitement is beyond words, I wanted to cry, and sometimes really began to cry.    Over time, I always want to go to the country to visit his elderly parents, I have felt that I have more to go, or I’ll rest Hanhen.Back concise home to see their parents increasingly stooped figure and significantly slow motion, I wanted to cry, I really cry, of course, it is quietly shed tears.I know, between me and them, there is a long list of good time has been unable to recover, there are many, many shortcomings wait to make up, in theory, I have many, many remedies, the easiest is to go to accompany them.    I watch it every day CCTV entertainment show “distant home”, to see the beautiful mountains and rivers, splendid culture and long history, mellow folk, colorful life, strong people, I would crowd their tears!    I also saw that today, many rural children are transferred to the city school to school, their lives, either by parents entrusted to relatives and friends, or allow them to self-management to small and great, parents have to go out to workers – I also secretly tears, because the children and the children of parents who have been put on the ever-changing life of a new path, and began involuntarily flew on this road, they do not stop being necessary and possible, maybe they this very pleased, maybe they are very unhappy, however, these are not important, it is important that their children always seemed helpless and lonely, known as the “left-behind family,” my tears, because I really no greater ability to change their life situation and living conditions.    Spring is here, it is again!I am familiar with the Huai, and grow new buds, and light yellow, light green, the kind of bright colors and novelty scared people!World, really no more appropriate language to describe it, my mind excited and can not talk, the overall feeling is you want to cry, as bright and vivid spring morning and was moved to want to cry, although flow in spring morning tears are very outdated.    If the middle-aged life feelings are so fragile, vulnerable if people will through childhood life forever vulnerable, if the understanding of life, nostalgia for the world is to really sincere, if all the love hearts have been brewed to mellow lingering situation, then saw something real goodness, whether it be this cry?    Some enemies, like last year’s flowers, forever fade; some friends, in the ocean of life’s ups and downs no fixed, some sank forever, some are still trying to float, but are like crab aging; some of their loved ones, and himself, eyes are secretly lose the look, but not decline, but not defeat, but by the wild life of the introverted state to state, emotionally and intellectually become a deep; some of my colleagues retired, came out like bird took flight, as well as more colleagues and I also work with new colleagues, like the stage play actors change field change, come, again.    Regardless come and go, like all evolutionary time constancy.Winter will pass, spring will come, old people, there will always retreat to the fringes of life to remain silent.Like winter as people full of tragic past, the arrival of spring – like, refreshing, and people may feel confused.    And he walked around, saw the novel again when Salvinia, as if viscosity of the sun is shallow orange, as the sun shines all the painting are heavily.The sky is gray shallow blue, very pure, translucent, like a giant diamonds in the rough.The sun, the Huai canopy, on the wire, on the roof, the floor, stay sparrows, jumping, playing, foraging.Some of them darting in the sky, flying is dedicated silent, stay down on the whims of those who also speak their minds, do not know the kids on the playground judge reading voice a blend of sound, tone, rhyme.Time colleagues very spiritual place, as if to meet with a sunny spring morning to do a lot of well-dressed, as if deliberately to please the spring and spring morning, but also to please.They look very much like the mountains in the morning or squirrel parrot, very cute, very nice.    Suddenly feel, meaning all are collected in one point: At this moment, I have no resentment, not depressed, not too abstract, not arrogant, not hypocrisy, and everything I see makes me want to cry because of excitement.I know, I want to cry from the humble and sincere feeling, but also because of the humble and sincere, I set out to infinity noble.I for the life and vitality of life and tears, also in real life is very rich and broad face and was moved to tears.    I also love tears, but also for their looks and status in the world shed tears.Because spring came again.    March 24, 2013

Addressed to your future

Sometimes I wonder, when people did not like me, I always feel like I’m waiting for a person, when the first face of other people’s feelings, but I choose to avoid.  20 years, I have been waiting for that like themselves, and now, twenty years later, I’m waiting for the right people.Maybe there’s something we had to choose to bow.I was young at the moment, even in the eyes of many I was pedantic and uncivilized, so I still stubbornly doing the right thing they think, listen to your heart.  I used to always afraid to miss the love, and now I fear most is afraid to face their own heart, love someone or hate someone worth mentioning, these are not important, we believe, the past will always come.  Perhaps he was still angry, as I refused to look at him.But in fact, I saw his eyes a lot, did not tell him.Or he did not care, he just cares about us there together.Not all things will have results, believe that as long as the heart is like.  