After love, I can give you what

If I love you, I would life to you.  If I should not love you, then, to have loved, what can I leave you?  That love of stagnation in the warm hug, tears, turned to make your gift goes missing.  Remember you still languishing eyes, that moment, everything is true.  When you pick up my loneliness, I stooped fondly sent a kiss.  I did not ask you: How long can this?  Quietly, like a meteor across our sky, that road beautiful shadow, and instantly disappeared convention.  Greedy, do not pull back memories you left me figure, lost soul of the flesh, slowly torment own pain.  In fact, do not have to be sad, everything being the case, the love belongs to us, to you like, more likely than youth, love to stay a while to do an eternal remembrance.  After loved you, please put down innocent themselves, so that the endless love that gives you good, to have loved you, so that morning fond memories, thoughts illuminate your night, then I will know that you loved the original after that, you can give your heart to the.  Nothing exciting in the heart flowing with your name, you think of all the wonderful, life through another process.  After loved you, I leave you with no regrets gratitude, because of you, my heart is no longer lonely, not wandering wandering.

After leaving the barracks first meal dinner

2010 Spring Festival, I can not quiet.It is not quite as “Tiger,” I belong to “monkey”, an old squad leader had ridicule in the long-distance phone, I said the mountains tiger, monkey, said King can happen to Lu Xu’s home in the mountains in Zhangjiajie, or odd mountains yo!But because two months ago, I left the demobilization of Guangxi People’s Armed Police Corps eight years of fighting, returned to Yongding District Bureau of Agriculture work.My grandfather used to be Army (veteran), my father was the Air Force (radar units), I used to be armed (soldiers Television).To the Year of the Tiger Chinese New Year, but all three generations off their uniforms, had buried grandfather, father destiny is known, although not gonna get me, has thirty.    In my hometown, New Year’s Eve early in the morning, eat dinner and even cock crow custom has been around for thousands of years.Twelfth lunar month 29 nights, my mother was a “declaration” to eat dinner in the evening, my father and I said in unison, “obedience”.My mother’s heart, and my father and I know everything.Soldier Spring Festival, almost all in the barracks, the barracks of the New Year, almost all in the evening.New Year’s Eve five pm, Mom and Dad knocked on the door of my bedroom backward “Please,” I eat a festive dinner.I silently looked at them again and again rub eyes.Indeed there is no sun shines into my bedroom, but they still flash of white hair black hair was my sorrow and grief.    Before the shrine Mom and Dad first took me to the main room of the “King of Mercy”.Chairman Mao, Marshal and general portrait on my altar, my father personally paste, before eating dinner, Mom and Dad like “Buddha” as “Respect”.Then, my father asked me to put the “group of firecrackers,” which is to be put before eat dinner.I was afraid of firecrackers, he wore balaclavas to cover the ears of the mother organization to complete the “mission”.When eating dinner, my mother gave me clip a piece of fish.Fish fry her personally, she had dinner believe in “fish”, every year there is “more than”.Dad gave me a piece of clip ZhuTouRou.He said the New Year “Festival head” in order to “good start”, said he tore cooked pig’s head, and the other members of my family – cat Mimi firmly “standing” to him.”Dear Mom a cup of it!When my father a soldier, my mom was an army wife; I am a soldier, my mom is their dependents.Said the soldier harder and harder, I say harder when Junsao and their dependents, military medal, there are half their!”I then just off the sound, my father raised his glass, I hasten to take photos of this moment of time.What does this perhaps is not worth the happiness of others, but it is my home collection.    Eat dinner, Mom “command” I followed my father before going to kowtow graves, burning paper money, firecrackers, incense point, also weed wild tree on the tomb cleaned up, I “immediate implementation”.Dad and I are communists, soldiers heart forever, not superstitious, but not forgotten ancestors.I secretly think, beginning early in the morning, I give thanks to my parents kowtow New Year, give each of them a red envelope, wish them a happy New Year!

