Prachuab charming good night rain

Juvenile child read Popular Science “A Hundred Thousand Whys” know more than rain in Sichuan Basin, due to hot and humid air rises during the day, after the evening among the wind over the air on the plateau outside the basin is cold, cold and humid air in the basin collision will form the top of the convection rain at night.In the past few decades of life in Sichuan, accustomed to seeing the night rain, accustomed to the rain, like the rain.   Night rain, the seasons alike.Sometimes, the evening was an invigorating day, it will be as darkness fell it began to rain down, as if urging people to go home, go home soon!Sometimes moonlight looked asleep, but middle of the night to hear rain falling outside the window bamboo forest, the rhythm like a shy girl whispering, Yudabajiao Para Para, like playing the lute song miss.Summer will be a lightning blast raging, violent fierce rain pouring, startled and hurried off after closing the windows when the items you will be amazed, shocked so thrilling, God Is this the world you want to be thoroughly cleaned after reloading?Without knowing more often at night, early in the morning to see water stains on the ground to know, oh, the night under the rain ah!You will sincerely lamented Du Saint “wind sneaked into the night” to “hidden” depicts exquisite rain naughty fun.Sprinkled looked so juicy fresh washed world, breath of fresh air mixed with the soil vegetation atmosphere, but you can not heart Kuang Shen Yi?Sichuan Opera has unique skills swift change of face, does this also got it completely changes the Sky?   Prachuab rainy night is a charming poem Pictures.Lying in bed listening to the rain accompaniment, unlimited imagination picture will emerge in front of misty rain lane, pear with dew, Hanyu Lianjiang, tower misty rain, raindrops homesick heart, whispering, while King was born with heart Pina.At dawn the rain stopped, went into real aftertaste confirms the imagination and dreams, but not a good feeling in their hearts.   Prachuab rain Appreciating meaning “good rain” moisture out of the land of abundance of beauty and rich.Early spring, the night vacantly misty drizzle them open with flowers, you could hear the sound growth of the seedlings and the rain Come help Hou Zizi’s; in the summer unbearably hot sauna-like weather, can look forward to rain down as Ganlin Fei wash faded summer heat brought fresh; dried autumn and winter of rain to bring people warm and comfortable.This rain certainly know, hard-working people of Sichuan to do good, so they landed at night, usually dawn rain then stopped, no delay things, not only “knows the time” and is known division ah!   Prachuab with beauty, beauty and cuisine is known, think about it, this is not all because of the rain led to the gentle yet?   Outside the basin especially in the north, strong sunlight and the wind was whitened raised yellow dust, leads people to feel a slight breeze.Prachuab often rain spray washing, the scene will always juicy bright.Jiuzhaigou is a fairy tale world renowned because of water, renowned the world over were to show, humor, male, known risk of Emei, Qingcheng, Jianmen, Kuimen these strange and beautiful landscape, because of the dense vegetation and humid growth-promoting biological diversity and Tim the color.   Because rain and more natural humidifying the air, no hot sun and drying wind chill of violence, which will nourish the moist River juicy white woman; in addition to moisture and good to eat eat chili, the more fat burning achievements slim and beautiful; summer heat and winter cold, very small temperature difference between morning and evening, became the pursuit of creating beautiful and unique dress fashion show.Rivers and lakes spread on an emotion not say “to Sichuan, get married too early to know” ah!   Say “taste in Sichuan,” in fact, except for the addition of moisture Sichuan and wide with chili pepper that spicy characteristics, but also to Sichuan Bashu climate provides a variety of ingredients.Such as peas, but in other places is very common kind of legume crops, but in Sichuan moist, supple little pea sprouts blanched or fry a few, will be able to make exudes seductive fragrance of soup or vegetables, today pinch, a few days later grow, can be repeated several times to eat pinch.Now, Sichuan had traveled out of the country from north to south, from Fanpu throughout the neighborhood to feast printing giants, are active in Sichuan figure, released into the atmosphere flavored pork delicious spicy Sichuan hot pot of bean curd.Sichuan is more brewing on land and water, “five” is adorned with rich behalf of the liquor, think, fight wine hundred poems of Li Bai, Su gnawing elbows singing the drain, these fair-weather friends to the top of the universally talented pride call, you can not charmed and bites, “and slaughtering sheep for fun cooking, you will have to drink a cup three hundred”?!   Rain brewing on Kawachi wonderful predecessors have long warned “less Sichuan,” this gentle temptation you can go up to the?   Prachuab this romantic sultry night rain oh!