Maybe I have panic people like me leave, I am no longer afraid of being the last to leave, but afraid because I like people like me become a negative energy, in my opinion, no matter what kind of feelings, we should make it more strong and brave Yes.  He encouraged me to say a few words, but also in a bad mood when I say very childish aloof, like loneliness.He did not know it was not me.  I always believe that good, either he, or the future, I have always believed that, even if I do not have the ability to have as big, but my heart longing for the good and the beautiful, and now wish you were bald, so I already feel at ease.  I have also liked other people, who are desperate to put himself in the cage, because of lack of affection and decadent, I have been stubbornly believe that is what I want love, I want, I want to heart.But at the moment I can not think of his appearance completely, just remember he was wearing glasses, wearing clothes, shoulders single room package, and the phrase has let me hear a girl can not help but cry out to learn to be strong.  I have been exaggerating his role, then I do not know who he is, can do, I will do their own good and the bad laid on him, he thought it was the power of.I do not look forward to and past the intersection, but I believe the future will have a choice.  What can we do three years?Now I am convinced that one day three years later, I met you, even three years later I still have not met, then I will wait another three years.I’m not afraid of a long time, I’m afraid we can not meet.I do not live to finish died after living only for peace of mind, because I believe.  I do not believe in deities before, now I too do not believe, but I believe life one day time will enable us to meet the people met, forget some of the less important fragments, life would have been ahead.  A lot of people say I’m negative, sometimes they would feel if I said that three years ago, I would be sure to say that he really is a dead person, every day is blind, do not know what is happiness, apart from relying on What people no longer look forward to, ah, etc., etc. every day, just like a ridiculous waiting who are looking forward to every day, but do not know where to happiness, are angry every day, but do not know what angry.  Sometimes I ask to meet that person, how long, how long have to love a person, and my heart that they will give the answer, do not take long, just like the opportunity to meet the man.  I always think of death, I often cry because of death, sometimes for himself, sometimes for the family, sometimes will cry, why shed tears could not say.  I know quite a few people, some seen, some never seen, and I still pledge allegiance to them and I believe there is still beauty in the world, everyone’s heart is lonely, and sometimes do not meet, but will make the heart more near.  Pei said I always refused wonderful, can not believe in the future, not willing to accept, no matter how he said, I will not say anything, I believe he will understand one day, one day he will find that the decision of the.Three years can really change a lot, I can not let him blindly wait, maybe I decided to choose the best moment to tell him that the worst outcome, I could do.  I used to always compare secretly hope I am better than everyone so little, that I’m not beautiful, nor understanding, I do not understand anything, very stubborn, but blindly want to do the best, and now I choose to do the most real people, without departing from the heart, not far from friends.  Sister, now three years old, but more and more childish, because some of my truth and angry, I guess this is my way of expression there is a problem, maybe I can not let her accept on communicating, even if well-intentioned, will unnecessary misunderstanding, I am more convinced Song teacher, honesty is the most critical, but you how to express your honesty, is a problem.  I cherish all the things around, inarticulate I just want to try to let them know that in fact everyone is very important in my life, sometimes I feel powerless, but I try.  I think, then I believe that the future, in addition to part of my fantasy, even more important is that you, no matter how long I will meet or find you, I have reason to believe.Now everything is for me a better place, one day when I stand before you, so that you can smile.  I’m in the moment, do not imagine you look like, not to think about the future of the scene, I felt a very warm place.You are my faith, even if I can not see you now.    August 5, 2015 overcast

A sign of autumn Yin Xinyu