After Jianqian

Small village near Kamp to live with a married couple, the husband Peter out fishing and hunting, his wife Gerrit in textile line, living ordinary day.That evening, nets and traps to see Peter go, go half way, but picked up a bag full of money.Then, holding his money home to catch up quickly, ready to give Gerrit a surprise when coming home, Peter suddenly stopped, he thought: Gerrit mouth too much, and consequently can not hide, if she knew I He picked up the money, tomorrow morning the whole village will know.Thus, Peter the purse hide behind a tree, and then subsequently to see the nets and traps.Sure enough, a mast net nets in salmon, traps also caught a fox, fox and his kill salmon, trout and then put the trap, where the fox into the net, And after that, he returned to home.Before I arrived home, Peter shouted: dear Gerrit, fast and come out with me!It was too dark, I need you with me.Gerrit heard Peter cry, quickly out the door, and Peter went out together.When they pass by the village hall, they saw the lights on staff.Gerrit was very strange: Why such a late hour the lights on the village hall?Peter said: Is there anything strange, forest people are there to settle their accounts and the devil.Oh, Peter, is this really?Peter proudly say: Do not you know?Forest every year and the devil knot once posted.The couple spoke to the nets there and found the inside of the fox; then to the trap there, found inside the fat salmon.So they happily carrying salmon and fox back home.On the way, Peter suddenly said: it looks like rain, we went under the big tree to avoid the rain it.Then, Peter, who had hidden in the tree to tree Gerrit purse, naturally, Peter discovered that with the money bag.Peter said: My dear, we go home now, can not let people find us picking up the money, you do not have anyone say that we picked up so much money.Gerrit pleased nodded.But a few days later, Gerrit put the matter told the neighbors Wright, Wright told Mary, Mary Yang told a result, the village people know that Peter the couple picked up a lot of money.After the village heard that, they go to the village hall, asking them to put the money out.Peter said to the mayor: We did not pick up the money.The chief says: Your wife personally telling you, you obediently surrender Come!Stand up on Pietermaritzburg, anxious waved straight: Mr. mayor, you are not do not know, my wife would always say something impertinent remarks.Gerrit heard her husband say, angry, shouted: God!You’re saying I do stupid?But we did that night picked up the money, and I still remember our Jianqian through: it was the devil in the forest and the closing night, but we just caught a fox in the nets, the catch salmon in a trap.Peter Tanshou towards a village, said: Mr. mayor, you have heard what I bet you do?Village head impatiently waved at them, saying: I finally know how the story.Well, you go home with her soon!

After insist, is to change

21 years old, I was promoted to the youngest department head in charge of quality department began.Every day with a bunch of a lot bigger than their age, experience also enriched a lot of subordinates, Alexander pressure itself, the most difficult is the lack of experience and qualifications I have, but also with a downright public sector to negotiate with various problems and promote various projects to improve.At that time, every morning I was immune to Xiangtiao Lou.But ability is not in a hurry will be there, so the only thing I can do is to adjust the state so that they are full of energy, enthusiasm to go to work.Whenever blocked, I said to myself: it does not matter, then hold on, try again.Gradually, it has indeed changed for the better.After leaving the original company, once with old colleagues together, chatting about the past, it is curious, then how will they support my three without (no qualifications, no experience, no background) staff it?The answer: your persistence and passion.He said: At that time, we are not convinced, deliberately embarrass you and challenges.We often bet the next day, you will give up.You do not have results.Every morning you see, are high-spirited, enthusiastic, one from’ve never been hit like.To this end, I lost a lot of meals.I was your persistence and enthusiasm infection, slowly changing attitudes.So that.Later, he has done many jobs, after a sharpening multiple jobs and positions, I had the opportunity to go to the general manager of a company.This time, I faced more than ever a challenge: a relatively small company in the mainland city, hire a staff with relevant experience, only one has done similar product managers.So, I had to myself every day with a bunch of new tactics of graduates, divided them into technology, quality, production team, the production line while training, while production.To leave the shop after more than six months time, we are busy every day two in the morning bell.In the morning, I would also like for the previous day’s problems, combined with the needs of the scene that day, to explain the relevant knowledge.When the company on track, instead of full half-day training week, I wrote all of the materials are based on case occurred in the Company.So, we have been insisting for three years.Harvest is: I led this company from doing everyday waste industry recruits to posture dark horse entered the field, year and a half after the company received tens of millions of venture capital.Another achievement is that teaching is my fancy Tsinghua University, finishing a book published.Today, the book became a best-selling Dangdang.After I left the company, many of my friends and former colleagues asked me: you do, tired?So pay, it is worthwhile?My answer is: tired!value!This is my real thoughts and views.I always feel tired at work is not over, do not go all out too, did not have a feeling of exhaustion, never passionate, hearty done, is a pity, or even a failure.Especially a man, one-third of his life and even more time at work, yet there are a lot of people will complain about work, avoiding work, it makes me feel incredible.Work and family are the two pillars of support from almost our entire life, that is, whether the work was another basis for a happy home.In a sense, a fully physically and mentally can not put people at work, when he left the job site, can not be fully physically and mentally on family care and care.Responsible, threw himself into is a skill that is what we want to achieve success in the workplace, basic literacy in the process of creating a happy family with the necessary.If you can understand my thoughts, you will also be able to understand why to do one job, one thing to promote, improve a project, I was so insisted, so indomitable; when the end of the work week, regardless where, no matter how late, no matter what happens, whether by car or by plane, I have to get home with the family.Unfortunately, this kind of thing, if you can prevent, you try not to let it embedded in your work, the more you do not let it climb happy family hut windowsill.The next best thing, if capacity constraints, you can not destroy them, at least, you can not indulge them.On the good things, to do our best efforts to adhere to.If life really rewarding, then this may be my 36 years into this world, and his own insights and harvest the most valuable thing.