Flowers make a very bitter heart

Waning strike Nisang jade, red makeup relatively York.Silk lotus wind sent to Limbo, looked down, soft language to discuss.One kind of affectionate, very heart pain, tenderness back the setting sun.Color fragrant incense empty do reincarnation, moon silver small pond.Peach root end spend peach, with hospitality, bis sink duck.Wild rice drift residue, Shen Yun at first glance black, with a dream send Xiaoxiang.- Inscription is very strange, I always wanted to go and look Looking back on your words to your heart, even at that Micro Smart as hair is very, I also desire to feel your breath touch your mind from your words, so that I time and time again pregnant thinking.And now, I’m in the middle of your pond, devoted married couple condensate listening to the voices of flowers, Brisk with my thoughts, humbly listening to their soft words to telling your story.It was a whisper of autumn season, ten Lotus.Lianer have Seduction dance, you Changba me play, mutual York Red makeup.The wind blows, the branches and leaves swaying children, just like a fairy Limbo still, light but Smart, this side slowly towards the other side of the pond, and occasionally between, a bow, two flowers stick together, looks like two lovers whisper in the ear coming.Song of them are like that, and what they discuss it in?Independent destiny, only to let them quietly across.Even if the heart has a lot of pain, you can only force a smile, his most beautiful side in full bloom.Really just “an affectionate, very bitter heart,” the love-hate parting sad it?I often think of you, why write so much so much love word article, there are a lot of “Mourn the word” really just the grief of his deceased wife do?    Your life, I read your brilliant wisdom, ingenious ideas, conceived magnanimous benevolence, and not be defiled quality.Rush years, you left a “Annals Hall Collection”, which Fu roll, poetry, words each four volumes, three volumes of de order, Wen two volumes, four volumes of green water kiosks miscellaneous knowledge (otherwise appendix Volumes I and II), etc. more than 20 books.The “word forest is a little” (but unfortunately it did not pass), there are textual research, editor of the “Big Easy set Yi Cui Yan” Eighty volume, the “Book of Rites set Chen said correction” Thirty eight volumes, and compile “now early word set “,” famous quatrains notes “,” full Anthology “and other books, and these are your” spare time achievement “, you know, that’s just how tough the completion of a book is to be milled day to a stroke before as a word, unlike today, so in the next few Jianpanshangqiao, an article is complete.This requires the kind of tenacity?If there is no quiet attitude of emotions, and how it can do it all?Suddenly, a picture unfold before my eyes: she, the Goddess Surusumi, Hongxiutianxiang; and you are one go, graceful, sometimes, also frown meditation, sometimes, you will by the window full moon, or by the window Machines.This cozy, etc., because of her love, it’s no wonder so many of you will write a sincere love of the word articles.    Put aside your feelings words, just look at you these achievements, you should be a “too proud Horseshoe disease,” the character, however, you eventually just around the emperor’s only a servant, not the name of your ingenious between the cast, monarch on a friend, but the essence is the master and servant, which you are a proud, the suffering is too, like this devoted married couple, as appears to be the same roots and branches and head open flowers, in fact, they are two different life individual, alone, blossom, alone bear the fruits of their own.This suffering is only the lotus know, so, lotus bitter.    People often say: career and love life are indispensable “two feet”, one less, life is not complete.what about you?Nalan?    On the surface you are too proud, you have the enviable status (the cause), if the change is done in modern times, it is how high you can even do “hoodwink” the characters, you also have wives and children, should be a happy Happy.But you happens Xinrusihui.Because the cause of your unsuccessful, the love you and misfortune, two feet in life for you, a lame foot, one foot do not have it.    I think at the moment, you face deeply, a devoted married couple, his thoughts must be very complex, cause anguish, the pain of love like two barbed rope, like, haunt you, so there is “a Wife, very bitter heart, “sighs.right?    Hawthorn clear, Tada lotus leaf, lotus graceful, dance to the setting sun from early morning Xi Zhao, suddenly, is the moon Seiki, this pond full of lotus, in the moonlight already dim, while the only curl flowers, dispersed in Hawthorn, Insufficiency soak into the depths, this ambiguous situation, let your arms in front of think that a springtime blooming peach.That peach and peach spend a lifetime, staying there is that feeling accompanied Shuangsushuangfei Yin Yuanyang, that scenery, the phrase should be: “only envy the duck does not envy cents,” Now I do?The sky and the sea, the night I saw the deep, dark clouds gather, therefore moonlight and blurred, as if is the same as the night of sporadic wild rice.    If things are so good now shadow if you think caught, Xu Yujian but it flew away; and those painful things, but always go hand in hand, so you have to put down the pace again and lick read it, the heart, in a time of reading in a little lick to die.Love ah, if I only could, I’d rather Xiaoxiang into two concubines come with you, so I have the solution of this world Qingchou.    This is your pond it?Nalan?    As if between you dressed in white, drifting Yi Meipiao I came all of a sudden, you see also hidden in the pond, a pond full of clear breeze swaying the Netherlands, I followed your shadow, lightly in Tada in Bihe a familiar hit me, it’s not my right Hawthorn?Suddenly, understand why three hundred years people are obsessed with your pond, original, everyone has a pond.Flowers make a very bitter heart.2012-6-19