Autumn morning, we have a little chilly, opened the window, day high, thin clouds, and that twenty-three decorated in yellow among the green leaves, and a faint fragrance, the fall of the appearance of embellishment.Leaning in early autumn in bright and clean, with a thin pen tracing the passage of light painted pale moist, this day, the mood is relaxed and lively, miss, always inadvertently out of moist flowers.You can listen to a song straight to the soul, your heart turns back in the graceful Qian, also can be placed thoughts in a book, others say the move everlasting story.    In life, we are always looking fit mind, if we encounter a person, blissful silence, sat on the floor only to meet, to see flowers like rain, then turned and smiled pass; or also the eternal hanging clothes on, and that person loves grow old together, are happy.If the fleeting blooms every step settled, there is profound meaning, no matter on which to walk a road, bright sunlight, and you will always meet by chance, they both live only unusual, but also should be grateful.    Autumn in the eyes of the poet’s romantic, soft and sentimental, drizzle also passionate, as Iraqis in the water side, will love written on the falling petals, ages, light twist Acacia lengthy long; in the eyes of the artist, autumn is colorful storied dye, a clump of golden, a cluster of red, full color, abundance and unrestrained.    In my eyes, dressed in clean and clarify the autumn, written in Mouzhong season, it is a thriving pool of spring, warm summer, but left out the vanity, began to become subtle and quiet, the indifferent, wrote in a the thin chrysanthemum; the joy, fell at deep courtyard.Gently nestled in the arms of autumn, appreciate and share the warmth of passionate, embrace a quiet, use some joy, to fill life, the sweet-scented osmanthus trees, listening to incense autumn darkness.    I always believe that good, I believe the spring breeze blowing through, there will be flowers blooming all over the hills; believe rain, such as silk, green vegetation will have a new generation; believe sunshine, there is hope in the growth; I believe in this unusual time, the there are given the same care and Jun, unfortunately take people to spend as friend.Light and shadow staggered, has a story; every life, are just passing through, it can always someone left a lot; there are always warm, do not miss.    This high mountains far from the road, there will take me traveling all over the boat Wan-shui, but also there will be thousands of miles away as I Night lights.Also want something indifferent, in the morning light in the past dusty; some people would like to forget, sing water falling in the autumn wind, when understood, impartial straight to mind, such as when Aria hook, moonlight shines, Only thin people still read thrush.Although, this scenic road we are just passing through, the end can not be done free of dust, not sad not happy gone through.    They say that autumn came, some sad, I’m sad to say what it?Flowers flowers, no flowers to see the leaves, the moon shines autumn, but also a poetic, even gangbusters, too, is a beautiful.This world, there is no long-term thing, no permanent scenery, come, go, ups and downs, is but a process removed.    Do not have to remember which one Xianxie flowers, which a Yezi Gang fall, winter to spring, rise and fall, catch all sorts, still only willing.Qinghuang phase, ups and downs go hand in hand, until the spring of next year, is still able to see the buds of new life, and the budding flower.Castle in the Clouds May day, autumn is bright and clean, but also diem, if there are missed, let the feelings simply, if you want to be happy, let the heart a little simple, look at the earth take as many as Man, I remember this heart can be a fence , long time, too calm.    Often like to bathe in the sun, take a look at a tree a landscape, perhaps eager for Nama bright, bright feeling in both hands years, is so clearly visible, even some nostalgia, have a warm color.Life is always too busy, always in between was removed, the contaminated air fireworks, leave out the cool, and no one saw the chapter, learn to put heart and the sun in the same place on earth where the conversion of sound, those obsession, placed in its own way, the years this painting, it’s a little more mature tone.    Once, those such as grass dew condenses into the landscape, who used to decorate dream?With tenderness written verse, tell who touched?When the heart of the story is already mottled, everything is all gone, see and not see, love and not love, are no longer part of the landscape flower bloom.Sad and beautiful doomed nowhere to hide in this way, in the mortal mind, how can we not tie him down?I would like to spend devout in practice, there is not much in the past to become eternal, just as in this earthly steady, warm and still be able to peer.    Perhaps, always a gesture line too long, it will tired, sometimes, graceful turn, also has a silver bowl Sheng Xue Qing Ning.Years later suddenly had no longer yearn for fresh clothes angry horse, a discount time sleeves, whisk away all the joys and sorrows.Perhaps the life journey of scenery, is a pass by, indifferent to arrive.Do a spring flowers, as long as you know able to open in the man’s mind, why should Empress Dowager?Susan on plain people, in the time where dense as incense, shallow rivers, it is better than numerous world.The dust has settled, years, people still such a joy.    After all, it was autumn, sooner or later some of the cool weather, the sun at noon is some strong, as if the summer heat has not dissipated.Circulation of life, there is always endless landscapes, those flashy cool earth, water and those falling, walked to forget.If life is a painting, shades of affordable ink, so that the screen will be layered, if each brushstroke with thick and black to depict, will because it is too heavy and lack of beauty.    With a simple heart, a gentle spring breeze in the morning to write your mind, sing songs late in the evening sun, the color can change with the youthful heart of deep-seated love for the pliant, and like the person’s name, properly stickers placed in the pocket treasure, then try the day was fresh, tell the world, I came, and with serious.