After I was your brother

He and Kogusu child growing up in a large courtyard, on the same school, the same school, skipping along to catch fish.  Year-old cupboard, they chose the martial arts as sworn brothers.Kogusu son asked him, and now we are brothers, and how would you treat me?  He said that if any man knifed you, I will help you blocked.  Kogusu son said net you say something can not happen swear, who suffered a lifetime of old knifed ah?  He wanted to say, if you die, I’ll help you keep your father and mother photo with your brother.So Kogusu laughter with his son playing with a ball.  Who would have thought, really became a joke.He graduated from medical school, when the second year of a doctor, one day late at night, someone knocked on the door.He opened the door, the door stood Kogusu child’s brother small river, he badly bruised, bandaged.  Xiao Jiang told him that his family, including son Kogusu including, at the time this morning outing, met a car accident, survived only a small river.From then on, he had no relatives in this world, no one to turn to, only to find him.  12-year-old Jiang, with his games, and a pair of sneakers break to go over his.He was crying, leaving a small river.That year, he was 24 years old.  His girlfriend Q: When did the child go?  He was furious: he can go?  Greenhouse grown girl, who has not been so scolded roar, turned away and never came back.He did not chase her, since resolved, if you want to get married, they must be able to accept a small river of woman.After 16 years, he did not encounter such a person.  His parents accepted the child, but many problems still to solve his.He did not think, add a home school children, it really was not that simple dishes Tim double.His hard work overtime, life still tense.  One day, he went to the school to see a small river to play, the child is wearing a pair of shoes blossoming of mouth has been broken for a long time, not with him to new.He turned to sell blood, with that money to buy five pairs of shoes.That year, he was 28 years old.  Xiao Jiang graduated from high school, the university entrance exam would not die, he was afraid to add to the burden.He tied a small river, sent him to the examination hall.That year, he was 30 years old.  Small river about to graduate when he got a chance to go to the US study.He gave up.This year, he was 34 years old.  TV stations and newspapers know their family business, to his true feelings on such a program, he refused: I raised my brother, normal ah, how to get on television?That year, he was 36 years old.  Xiaojiang With his girlfriend, to take home to show him.The girl knows his history, and afterwards still asked him: how your brother is not the so-called marriage, is not a problem?  Xiaojiang standing on the street, sad to look at this pure and innocent girl, and turned to leave, she may call both together behind.From a small river determined, we must find a woman to accept her brother’s wife.This year, 25-year-old small river.  Finally met a good girl, a year later.28 years old, married to a small river.  The little girl and river did not intend to hold the wedding, but he did not want.He took all the overtime, surgery he accumulated under decades, as they make arrangements for marriage.  A bride and a small river solemnly called his brother, stadium fell silent for a full minute.  That night, he was drunk person make a new house, new people to let him sleep in the new house.Trance, he felt really old.This year, he was 40 years old.

After hiding in late 1980, snoop 90

Speaking after 80, it was a more enviable word eye, those years, 60 old, after 70, while 80 of us is a symbol of youth.Our high-spirited, shouldering the motherland hope for the future.The passage of time can also, when the stage of history after 90, which means we will gradually withdraw.    I was 89 years, and then after a year later, is a 90.In the class, mostly 90 years, our teacher also referred to as 90, and each mention of 90, this small part of the 89 we always feel deserve.Online said, 80 are secretly old, hard not to feel rather bad taste.Once proud to be the youngest of 80, we followed 90, is also not very old, but the word of a lengthy Nandi.    Now, I’m at the critical point of this age, experience two lives, bear Xianchou.    That year, winter.Seaside city always wet and cold, not as cold air to penetrate inland bone marrow, but also wish whistling winds blowing from the netherworld, people can not help chills.Positive school hours, a small road near their home, students in groups to go home.My eyes, walked about five fourth-grade female students.They wore fashionable fur hat, wearing long section of the compression-type jacket and striped leggings, similar feet, a pair of UGG boots.My mouth half open, I do not envy them should have to play a small prosperous life for the people still living standards well-off and celebrate.    Think of their primary school age, 89 was born, life can be a.But like every winter wrapped dumplings, but also single-handedly cold frostbite, flushed dry, the wind also burst into tears.At that time, as long as you used to wear warm, broken cotton sweaters hole, two handmade sweaters, grandmother wearing Jiaao, then outside is a thick coat.Pants to wear a thirty-four, walking, steps have not move, ugly feet thick cotton-padded shoes do not pull a few, are being stepped deformed can not be seen.    Looking at the number of children that can be described as love-hate relationship.They get closer and closer, and passes me, I heard two little girls du jour which recently aired through the drama and the court drama.Several other blushing, both shy and unassuming comments with the boys next class to write their own love letters, one of which said that those guys were a joke, nine out of ten polygamous, that Ding Yihua next door, down like an honest man, but I heard that they were poor.    This much, ah, love love love, and now I do not fully understand, let alone when it?Ask the world what love is, I was not only a deep understanding of call.Also have to say, their analysis seems still in place, ten men, nine bother, given out too freely love, to be followed jealous, too poor to suffer along with.Information is now open, that is, students also have access to these, subtle, how I can not understand it.However, so early, I say adult words, let the lost innocence of childhood, most people feel, not the innocence of childhood is not a childhood.Think about it, we had to catch butterflies, lobster fishing, and more simple laugh, though, no computer is a pity.    Think of one thing, I heard it the year before the college entrance examination, there is a 90 Candidates, the province’s first test, but refused to enter Beijing University and other prestigious Tsinghua University, for his girlfriend, willing to stoop to two schools.For that matter, I do not want to sing also do not irony, it is people’s choice.On the one hand, he expressed his appreciation for their love, loyalty and fear of secular vision.Na also worried if he was just a fad, and that the future will not regret it.It does not matter, remember the teacher said, to the age of 18 will be responsible for their own life, but also deserve a regret.On the other hand, I was upset for myself, I was very fond of art, but I took the test score, can go to study experimental class, I know my parents will object to give up the experimental class, also away altogether with destiny the.Now that I think, a little regret that I did not have the courage.    Look at the TV.I have to admit, now writing novels, making TV more and more rich imagination.It also makes people mixed.Imagination is the creativity of human society, if unimaginative, it stalled.Culture imagination is good, but inevitably had a negative impact, “Palace” fire, and then we took together through court shot.So, students to go to ancient times, committed suicide.Perhaps the reality of discontent that have had the desire to return to the ancient, bold guess, if you do not shoot through the drama of the court drama is so popular, so popular, even if it was dissatisfied with the reality, you will not be resolved through use, the vent the method can be a lot of smashed glass, cut the book, than to be dead Well.    See also criticism of young people now, they say that from the point of view of style, has no sun after 70 energetic child, and now the children affected by the network through the drama of the novel, writing, language network too much, too many adults view.They are not full of hope for the future, but dissatisfaction with reality.    In turn, think about it, perhaps this is no bad.Our generation does not look 80, has been approached solely to society, we hit a wall, to know the reality turned out to be so cruel.Think about it, but they also have advance guard against it.Although there is no innocence and childlike, but in the long run, may be greater than our generation can adapt to harsh environments.However, children should be childlike innocence that seems to be the last generation of people giving their definitions.    Every age has its period features, there is also the essence of dross.If the life line 60,70,80,90 are the same, it is really terrible.There is, after 80, we are not old, and our hearts as young as 90.Here, I can only hope I’m alive to a young mind, happy living.