Ching Ming Festival to worship

: Tomb Sweeping Festival rain have, pedestrians Deep Sorrow.    Where is the restaurant?Shepherd boy Yao Zhi Heng Fa Chuen.    Ching Ming Festival every day, I think of the Tang Dynasty poet Du Mu “Qingming” This poem, when read in elementary school, I will be back this poem by heart, but at that time only on the written understanding, failed to appreciate its true meaning.I only know that the festival is the first day of a solar term in April!Our worship is an important festival of the ancestors of the Han people, burning paper Baizu, living people to see their ancestors, dead to the visual impact of their descendants.In fact, the real importance of the Ching Ming Festival, when his father died that year, so I really understand, “Qingming” This poem inclusion.    Think of my father, my heart bursts of guilt, he was alive, I always attend, but also ignore their existence and their inner feelings, twelve years ago, one day, he suddenly left our group of filial sons and grandsons go , and as frivolous go, go as fast, and bring us are helpless, mournful, sad, “filial son wants parents do not,” there is no more filial regret.His death, so I had a lot of emotions, but also brought me a lot of memories, however, brought me a lot of ideas more tears.Since then, I am very concerned about the festival, I would like for his festival to go comfort his soul, to divest himself of the guilt.    Ching Ming is the season of rain.Fell out of the window shade, from time to time still drizzling, witnessing the morning breeze outside the window, I feel somewhat sad dim.Perhaps that is the Ching Ming’s sake, these days, he has always dreamed of deceased father in a dream.We have the custom of Ching Ming grave, more to the Temple to his habit of burning paper.Perhaps this is his for us a miss, perhaps this is the so-called “father and son concentric” reasons, whether dead or alive, my father will always live in our hearts, both in the mortal world or the underworld, have a date between our and that is the Ching Ming festival.    (A) China’s traditional Qingming Festival began about the Zhou dynasty, it has 2500 years of history.Ching Ming is the beginning of a very important solar terms, Qingming arrives, temperatures rise, spring is the spring planting of a great season, it is “before Tomb Sweeping Festival, you reap what you sow beans”.”Afforestation, none other than the Ching Ming,” the Nongyan.As the Qingming festival, and there are different pure solar terms.Solar terms of phenological changes, seasonal sign the order, while the festival contains a certain amount of customs activities and some memorable.Ching Ming is one of China’s traditional festivals, the most important festival of sacrifice, is the day of worship and grave.Customs until today, the Ching Ming Festival worship their ancestors and deceased loved ones mourn still prevail.So, by national legislation, the festival included statutory holidays.Meanwhile, the state also rise ancestor worship ceremony, worship Confucius, emperor worship, worship such as the Queen Mother of the West.    ”Qingming” should, according to Chen Yuan Liang Song “at the age widely credited” and said: “Qingming persons, that was born pure Ming-jie”.Tomb Sweeping Festival, sunny, birds are flying long grass, and leaves pink, yellow cold winter scene change, the earth a clean Ming-jie.Liu Han Dynasty book “Huainan” wrote: “After the spring equinox.Add to the fifteenth day of the Qingming wind “.When talking about here, “Qingming to the wind” of the positive spring in March, so the “Day of March,” said.”Ask a hundred years old,” a book also explained it: “All things grow at this time, are clean and bright and clean, so that the Ching Ming”.Be seen, it is located by the festival season, superb named in temperature, light, aspects of rainfall.    The origins of the festival, reportedly began in the ancient emperors “held a memorial service” of the ceremony, and later also with civil society to emulate, to this day worship grave, followed the ancient Chinese nation to become a fixed custom.Originally, the Cold Food Festival and Ching Ming Festival are two different festivals, to the Tang Dynasty, the day of worship grave as the Cold Food Festival.Cold Food Festival is correct day in one hundred and five days after the winter solstice, about before Tomb Sweeping Festival, two days due to close, so they put Qingming Cold Food and merged into day.To the Emperor when ordered to set Cold Food grave was one of “Five Rites” and therefore every festival came, grave became an important social custom.    Since the dawn clear, I do not know that changing the world, the number of students who flooded into coming, worship the dead, ancestors memorial.And how many students who came and went, and was later memorial.From generation to generation, crop stubble, the dead and the living, have run across this vast world.In this memorial run, demand to ancient and modern!Ancients passed away, to those who hee hee.The only constant is that each year in the drizzling rain, the festival comes slowly!It compassion for the life of us entrusted with thoughts!But it never sad not happy, just wait for the arrival of a generation’s memorial.    (B) the people on both sides of the river in Huang willing to go to the Temple worship, and Temple of activity is the largest Buddhist festival activities.As far as I know, all over the Qinghai have this kind of temples, such as huangyuan, there are music Temple, Kawaguchi people and under the ancient Shan, Bavaria there, I first talk about the people and the largest Temple in Bavaria, which I go tall temple worship year.The temple is located in Minhe County Bazhou Bazhou Township village, 15 km from the county seat, the 1980’s State expressly open temple.Here, we’ll see Hehuang region “Qingming Festival” rich folk rural folk.    