A man quietly walked

Like a person walking quietly in the warm bright sunshine.At this time, whistle, no roar of the machine does not require a ship, you do not need to birds chirp.A man quietly walked, warm and bright sunshine is the best friend.In the same soft feathers sun, take a look at his long shadow erratic, take a look at his face calm pedestrian or not calm expression, his own numerous feelings to reconcile into a touch of color, then I think he is still the former own.Despite the hardships of life bumpy road, but face many temptations of Red Dust, I remained true to his commitment to it, I have not lost myself in sorrow.    Like a man quietly walked in light rain, so that the rhythm of the rain cool the body mind drift.I walked leisurely pace, his hands swinging freely, gentle rain wash away any fatigue and confusion of mind, wash away the troubles and melancholy mind.Quietly go and see the green leaves sway in the light rain, a nod to touch the grass, the sky count of ten thousand throwing slender and transparent silk, his thoughts will be with the rain Piaoye to Kuangyuan.This time close your eyes, let the string of fluttering drizzle wet dusty empty heart, so pale heart is no longer dry.Under light rain soothing moisture, can look forward to sprout blue, red can raise hope, you can be filled with thousands of pride.    Like a person walking quietly in the quiet of the night.This night no noise, no vent, so self faded into the gentle darkness, we feel that God is fair to everyone on the world, there would be grudge hatred.The blues night football into a wide embrace, whether great or ordinary, then we are all children of the night docile mother.A quiet walk in the quiet of the night, to see Hu Ming suddenly off the fishing boat on the river, listening to the sound of ear Huan-ming of the nightingale, as if their own is a vulgarity free man.What reputation, status, money, love can throw the miracle, usher in a new magnificent dream.    Like a man quietly walked on the country road.Away from the noise and glitz, there will be a deep sense of nostalgia blowing.There is no city busy mix, no garbage everywhere, no exhaust emissions never seem endless, there is no meaningful elusive eyes.A man quietly walked on the country road, walking in the thick mud on our parenting, I feel really reached the middle of life.There gurgling flowing stream, green mountains and have an overpowering fragrance soil.Walking in the winding country roads, you feel like a vibrant green plants, I root is deep in this land where heavy.    I always liked the quiet and elegant surroundings, like Tao Yuanming peach scene of the world, like a quiet day from the spread of palm gently glide.Even sitting in a bulky wheelchair, I will not close myself every day I struggling to shake a wheelchair, in a clear bright side of the stream running quietly.Accompanied by the sound of heavy wheels and streams sweet sing, I seem to be more deeply the sentiment of life or life mystical heritage.I like a man to go quietly.