After her husband betrayed but too I expose him

Talk: I’m still in love with her husband eight years, married for five years, I used to think our feelings are the most solid, so I excluded all the difficulties, came together with her husband.    All the difficulties I say means a big gap in our education, my parents do not agree.My parents have always believed that a large gap in our education, our future ability to live a happy my parents very worried, but I always firmly believe that if we are feeling good, what difficulties have not beat us.    We have been very happy marriage, our children are now more than two years.After marriage we basically live in my parents’ home, even though we have our own house.    Beginning in 2008 eleven, I think my husband and I are fewer and fewer words, I talk to him sometimes think he is absent-minded, I really can not stand him indifferent to me, so I began to suspect that he is not out there anything.    One day I secretly checked his phone records and found that he and one of his female colleagues and from very close, a lot of text messages sent every day, occasionally playing more than one hour of calls, but sometimes at home secretive texting, I asked her husband, her husband said they are able to talk, talk about anything.Nothing else.One day a classmate and her husband say dinner, I did not think about, but I went to the balcony to see it go out with him and the woman, and he told me and others eat.I found the hotel, but my husband complained that I was too smart, why not play the fool.    I have told her mother, her mother looked at her husband specially from the field, my husband was very angry.My husband did not say what they do, it is the two of us things that should not tell others.I want to talk about her husband, but he’s refused to talk to me, twice the drink, he said he loved the woman, not like me.I am really sad.    I tried many times, and my husband and want good, because I really love him, and he did not want to separate.But he did not respond.He refused to communicate with me, we hardly talk, sometimes I really want a divorce, but could not bear.But now I’m still so painful.I really do not know how to run.    At that time her mother persuaded her husband, a wife said you do not have children, he said I did not say I do not, so I think I still care about her husband and children, but from his current performance, I did not find the warmth that did not I love his marks, I’m not sure he’s not love me.Also never mentioned divorce thing.    I really married obedience to her husband, because I always think that I love him, as long as he is happy, I am happy, I did not expect in return is such a result.    Re: 1, your husband is having an affair is definitely wrong, but a lot of things couples need to put together to solve a double, but please do not trouble their minds to tell these parents.    2, you can see from the text, and you like your in-laws is not a city, do you think the arrival of her in-laws can solve things between you?At best, it will only make the elderly more worried about, let your husband hate you more.    3, even if it is disgraceful what happened between your husband and his co-workers, you and your husband can timely communication, then advise your husband not to play with fire, you can see, your husband possessed just a moment, but he did not want to abandon this gave him a warm home, but the arrival of your in-laws are completely broke the quiet, in addition to seriously hurt a man’s self-esteem, there are more important point is that people in this reverse psychology plays a subtle the chemical effects.    As shown, although the whole thing is because you suspect her husband betrayed the family caused, but under the current situation, you have to apologize to your husband own four pairs of impulsive behavior, ask him to forgive you.Then discuss your marriage in the end that part happened weakness.    5, another thing I must remind you, now that her in-laws has come, in the conditions permit, please do not let her in-laws proposed to leave out, because at the same time you make the effort, for your in-laws will secretly persuaded her husband.No matter how he was silent, you have to put a high-attitude family and his patience exchange.    6, maybe it’s just your marriage life in a small episode, maybe not between him and his colleagues as bad as you think, believe that before long, there will be nothing between you, do not despair, refuel!