Tracking the source, Bavaria Temple has a long history, according to the “Qinghai temple tower Cave” Introduction: Tang opened the first year, Li Longji has canonized 384 lifts in charge of the National Government House, Secretary tube yin and yang to the City God.Bavaria about Ming Dynasty Temple.”Minhe Hui and Tu Autonomous County Overview” Description: “Wanli Emperor Wanli established inn, this place was built the Temple, Shifosi.”The local people word of mouth, the Temple was built in the ‘temple’ after, and the temple built in the Ming orthodox years, with the Temple destroyed and rebuilt several times spent together, there is removal of plaque, said in the fifties of the last century,” Hou Cheng Huang Wei Lie gilded “.But “Hou Wei Lie” Who are they?So far no one elegant, disagrees, local people say is the descendant of a local chieftain Li Li-chi, chi Li Ming into eighteen years (1482) Scholars, the highest fame is the winner of Qinghai, the official Book of the Secretary of State, irrigation during his tenure channels, open terraces, do a lot of good things for the frontier places, so that future generations endless admiration.    Bavaria Temple was restored in the 1980’s, covering 1,500 square meters, consists of entrance, power room, hall and both sides of the cottage.Into the double doors, about ten meters ahead is the power of government, Miankuo three, deep into the three, the middle passage, before a thing walls have tried drawing power Division, entitled the “evil with evil, What goes around, who do not report if, when less than ‘and’ heavy forces that control the mortal world, Hades is inevitable punishment by law ‘of words; plaque has’ evil good sentenced Adams ‘,’ should be a sense of Wei Ling ‘,’ acceptance Tianjue ‘; in the middle of things walls as Ma Tau face, before Tau picture inscription “Yunshan Road near Sooner line, Oliver bounds, repent and be saved”; former horse-faced portrait inscription: “King Fa Zhaozhao still tainted, Ming Division faint more selfless, To visit all views, see the eighth level of hell.”After a mural there are two things ‘Kirin’ and ‘roar hair gold’ drawing, plaque there ‘really seek Virtue’ ‘strict criminal law yin’; then forward that a large incense burner, two specialized burn incense of money the plaque sent by the men and women, and finally the surface is Cheng Huang hall, the hall genus brick, Diaolianghuadong momentum Broad and hung in front of “Mingjinggaoxuan” “the spirit of God” “Shangshanfae” etc..Hall dedicated to the gods of Buddha.Chanting houses north and south sides of the house with room and board for the nuns, religious activity is held every year.    And the annual festival held here July 15 Religious Activities.Its purpose is to Turn Undead, peace prayer.People come to the Temple to worship the waves of clouds, especially in the old age people, according to local people say, they go to the ultimate goal, there are two: one is against my beliefs come.Say “died as the lamp”, in Buddhism, is not so to say, after death, we must first report to the Temple.Many elderly people think of this, very scared, they did not go to a young man alive Temple, Temple’s death could not find, so be sure to find good Temple during his lifetime, burn incense and kowtow to the City God lord, open joints, meaning exonerated after death; the other One is for their own ancestors came.It is said that, the Ching Ming Festival this day, all the dead souls of all released from hell, Ben Temple, the Temple of yin and yang master organizer, please read “by the release from division” by the big, big homes put rice, so that those who Sigui satiate and then back to hell to bear their own by the sins.So we come here to burn paper, intended to lead their ancestors on their own money to rewarding experience.Some packages also on behalf of their ancestors, the ancestors of Hades shall issue a “parcel post”.Write on the recipient, cover the yin and yang master sub-chapters, to burn together when burning paper.    This is a people’s psychological, but also their faith, it is the best way to Hehuang People’s interpretation of “virtue and propriety KAP”, it is this idea of trouble, like me and other believers, he has been to carry out their Temple promise, but also to their spiritual to appease.    (C) there are a lot of folklore about the Ching Ming Festival, a folk culture as a kind of mouth and heart generation to generation in mind, spread in the community.According to legend, Spring and Autumn Period, Jin Xian concubine Li Ji in order to allow his son to the throne, Prince is located deadly trap murdered Nobuo, Nobuo forced to commit suicide.Nobuo’s brother Chong Er, to escape the scourge of exile from home.In exile, Chong Er suffered the humiliation.He had fled to join him in his courtiers, mostly after another to each rushed out of the way to the.Only a few loyal people, always after him.One of them called Jie.On one occasion, Chong Er hungry fainted.In order to save Chong Er Jie, from his legs cut off a piece of meat with fire roasted to give Chong Er to eat.Nineteen years later, Chong Er return to do the monarch, is one of the famous Five Hegemons Gong.    