A butterfly and accompanied by night

The distant horizon is brilliant sunset, under the Castle is near houses, rural intertwined Qinglong Town, in the meantime a room enjoying the cool breeze blowing, the man with the keyboard in the walk between the lines, I.    Along with the breeze accompanied me to the room and the atmosphere in addition to grass, and let me refreshing rice flower.I can not myself, so I stopped writing breath forced the hands of the larger number of windows open, while breathe in a variety of pastoral fragrance, while quietly watching the sunset until it disappears, so the sky this curtain slowly opened.Laptops do not know when the table has stopped working, I still quietly standing in the window, what this time Fang Wu called with no distractions world wide, love clean water static interference.    I do not know how much time, on the table laptop screen even automatically open.My heart said, will certainly be something gently touched my computer keyboard.When looking for a butterfly on my keyboard lightly into the sky, a surprise Shuer passing Heart Lake.Little more than fluttering butterflies fluttered, the keyboard is its stage, screen down into the backdrop.    Early summer night, the town’s very silent night.As a lonely traveler, portable laptop is my only friend.Tonight unannounced little butterfly brought me down very pleasantly surprised, in such a quiet night, watching these clever little life, my heart contented.    Butterfly on my keyboard still flying, it seems busy typing.I was pleasantly surprised, puzzled.Little man, what you Literacy?Could your past lives past life is like writing?What are you looking for?I do not afraid to hurt you?Two elves looked far no one else’s performance, I do not know if it knows the thoughts of the audience.Positive thinking, butterfly actually coming towards me, fell on my hair, I guess it seems kissed, but also for shy like quietly leave, my heart Yi Chan, a non-overflowing with happiness beyond words the heart.    Late at night, the window of a small town, rural, Aoyama has gradually asleep, in bed times I have gradually some drowsiness, butterfly but did not want to leave the meaning.At this point, I kinda baffled why this beautiful butterfly so close to me ah?What do you want to tell me?Could you be my past life lover or a friend?In the course of my life, destined to be such a night encounter.    Ancient “Zhuangsheng Xiao fans dream of butterflies”, “butterfly Butterfly both fly”; today there are Qiaoyu “miss”, “Where are you from, my friend, you seem a butterfly flew into my window.Why, you would not go to a message, only to miss the backlog in my heart.”Niu Chaoyang” Two Butterflies “,” Me and you smell dancing fly, fly over Red forever hand in hand, wait until the autumn to do, Akiba completed piles, can accompany you to wither with no regrets.”Accompanied by a butterfly and night, regardless of the thoughts, nor love story.    November 19, 2012 on the Chengdu-Kunming line 673 bus

Youth Literature

— prose literary youth mentality “never lost my love” of the two human life is short decades, in addition to eating and drinking Lazard sleep and other physiological chores, in addition to illness and death and other so-called big weddings and marriage procreation, but also a higher level spiritual pursuits different from the animal nature, physically and mentally fatigued workers overtime down from the assembly line, it also depends on a movie, stroll the park, in the fields Gunda Mopa day farmers will pull in next month’s Delicate night the band trumpeter in front of a violin sing a few rustic tone, or pushed funeral listen to those vulgar dregs vulgarity cute little song; there Exploring visit ALICE win a bunch of wandering, and several are keen to challenge the limits bungee skydiving drifting “outlaws”, they are dedicated to the pursuit of a dream in my mind, kept the innate love hearts, like the devout Christians to their sacred religion of.And those of us who came from the seventies and eighties, after the thaw thought, bathing spring breeze blows the influence of the humanities, how much are some young artists range of children’s literature, had a lot of young blood is romantic love.  I remember in high school, I began to write occasionally on several diary, use the award to my teacher the wide thick book, then I also like music, rather, is obsessed with pop music.The back of the book with musical notation transcriptions of songs scattered in front of the book is written in a diary, or removal of US culture, some to pick the Liaoning youth, some radios inside shorthand down.They are mostly conscious of irregular word games, the youth feel depressed boring time, I listened very rare few popular song boredom, diary Scribble to relieve feelings of stagnation, and finally stumbled across after a period of extremely dark and damp, extreme loneliness loss, extreme anger and even dangerous juvenile road.  