After graduating five years, where will you be?

I also sometimes ask myself: five years after graduation, where would I be?  After graduation, some work, some people want to continue to go to school to make enlightening reading this article, so I hope it can help you in being confused, if you read after yet another Brief Encounter feeling, especially excitement, hope you can cherish this article, think about it many years later, look at this article, I have a different feeling as workers emperor Tang said: I do not think there are two kinds of people competing interests and values return with others.The first person who is just entering the business, the first five years Do not say you can give me a little salary, the most important thing is what can be learned in the enterprise, the development is not always advantageous from flat obtained in less lessons, lessons learned from multiple ordeal; lessons learned from the flat shallow, the lessons learned from suffering deep.A person experiencing hardships in his youth, if properly depending on the, out of the darkness, and that is a person worthy of admiration.The most important thing is to train their internal strength, the best period of five years after graduation is the inner strength of Lianhaoneigong be possible to climb even higher in the future.  Where is the way out?Lies ideas!  In fact, no money, no experience, no experience, no social relations, these are not terrible.No money can be earned through hard work to go; no experience, you can go through the summary of the practical operation; no experience, you can go step by step accumulation; no social relations, can be a little bit to weave.However, no dreams, no idea is the most terrible, just terrified, wanted to escape!  People must have a right direction.  No matter how high-spirited, no matter how resourceful, no matter how much effort it takes, if not a clear direction, it will had a great loss, gradually lose their fighting spirit, forget the original dream, on a detour will not even return , wasting their wisdom, he missed his youth.  Homer’s “Odyssey” in a maxim: no more impressive than wandering aimlessly intolerable the.After graduating five years of confusion, cause panic 10 years later, after 20 years of struggle, or even a lifetime of mediocrity.If you can not graduate after five years out of confusion as soon as possible, out of the fog, we really are discredited in the face of 10 years, 20 years after their own.Graduated five years, we have both a lot of uncertainty, there are a lot of possibilities.  Graduated five years, we have both a lot to be determined, there are a lot of decisions.  Who will experience confusion and confusion, fear and escape no one ever had, but not to be confused with confusion as to give up self, willing to excuse mediocrity, not to become self-pity, and pay homage to the bitter frustration.You need to take their own life, their own destiny but also need to grasp.In five years of graduation, the sooner find direction, the sooner out of the confusion, the easier achievements on the road of life, and create wonderful.Without a head can not find direction, only thwarted at every turn; a person can not find a way out, only confusion, fear.  Life in the face of difficulties, we often have the feeling of desperation.Do not be discouraged, stick to it, to believe that there is no road to ruin a young life, difficulties in front of the hope around the corner.As long as we have the right ideas, detours will be able to find a way out!  Successful people are not winning at the starting point, but to win in the turning point.  Many recently graduated young man, always expect to immediately be able to find their ideal job.However, a lot of good work is not a long wait, you must select a job as an experience.Professional journey first job, no doubt into the starting point of the university community.Maybe find a passable job, then from here, good to precipitate themselves, learn from this job to valuable nutrients, paid off.A thousand miles begins with one step, as long as the departure, there is hope to reach the terminal.  The starting point may be the same, but chose a different inflection point, the end will be much different!  Graduated in recent years, our lives, feelings, occupation and so there are many uncertain factors, the future is full of possibilities.This time, we must learn to choose, know how to give up, give yourself a clear positioning, stabilized themselves.If you do not take the initiative to locate, it will be others and social stereotypes!  It can be said: a man in the past few years graduation nurtured habits will determine the height of his life.Our success depends in part on their own evaluation of their own, which is positioning.What are you positioning yourself, what you are.Positioning can determine life, positioning can change destiny.Ugly duckling into a swan, as long as the pair of wings; Cinderella became a princess United States, as long as one pair of glass slipper.  People’s lives, one-third of the heavens, seven by the hard work, the dream will have red, victories.  As long as not to confine themselves to the mind’s cage, who bound not you go fly.  The reality is far from what they want it.Thus, when the superiority is turning into a sense of loss and even frustration, when the believe they are a piece of gold to suspect that he is a grain of sand, anger, confusion, low self-esteem began growing.  In fact, it should carefully weigh yourself if you really gold?Real gold, hands have unique skills, in order to have some attractions on the job.Bottom line: real gold is to rely on strength to prove, only the ability to put its own good practice to be eligible to consider the things horses.  Originally each pearl is a grain of sand, but not every grain of sand can become a pearl.Capital wants right way, there should stand out.Can not stand the combat and setbacks, to withstand neglect and dull, it is difficult to achieve glory.Young people to get themselves to be reused, to succeed, it must transform itself into a priceless pearl from a grain of sand.  Days of rain and sunrise, life peaks and valleys.  Mo as clouds blocking, always advisable amount.  As long as brushed haze, skies will be able to reveal their invigorating.If you have some unhappy at work, to believe that they would not have been in the trough of life, one day be able to break through the heavy clouds.Tell yourself: I have not failed, but has no success!Just lit a lamp of hope in his heart, he will be able to dispel the darkness of the shadow and see the bright.  