After Duke Wen came to power, and those of his courtiers big plus raised him through thick and thin, except forgot Jie.Jie Gong in front of someone and speaks to.Gong suddenly remember the old things, his guilt and immediately sent for to be rewarded Jie towards the official seal.However, the police went to a few times, do not come Jie.Gong had no choice but to go pro, please.However, when Lord Wen Jie came home, I saw the door closed.Jie want to see him, carrying a mother has fled into the Mianshan (now southeast of Jiexiu County, Shanxi).Gong will let him Guards Mianshan search, did not find.So, someone had an idea to say, it is better to set fire to the mountain, firing on three sides, leaving the party, when Jie will play out their own fires.Gong is the ordered set fire to move mountains, guessed big fire for three days and three nights, after the fire goes out, after all, seen Jie out.Up the hill and saw Jie mother and son holding a charred dead Daliushu.Gong Jie looked at the bodies Kubai while, and then buried the remains, found Jie Du Zhao backbone of a willow tree holes, hole if something.I took a look, turned out to be pieces skirts, above the title of a poem blood: Feng Jun make flesh loyalty, hope lord Chang Ching Ming.    Liu eventually seen mainly as a ghost, instead of passing Banjun for Jian Chen.    If the lord my heart, I recalled the often introspective.    Chen clear conscience in the nether world, diligent Qingming complex Qingming.    Gong books hidden into the blood sleeve.Then Jie and his mother were buried under the big willow tree charred.To commemorate Jie, the lord ordered Mianshan to “medium mountain”, established the shrine in the mountains, and to set fire to the mountain that day as the Cold Food Festival, spoke to the country every year on this day taboo fireworks, eat Cold Food.    When walking, he was cutting some charred willow, to the palace to do a double clogs, looking at it every day and complained: “How sad indeed a single step.” ‘One step’ is subordinate to the ancients between superiors or peers mutually respectful form of address, it is said to come from this.    The next year, Duke Wen led the ministers, hiking clothes of mourning memorial, condolences.Line to the grave, I saw the old willow tree dead tree resurrection, Greenwood one thousand, wind wave.Duke Wen looked at the resurrection of the old willow, like a saw, like Jie.He walked in front of respect, cherish to pinch a bit branches, he made up a circle on his head.After the sweep, the resurrection of the Lord Wen old willow given name as “Ching Ming Liu,” and took this day as the Ching Ming Festival.Later, the blood often Gong books sleeve in the side as the spur own motto ruling.His diligent Qingming, good governance, the governance well.    Since then, the Jin people to live and work, not on active living, Jie do not figure greatly missed wealth.Every day he died, prohibit fireworks to honor the memory.Also with flour and with date paste, shape looks like swallows, string together with willow strips, inserted in the door, calling his soul, this thing called “the push Yan” (also known as Jie referral push).Since then, the Cold Food, Qingming festival became a national grand people.Every Cold Food, one that is not for cooking, eating cold food.In the north, people eat well in advance of cold food, such as jujube cake, wheat cakes, etc.; in the south, the Youth League and mostly rice sugar lotus.Each Qingming, people wicker circle worn on the head, the wicker sticks inserted in their houses, to show miss.    (Iv) Tomb Sweeping, that the ancestors of the “King think of Time”.Their customs for a long time.Ming “Teikyo features a little” set: “Qingming Day March, grave men, Tam mention respect □, after hanging Chu Jiaoma ingots, charm beaming over way too.Thanks to those who, sprinkle who were crying, weeding Tim earth’s tomb, burning Chu ingot times to set mound of paper money.Look no paper money, the solitary graves carry on.Cry strike, do not go too, becoming Yoshiki, choose garden, do sit out drunk.”In fact, there is a grave in the Qin ago, but not necessarily in the occasion of the Ching Ming, Tomb Sweeping is something after Qin.Tang began to prevailing.”Qing Tong ceremony,” says: “old, Cold Food Festival and frost, thanks to sweeping tomb grave, grave Yi session of clothes of mourning, with dishes and wine is mow the grass cut, Zhou Feng callosum tree, cut off Jing grass, so called grave.”According to legend, and so far, the festival is a colorful customs, in the field in addition to pay attention to the fire ban, grave, as well as hikers, swinging, playing polo, Liu inserted a series of custom sports.According to legend, this is because the festival to be Hanshi fire ban, in order to prevent the Cold Food buffet beverages, so we come to participate in some sports, to exercise.Therefore, this festival has both sweep laughter Xinfen students do not die from the bitter tears, another fun outing, and is a distinctive holiday.    People Hehuang area during the Ching Ming Festival in many activities, its origins, mainly to limit the geographical characteristics, formed on both sides of Hehuang unique festival customs, which are: Platen: Also known as the “Tomb of pressure paper “in a small stone or brick tomb of the paper against the grave, indicating that there is a grave heirs, it will easily be mistaken for unowned solitary graves, and damage.Tomb of paper divided into white, yellow, pressure better, believing that the prosperity of future generations retainers.    Filling: from years of water erosion led to the collapse mound of earth, the festival is a good day, when the Ching Ming grave every year, everyone in the family or mention or pocket or back, take some soil from far, adding to the grave , the greater the graves, indicating a more prosperous family.    Festival land of God: God’s land position is Houtu.Convention is incense, long burning money, libation earth to worship God.    