Now look at that time occasionally scribbled flawed disorder of word sequence near the heart of the trajectory raving style segments will be filled with emotion, then how will look like shallow, how can that kind of awareness narrow, often feel isolated and helpless, often for no reason the feeling of being oppressed humiliation, as if the pain is always filled with anxiety, the share of juvenile minds, is full of life for a rugged journey of thorns, you need to be careful to take a good, warm friendship needs, family needs and considerate, but also need a tutor goodwill guidelines.I break from the swamp as a wild youth in out, did not lose themselves, again embarked on the right path, the music is a crutch, the other is more important crutch literature, literature comes out of magic, let me seems to have looming in front of the light, the temptation to me, call me, so I can Midon Pita numb legs, while others are still struggling with sleep still blind, I have a solid foot on the other side.  Getting in that crash the normal school, my goal is far too practical spiritual quest, his family was poor, rural areas lag behind the status quo, so I abandoned any illusions ambitious, only rational to fill low fees and more subsidies on the College Entrance Examination the Normal School, there is no time to think twice in the future of personal career development space, but what can not talk about the ambitions.Two years of normal life, are suffering and distress over the low-key, the so-called college life romantic and chic, just the sky clouds general Unreal.  For Chinese professional requirements, on the other hand also be able to taste the young literary aspiration, I make every effort to fully study materials, just like an ape out of the forest, as with curiosity, eagerly rushed into the library reading room, cattle drink the nectar of knowledge, that is responsible for borrowing library registration aunt, to me a week to borrow ten books is very amazing, always very enthusiastic to help me look, but also sometimes a day or two later she also opened and closed not be held.I have prepared several thick book, day and night to do reading notes, those Chinese and foreign literature, history, philosophy, classics vast, opened my eyes, hungry, but always lamented short Bliss, the rush of time, wait for them sleepless nights, to be obsessed with the book worm, drilling between yellowed pages, the smell of scholarly while intoxicated, chewing text to feed their families, ride in the vast wilderness character paved, eternity and become attached to the book, for the book was born, for the book died.  Here, I hopelessly fell in love with poetry, sought after as tone deaf I like pop music, like, stiff foolishness pragmatic and I was deeply impressed by the romantic beauty of poetry, buy poetry, poetry newspaper subscription, go to school write some more nondescript doggerel poetry appreciation of the organization’s activities, guilty of addiction, and also diary.In my diary that time is more purely objective memoir, my mind had a crazy idea, I want to own experience of living in this corner of the times recorded, like camcorders, I photographed the needy school career, my classmates and sometimes pro-communicative or sparse, I stop short of the city, and my behind and ordinary home..  A diary of a thick, dense slightly messy teeny small print, with a helpless cynical narrative tone, slim simple goodness of prayer, and friends walk the same room, playing chess, Kanda Shan, order out from between his teeth preoccupied with money to buy books, holidays and their small hometown to renew old friendships, then made new.Over the years, these diaries were shelved, could not bear to expose that piece of the scales of youth, it will be opened for fear of pain, and even shed blood dripping.Perhaps after a few years, when I have the mentality of aging more calmly indifferent, better fathom life and things, then again look like an unrelated wander nagging whisper youth ahead of it, maybe not wait for that day, these logs will never be sealed, become dispensable relic, as my last burning funerary?  I finally self-knowledge, slowly, I clearly limited their knowledge, literary roots shallow, thinking the more difficult mediocre ordinary people, this life is not on board the doomed humble literature, can not do something, at best, it can only be a literature lovers, however, can enjoy a warm literature gives me comfort, indulge in fantasy writing, swimming in the ocean torrents of words, to make life full and connotation, this life is not too wasted.At least, better than those who toil after the weary, put a lot of time to spare boring mahjong gambling, even nerve anesthesia drugs with alcohol and tobacco than those stimulated with vulgar and even obscene to escape to a purely secular people elegant style.