Indeed, on the qualifications, is an absolute rookie career, business involves not deep, a network of poor and white, often run into a wall at work.Clear air pressure is not necessarily like the crushing boulders, but like the sky before the rain comes, deep gray, obviously there is room, but was gray fill every gap, only after waiting for rain-soaked.  Earlier than roosters, sleep later than dogs, doing more than the donkey, eat poor pig.This is a lot recently graduated people like to laugh at yourself living conditions of words.Although a bit exaggerated, but many people indeed has long been shrouded in a gray mood – my heart will always be cloudy to overcast.I remember a philosopher once said: Our pain is not caused by the problem itself, but our views on these issues arising.From another perspective of life, it is a breakthrough, a relief, a kind of transcendence, a high level of indifferent and quiet, to obtain the freedom of happiness.A philosopher said: Life is a series of choices, each person’s future and destiny fully grasp in their own hands, if they work hard, eventually there will be into.Ye Hao employment, careers worth mentioning, entrepreneurship is also true, as long as the strenuous efforts will be successful.  After graduating from the past few years, it is to change the golden age of their own destiny.When most decide their own fate, if not sure, then you have to wait until when it?I am the master of life, fate had help from the people.  Do not live in someone else’s mouth, do not live in someone else’s eyes, but the fate hold in their hands.  Do not say you do not have the background, it is the greatest background.American writer Jack Kerouac said a word: I am still young, I am eager to hit the road.In the journey of life, we are always young, every day should be full of desire.Each person’s potential is unlimited, the key is to discover their potential and a correct understanding of their talents and find a stage full potential, not only was the stage for the inappropriate unhappy.Be objective and impartial view of their ability, combined with their own situation and preferences cool choice as to the most need their own, the most suitable place.  In human resource management sector, particularly popular saying that riding, cows, hog, dog theory: good character, ability and strong, Maxima, we want to ride him; good character but the ability to plain, old ox, we must hold him; character and ability are common, that is pig, we want to get rid of him; poor ability of strong character, it is a dog, we have to fight against him.  I think that just graduated a few years, as ambitious, as people want to be an unappreciated, galloping battle of Maxima, right?So, it is good to settle down.Low on the floor does not mean inferior, overlooking the low today is to tomorrow’s another job.The so-called value of life, our existence is valuable to others.People can take advantage of a good thing, nobody cares about is the real tragedy!  Competent work, do a good job is the basic guarantee of job market.  Any person doing the work are a prerequisite for his ability to do the job.Competent is the most basic standards of qualified staff, work hard is an attitude.A job that many people can be competent, have the ability to dry the basic good job, however, can get the job done better, it depends on whether the practical work hard, suffer from studying the work attitude.  In competent on the basis of practical work hard.  Work, live doing more than others, you feel a disadvantage; money to get less than others, you feel a disadvantage; often work overtime, do you think suffer fact, no need to care about this, suffer not a disaster, not a failure, but also a disadvantage philosophy of life.Now eat something small loss for the success of paved road, perhaps at some point in the future, your great blessing came suddenly.  Can suffer is the life of a state, it is a wise attitude of life.  Not do more at work or someone else’s job to do live is to suffer.If you let the leadership Gaga class in time to catch the task, do not think they suffered a major loss, but should feel lucky, because the leadership just called you, did not call other people, that he trust you and appreciate you.A disadvantage is a contribution, the more you contribute, the more the returns.Willing to work overtime, it is such a disadvantage.  Willing to be willing There was only homes; learn to eat when appropriate loss is definitely not mentally retarded people, but the eternally.  To others is to give yourself Liu Yudi Liu Yudi, giving people easier and more convenient to the already convenient, kind to others is to treat yourself.  Stupid is as stupid does, because stupid people do not scheming.And such people together, relaxed, not too much vigilance can be close to each other.Silly in many cases means dedication and loyalty, also means generous and honest, people unknowingly get on his side.Stupid people accidentally get, but also many smart people get more than scheming.Graduated in recent years, the sky just floating a few flakes of snow, so you meet yet?Success need to adhere to and accumulation, rather than focusing on collecting snow, it is better to save energy to snowball.Buffett said: Life is like a snowball, the most important is the discovery of very wet snow and a long slope.Let yourself settle down, learn to find a very wet snow, trying to find a long slope.Remember: scattered snow will soon melt, vanish, only the snowball is more real, long-lasting.  Graduated in the past few years, if you can do an effort to pay more than others, it means more than others accumulate capital one point, the more chance of a successful than others.  What is it professional?Professionalism is the standardization status, standardized and institutionalized, that is, at the right time, right place with the appropriate way to say the right words, do the right thing, so that the knowledge, skills, ideas, thinking, attitude, psychological compliance with occupational norms and standards.For each industry, there are many good people who has been able to exist because harder than others, smarter, more mature.But, most importantly, they are more professional than the average person!That’s the reason why I can now when your boss.A professional person just is not enough, and only professional people who can fly in front of others, makes it difficult to go beyond!Do not think that we are now living a very calm.For the five-year graduation people, it must recognize the five major upcoming challenges.  First, support parents.Second, marriage and children.Third, the promotion and pay rise.Fourth, the work pressure.Fifth, the quality of life.  Some human survival rather excited, his eyes always stop behind, fits and starts network, peter.  Some people develop the struggle, eyes always stare straight ahead, a little progress every day, consistently.  