Xian grave burning paper pig: Ching Ming grave relatively grand, family, young and old on-board portable, mighty, gathered to worship graves come to burning paper.Large families hosted annually by the graves affairs, called the mound and some people take turns in power, when the Ching Ming grave in the previous year, had been scheduled.Mound own pig, pig hooves get cooked presented ancestors grave, the other, each a prearranged dinner cooked.That day, thanks to the elders: elders lined up according to seniority, the first paying respects to ancestors.After that, then seniority, one by one to accept the junior bow.The minimum generational family, the youngest person to give almost all the elders bowed, often worship ceremony down elders, do not know how many knock heads.    Bread roll: provisions to be steamed buns every one, that is, ten, and then to remove the two from each bread roll, the highest prestige in the tribe elders will from the highest seniority grandmother mound, rolling down bread.Junior who is kneeling on the hillside, with looting, who grabbed the coming year, who wish will be able to achieve, or wife, or marry, or son, or academic success, etc., as well as the order to all wishes come true in the grave vow, offering chicken offering sheep, the coming year would also like to.    Dinner: After a series of Shangfen process is complete, you will sit on the floor in the grave.We Tuibeihuanzhan drunk swaying, I do not mind that this is the reward of the old ancestors.    Outing: At this spring, rebirth, clear the next day, it was a good season outing outing.Outing began as early as the Tang Dynasty, ancient inherited a habit.They complete a grave, in addition to hikers enjoy the lake, spring beauties of nature, but also to tea dinner one day to sing Happy.    Rain scared Spring Valley clear day, Mount summer full of summer connected.    Lu Qiu at autumn frost, winter snows Xuedong small Big Chill.    This is the first aspect of the “24 solar terms Song” in our farming arrangements, spring and worship, weddings and travel, etiquette and other exchanges have played a huge role.Especially Qingming, in one set of solar terms and festivals, but also has unique cultural features.Diversification of the ancient Ching Ming folklore, from the famous painting is also seen.Song zhangzeduan “painting”, the early Qing Dai “Yangzhou Qingming map” paintings, Qingming activities will be bustling place of painted a vivid, fleshed out, never get tired of becoming folk custom panorama.But now the festival is more prosperous than ever lively.

Missed the "male security" car?This plate being a successor force!(With shares)

Qingming holiday spring thunder, male security concept turned out to awaken the dull market。There is no suspense, and male security-related stocks all closed limit。  Like real estate speculators who put an end to all the same, "Xiong security concept stocks" were the subject of speculation in the secondary market did not give any hindsight opportunities for speculation。The face of skyrocketing male security stocks, but can only look no chance "on the train", we see in the eyes, regret in their hearts。  There are friends laugh, A shares of the main contradiction in the future, is to buy a male security sector investors, and between investors did not buy the contradictions。  However, after the male security concept through this passion ran around the years, always usher in the tide of the day, then the male security at low tide, which sector it will become a hot spot Relay?Analysts pointed out that the military or the relay "male security"。  Global tensions military unit is now as much as the recent military plates repeatedly subjected to catalytic events: April strife continued international situation, the 7th US forces launch 59 cruise missiles kicked off a big country in the Middle East war disputes to Syria, the Korean Peninsula situation is exacerbated tensions in East Asia。  Sixth Korea nuclear test "imminent", the United States and Japan and South Korea take measures – the US nuclear aircraft carrier Carl Vinson battle group bound for waters near the Korean peninsula, the US National Security Council to Trump proposed to re-let US troops equipped with nuclear weapons。  10th, military stocks intraday pulled up, then fell back。As of the close, the daily limit,, among the biggest gainers。  "We strongly recommend that investors focus on the military sector。Point。  Our current political environment in which the international skating on thin ice, the possibility of military conflict in the world is gradually increased, national defense deterministic growth over the next decade will be more firm。In the current situation 17 years of continuous emergence of global security risks, the construction speed and strength of our national defense have a greater possibility to further increase。    Qu Wei said that from the international situation, China and powerful strategy Trump's China policy uncertainty, the market for military form external drive; From a domestic perspective, China's domestic stimulus to continue: Mixed reform is expected to specific programs floor , continue to release military and civilian integration policy, as well as aircraft landing not only bring theme-driven, but will also bring China to build large-tonnage warships peak。  So whether it is an external conflict, or domestic stimulus, both in the short term impact of the military into the rally。  Kun Qian Kun Qian Investment Investment believes that three major areas of military expected a breakthrough: First, conversion-commercial operation, the Beidou satellite, its huge size of the market, a bright future。  Second, the people to join the army, the development of large civil aircraft will accelerate, except for commercial purposes, for the development of large civil aircraft military special machine foundation。  