Prachuab charming good night rain

Juvenile child read Popular Science “A Hundred Thousand Whys” know more than rain in Sichuan Basin, due to hot and humid air rises during the day, after the evening among the wind over the air on the plateau outside the basin is cold, cold and humid air in the basin collision will form the top of the convection rain at night.In the past few decades of life in Sichuan, accustomed to seeing the night rain, accustomed to the rain, like the rain.   Night rain, the seasons alike.Sometimes, the evening was an invigorating day, it will be as darkness fell it began to rain down, as if urging people to go home, go home soon!Sometimes moonlight looked asleep, but middle of the night to hear rain falling outside the window bamboo forest, the rhythm like a shy girl whispering, Yudabajiao Para Para, like playing the lute song miss.Summer will be a lightning blast raging, violent fierce rain pouring, startled and hurried off after closing the windows when the items you will be amazed, shocked so thrilling, God Is this the world you want to be thoroughly cleaned after reloading?Without knowing more often at night, early in the morning to see water stains on the ground to know, oh, the night under the rain ah!You will sincerely lamented Du Saint “wind sneaked into the night” to “hidden” depicts exquisite rain naughty fun.Sprinkled looked so juicy fresh washed world, breath of fresh air mixed with the soil vegetation atmosphere, but you can not heart Kuang Shen Yi?Sichuan Opera has unique skills swift change of face, does this also got it completely changes the Sky?   Prachuab rainy night is a charming poem Pictures.Lying in bed listening to the rain accompaniment, unlimited imagination picture will emerge in front of misty rain lane, pear with dew, Hanyu Lianjiang, tower misty rain, raindrops homesick heart, whispering, while King was born with heart Pina.At dawn the rain stopped, went into real aftertaste confirms the imagination and dreams, but not a good feeling in their hearts.   Prachuab rain Appreciating meaning “good rain” moisture out of the land of abundance of beauty and rich.Early spring, the night vacantly misty drizzle them open with flowers, you could hear the sound growth of the seedlings and the rain Come help Hou Zizi’s; in the summer unbearably hot sauna-like weather, can look forward to rain down as Ganlin Fei wash faded summer heat brought fresh; dried autumn and winter of rain to bring people warm and comfortable.This rain certainly know, hard-working people of Sichuan to do good, so they landed at night, usually dawn rain then stopped, no delay things, not only “knows the time” and is known division ah!   Prachuab with beauty, beauty and cuisine is known, think about it, this is not all because of the rain led to the gentle yet?   Outside the basin especially in the north, strong sunlight and the wind was whitened raised yellow dust, leads people to feel a slight breeze.Prachuab often rain spray washing, the scene will always juicy bright.Jiuzhaigou is a fairy tale world renowned because of water, renowned the world over were to show, humor, male, known risk of Emei, Qingcheng, Jianmen, Kuimen these strange and beautiful landscape, because of the dense vegetation and humid growth-promoting biological diversity and Tim the color.   Because rain and more natural humidifying the air, no hot sun and drying wind chill of violence, which will nourish the moist River juicy white woman; in addition to moisture and good to eat eat chili, the more fat burning achievements slim and beautiful; summer heat and winter cold, very small temperature difference between morning and evening, became the pursuit of creating beautiful and unique dress fashion show.Rivers and lakes spread on an emotion not say “to Sichuan, get married too early to know” ah!   Say “taste in Sichuan,” in fact, except for the addition of moisture Sichuan and wide with chili pepper that spicy characteristics, but also to Sichuan Bashu climate provides a variety of ingredients.Such as peas, but in other places is very common kind of legume crops, but in Sichuan moist, supple little pea sprouts blanched or fry a few, will be able to make exudes seductive fragrance of soup or vegetables, today pinch, a few days later grow, can be repeated several times to eat pinch.Now, Sichuan had traveled out of the country from north to south, from Fanpu throughout the neighborhood to feast printing giants, are active in Sichuan figure, released into the atmosphere flavored pork delicious spicy Sichuan hot pot of bean curd.Sichuan is more brewing on land and water, “five” is adorned with rich behalf of the liquor, think, fight wine hundred poems of Li Bai, Su gnawing elbows singing the drain, these fair-weather friends to the top of the universally talented pride call, you can not charmed and bites, “and slaughtering sheep for fun cooking, you will have to drink a cup three hundred”?!   Rain brewing on Kawachi wonderful predecessors have long warned “less Sichuan,” this gentle temptation you can go up to the?   Prachuab this romantic sultry night rain oh!