Graduated in recent years, we can not pursue and explore, not without ideals and objectives.Life is like riding a boat behind.Willing to live the status quo is no longer ahead of the ship, can no longer catch up with the pace of the times.We must seize every second of time to learn, to understand that learning is not a student of the patent.Small smart people most proud of is: what he has done?Great wisdom of the people most desire is: what you need to do?  Small smart tactical, great wisdom is the strategy; small smart to see is sesame, great wisdom to see the watermelon.In this world, both big man, but also a small role, big man there is somebody living law, there is little chic little people, everyone has their own way of life, who barely who can not.However, the small smart only small achievements and small field of view, great wisdom in order to have great achievements and big state.Small business owners look, look in the enterprise system, large enterprises look at culture.  Small companies and large enterprises are to survive, there is no good or bad, but the impact on the different stages of a person will be different.  Small companies will definitely want to develop for large enterprises, which is a goal, young people have to set goals for his career.Graduated a few years, if often stage fright or feel have clout?Vigilant in peace time is definitely not an alarmist!This moment will nap, you will have a dream; this moment study, you will interpret a dream.In the highly competitive life on the battlefield, the nap are losers!  Everyone seems lofty at a young age, not afraid of anything, but with age, thinking the house, work, feed their families these worldly thing every day, no longer a young man that dared the zodiac, the next ocean to catch the turtle’s courage.We changed the life, or changed our lives?Our thinking more and more complex, because more and more reluctant, more and more concerns, we always wandering, always hesitant.After graduation, began a couple of years, the weight of the burden of life will we breathe, setbacks and obstacles to block the port in all directions, we tend to have their own oppression play potential was only after Deus Ex, to find a way out.But after two or three years, began to reduce the burden of the body, work began to be plain sailing, we relax down, gradually forget the potential dangers.Until one day the crisis is suddenly upon us, we know what to do in the graduation was defeated in the past few years, is still in critical condition, must be vigilant awareness, good hard work, so as to have a real security in life!  Hardships for the worst.If you want to go beyond their current achievements, we can not draw to self-limiting, but must have the courage to accept the challenge.For timid people, the real danger is to not risk!  Young people under the weight of society, adaptability has become increasingly strong, but they do not consciously used to being pushed by the environment.They dare not take risks, afraid to bring their own life-long regret, so comfort yourself: I am worthy of their own, worthy of the family, because I have struggled.In fact, people can only continue to challenge and break through the gradual growth.Long stick on the existing sense of security, will be like a frog in warm water, the ultimate loss of jumping instinct.  Social life has experienced in recent years, should understand: there are rich in this world there are poor, there are also negative light, there is ugly but also the United States, to see what in the end, they are positive or negative depending on.Learn at a young age to work diligently, in a bright thinking approach to life, then, as long as the open palm of your hand, you will find that there are a brilliant life.  The Thanksgiving carved in stone, deeply grateful to others to help you, never forget that this is a realm of life should be; the hatred written on the beach, faint forget someone hurts you, learn tolerance, so that all resentment with the tide gone, this is a realm of life.Learn to pour water in order to hold more water.Graduated from that day onwards, learn to live each day as a new starting point, and each time work from scratch.If you know how to zero in as normal a life, as an excellent continuation, as a kind of time to do, then, after a few years, you can complete their career planning and comprehensive than the right.  In the short span of career path started, want to get better, faster, more profitable growth, it must be zero thinking to face the world.Do not the university of the GAO to flaunt themselves, do not feel particularly good, but to his attitude down, put his lower body frame so that they settle down, holding the attitude of learning to adapt, to accept the challenge.Postures in order to raise their social status, temporary overlooking the low end will contribute to the future of another job.  Young people from entering the campus or from one environment to a new environment, we must dare to be familiar with the original environment, habits, likes things down, and then start from scratch.We want the workplace to be successful, we must first cultivate resilience.From the natural person who is converted to units of the basic conditions for integration into the workplace.A person low starting point is not terrible, fear is the realm of low.The more self-care, the more there is no prospect; the contrary, the more active paid, then he will be the more rapid development.Many people today made some achievements in the early stages of his career is starting from scratch, their own precipitation reprecipitation, emptied and then emptied, then zero zero, because of this, their life was singing along, flying all the way.  Graduated in the past few years, we have to let past zero, it will not become a bird carrying a heavy shell workplace crawling snails can fly as light as a bird in the sky.Please have a good taste of Jack Welch said the sentence: correct their behavior and recognize their own from scratch, you will be back on the workplace level road.Therefore, in order to spit satisfied that the new, in order to calm the body cool, there are homes in order to win the cup empty can full of water, lay down to go beyond.Zero thinking five performance: a mind free from me, in the eyes of money, say no to him, no one towards life-long learning.Inevitable with a bit arrogant young, consider themselves all-powerful, invincible, it is not true, entering the workplace or a new baby is in the growth stage climb away from.Graduated in the past few years, make sure they gradually develop from the apprentice thinking, thinking sponge, empty cups of thinking, with such thinking minds always open, to accept the revelation and all the things for inspiration at any time, always able to feel the call of the goddess success.