Third, civil-military coordination, the huge scale of China's shipbuilding industry, economies of scale to reduce construction costs warships, military and civilian co-propulsion can also improve the unfavorable situation currently facing the shipbuilding enterprise。  Military stocks highlights that, A-share market, what kinds of stocks are stocks of it military?These stocks this year trend and how?  Statistics show, A-share market a total of 126 military stocks。This year, the largest increase for the new Jin Gang, rose to 135.82%, followed by, this year, up 83.82%。, And other rose more than 50%。  Three main Nuggets defense stocks as an investor, how should we go Nuggets military unit?  Great Wall Securities, said the medium and long term, military stocks continued good investment in three main lines: first, to benefit the subject of national defense weapons and equipment upgrades, including space powers (,), ocean-going navy (), Strategic Air (,,) and the Defense Information of (,,).  Second, the Institute benefited from restructuring, asset securitization and other policies to boost the subject, including the AVIC Electromechanical ,,。  Third, robust endogenous growth, low valuation of the subject, including mechanical and electrical Aviation, Excalibur shares,。  Post civil-military integration Liu Tian flexible configuration hybrid fund managers believe stock selection can grasp the direction from the following three aspects: First, to choose the right sub-sub-sectors。The company's industry space is large enough to have the core competitiveness of the company。Huge potential for development in the field of military plates seen from the segments, defense information technology, military and new materials, the market is also big imagination, is the next focus of attention。  Secondly, we must choose the right company。Civil-military integration is the integration of military enterprises and development of private enterprises, with a strong executive power, to make both organic integration, full synergy。"If the executive power, it will always be higher than market expectations; if you have declared program has as yet not implemented, we must be vigilant。What it preaches and the implementation of strong companies, can enjoy higher valuations。"Said Liu Tian。  Third, we must focus on entrepreneurship。The best entrepreneurs are elite in their fields, have a keen sense of smell to scientific and technological innovation of the industry in which the company can keep up with the pace of technological progress and even lead; from the perspective of entrepreneurship, the need for large pattern, large field of view, both long-term strategy, but also serious work, only to abandon the military and civilian companies hype the concept of integration。  "Sweep the public concern number to get more opportunities."

July seventh, so you put a rose

Iverson seventh day, month not round, a cold autumn rain, standing on the end of the seasons change, I Wang Chuan beauty return date, it is regrettable, reclining lean months, no one send Acacia。  Under the fence, a late opening of the flower, the wind crawled over and shake off the cold flap beads, provoke the geese south to frequently look back, put on hold the wings are gone this fall landscape。  I stand, is Homeward posture, hair light rain in turn, rather than go down, I felt the cold thin, is a signal from the season, and to the piece of fluttering leaves, fixed in my line of sight inside, that clearly farewell to life through a vein。  Then I extended a hand to it, a trace of cold stretches through the center of my palm lines, stop in my left chest, into trembling heart palpitations。  Some people say my lifeline is very long, very short emotions, I know they do not consider my life miserable。  Who wants to accompany me to see year after year, autumn to spring, and I had together who wants this seventh day of July。  I prepared a rose, placed in the autumn after the tree, so I thought just do not want to let her quietly withered when you have not come。  Autumn has a spirit, I know that when I was separated from the length of time for those being tangled, a drop of rain would let me wake up。  Therefore, they fall in love with the rain。  Rain hazy, Jianjue clothing alone, with an umbrella on, no longer stand in the path of all the green, bending forward, under rugged humid, summer insects no longer sing, I hear groans top of the umbrella, as if light vine woman's footsteps, such as fine silver, if Qiao Ying Xian。  I slowed down, for fear of a surprise coming autumn marks, the rose still still under the tree, just off the yellow covered, then cross over to conceive, is lifeless life, you should have the right to know?  I gently brushed her help, those old colorful petal has changed color, like a man child ailing, miserable white。  Can you still did not come back。  That said, I love the line very short people who told me that she was also so short lifeline。  I said, I do not believe, I'm just willing to stand Homeward position, it is autumn in the direction of the waves to scratch, I know, you did not leave。  Otherwise, how can I hear the wind language。  She says you just say goodbye to the romantic look, under a bloom next spring or next will come back。  I always believed, as I believe, the butterfly flew some Lianzhao breath flowers。  So, I am in July, put a rose, wait for life to reproduce。  Wind told me that you care, Corolla garden trees to be cleared, if not returned, every now and then is a Reiki。  I will be sad together, hiding umbrella little world quietly raining, co-dripping sound, constantly hide their faces。  Eventually met you, I was full of dead branches paved trails, see a trace of souls in my sky flying, under the autumn sky, Nama rain cloud, quietly drifted away。  July seventh day, you are still left, leaving a loss of fragrant roses to trees, throw me in a lonely rain。