After flavored Life is sweet

People are destined to eat “bitter” in.You see, everyone faces are written on a “bitterness”; two eyebrows like a Soji head, around the middle of the cheekbone plus nose like a cross, beneath a mouth is a mouth word.    ’If sowing in tears, joy cometh harvest “eat, adversity, square man Exalted”.”Bao Jianfeng from sharpening out, plum blossom from the bitter cold Lei”.This is the best interpretation of the “post-flavored Life is sweet”.    Flavors in life, the bitter taste is often a reluctance to taste.However, in the field of Chinese culture has always been about the hardship of the proposition for a place.    Bitter, like a leader, a rallying cry.It should be gathered; distress, suffering, hell, torture.Gall bladder, difficulties, pains, Bitter.Coolies, ascetic, grind.Bitter, bitter, bitter pill.Hardship, toil, and pain.Hard, lonely, bitter.Toil, Han Ku, suffering.    Ancient bitter story many.Wei compiled Ruin, cantilever Cigu, hanging paid negative angle, capsule firefly Yingxue, dig Jieguang wall, the chickens, Revival, Zhengedaidan.  Eat human suffering, Fangcheng Dong Liang was.Such examples abound all times.    Song Chong Fan politicians flooded, born Zi father died two years.Because without food and clothing, his mother took him to remarry Chu.Fan Chong flooded frail, he endured suffering, study hard.Often lived “off the plan porridge Ji” life.After a long struggle, he was finally able to become a poem Shanwen, ability and political integrity Ming Chen.And leave Famous [Yueyang Tower] handed down through the ages.,, medical scientist Ming Li for the preparation of [Compendium of Materia Medica], went through the more than eight hundred kinds of writing; excerpts from several large boxes of notes; travels down the mountains of the motherland; collect a total of one thousand eight hundred ninety-two kinds of drugs.Until his death 76 years, finally completed the history of our country a medicine book, to be called the world [Oriental Medicine Giant Code].    Britain’s famous neurophysiologist Sherrington, early death of his father, no discipline, taking up the habit, to stir up trouble.On one occasion, he whim, to marry a women, only women who flatly refused: “I would rather skip the Thames and drowned, do not marry you!”It’s a blow, made him wake up, I feel that if they do not learn, will never be looked down upon.Since then, he has achieved great ambitions, energies attack books, study hard, and eventually became one of the founders of psychophysiological, 1932 Nobel Prize.    Paul Youth League of outstanding eighties Zhang Haidi, the age of five due to illness caused by a paraplegic.Twenty years, her amazing perseverance fight with the disease, assiduous self-study.She taught herself acupuncture, in English, while for others medical treatment, while the translation of books.To early 1983 two, Zhang Haidi translated thirteen million words [seaside clinic].Given her remarkable achievements, in 1983 the CYL Central Committee granted her “outstanding Komsomolets” title.    ”Bitter” make clear-headed, strong-willed, spirits, good health.Since ancient times, hotshots Magi are bitter out.Nothing else to do, look at the crystal hope the road to see how many people sweat under the hot sun?How many people in air-conditioned eyes closed?Lei winter comes, how many people at dawn in the cold swagger?How many people did not dare to put his head in bed?It’s like a balance scale, like arbitrage, you can weigh a person’s weight Lei.

After ending.What will we.(One)

Indulgent enough, those memories of fallen enough, and should not go recalled the remaining incomplete, can only rely on themselves to make up for the only non-monopoly, just missing that little bit confused, sad, and so what the trampling has been trampled on, please do not stir up a handful of salt on my wound Zaisa I hurt, the pain will cry, cry Heartbreakers me not to put on a tragedy, even if it is the heroine I do not sad once, even if all the happiness will rewind I do not get embroiled in this troubled love stories even if it is very busy after a very grand experience, full of ups and downs, but they lost a mess defeated fate will happen next schedule, so just a question mark why sad, so why Shen round Jiupaqilai hurt, pain is also time to get up one day tired stopped so there is no eternal forever so do not need pity so no sympathy though it’s not the answer I want, not what I want the outcome of those traces loved, how you want to hug you again indelible Wu Nai enough time those happy, unhappy those happy, unhappy or will one day After sealed up after the curtain after curtain no longer recall, those pictures are no longer staged ended, but not the people have changed