I Acacia regardless of the season

I do not know what went into this season。This season dressed in the sun, wrapped in dew, stepping on the snow slowly come, says with a warm smile painted the color of spring。    I know that, whatever the season is a realm。Four Seasons is the pure sound of nature, intoxicated, share of Acacia clear ethereal, truly transparent, bright run my heart empty。    Seasonal wind, blowing ah, ah blowing, blowing kinds of style years, the Spring blowing, blowing awake fry the Autumn blowing, melt blowing the Dongxue。I kissed a lyrical rain moistening, I heard the cicadas of summer sweat, I see the autumn popular stained smile, I received a caution lingering winter white。Spring honestly anxious anticipation is a sketch, summer burning eyes is a dance, fall delectable charm is an essay, white-capped in winter is a quiet novel。Not a spring breeze, I'm afraid I had a rotten; not a summer rain, I might well have withered; not the Autumn, I'm afraid I already haggard; not winter snows, I might well have decadent。Seasons, Song of。    You came from the Four Seasons。Sunshine is your sparkling smile。Your graceful demeanor, exceptionally Jiaorao, scared my heart。The delicate fragrance of the wind flying, birds stir up a bunch of sweet, Rupi Qinxin。    You are a warm spring, and resolve the frosty Ice。“Spring beauties extra duty, an affair to”。I inadvertently walked into your world, Everywhere Birds Are Singing。Swallow bird green light to cut the vision of a Apricot shyly bathed in the morning breeze, prettily Unspoken。    You're drunk red dreams, dancing hyun burning passion。“Then endless days of lotus Bi, Lotus flowers in the sunshine”。Full of spirituality and vitality of Hawthorn, the Dutch woman with a seductive Lvqun, self-conscious slim figure, came up to me Cuisheng habitat。Noodles pink, round and pure clear; eyesight gaze good, warm and cozy。Fragrance floating, Who knows style?    You are sultry stars, fireflies flashing soft。“Moon phases and two lake, lake surface without goggles unground”。Inspired by the Autumn, you walked crushing Limbo, light singing crooning, that aroma of tenderness, send a autumn, fall like dew。You Nianzhuo light Luo fan, capture the moonlight。That dripping poetry, have butterfly, moon every now and then in the eyes。Each miss, is a star, berthed at the Milky Way in Autumn。    You are taken soul of crystal, Bingqing the ignorant state of mind。“Flying Yudie”,“The sit bamboo sticks of varying Joan”。You descended from the Jade Pool, Yucui clean heart, a white。That fragrance of buds, sparkling in the warm winter sun。Feelings that transparent, thin as onion skin, thought-provoking。I crossed the days of old, just for your insights once the graceful look back and a return to pure ecstasy。Your beauty, close to my lips and teeth, my heart sinking deep in muddy in transparent, indulge in ethereal。    Love is the soul of the seasons。Season miss changing the color of the lips, a touch of greenery in the true meaning of love。Sincerely from the heart of the spring moon lit, clear my eyes。Full of emotions, in the charming bloom season。One love, bathed in the lake in shallow Shuitianyise time, the fragrance exudes strands。Love is the most beautiful soul flying, because love is immortal soul。    Who, in the branches of the Four Seasons, weaving a string of Acacia?Who, in time of shallow streams, sprinkle all the way to cherish?“No knowledge to know whether, should be Lvfeihongshou”Who recital in earnest?Who in earnest treasure?Who again colorful love song after another into a graceful fresh verses?Whisper a sentence, he gurgled flowing clumps of mind。A piece of text, piled into a white crystal world。    I Acacia, regardless of the season。Pick up a southern red beans, cut leaf North tamarisk, Juyi Peng Baqiao of water, pick a stuffed Xuerou, blending into wine, a puddle of choking, warmth interactive long。    I Acacia, regardless of the season。Acacia charming, winding into the long river, the roses blooming all over the desert。Its red flame, and as beautiful dream。    Flying dream, hazy shadows who?Aoyama is still, green Flows, the petals on a dream every now and then rinse fresh color, pink Acacia, melting in a pool of deep pools, crystal clear, mouthwatering。    Come and dream with me。I firmly believe in my dreams, copy with your true love, in the four seasons of the wind, the stack of Da birth to beautiful scenery。In the spring comes, I'll be there in a bright red, the green and poetic love splashing in the hearts of your broad and delicate, perfect dream, the perfect life。    Listen to the Four Seasons, listen to Blanc, is to listen to the river flowing, is to listen to the moon, such as Chung, it is to listen to every second of life!    "Acacia rain falling in the wind," "moon send Acacia Trinidad"。We want to hear it?String is not broken, you can let me play a song, this eternal "Four Seasons Love"?    Life, mountain stream seek Concert, Yujiebingqing Acacia cited, exhilaration?

God likes like!Loukakou refused shoe contract 1 junior earn 100 million pounds

"ID =" ENDTEXT "style =" top border: 1px solid #ddd; ">Sauna night sports network reported June 12: Manchester United's nickname is the Red Devils, the Belgian national team is nicknamed the Red Devils in Europe, and it is these two Loukakou Red Devils team's top front Pa。Just past the 2017–18 season, Loukakou state is good, and in the clubs and the national team are the color。However, it is such a world-class striker at present there is not even a super shoe contract。In this regard, the explanation given Loukakou: brother like like, I'm going to this free。25-year-old Lukaku in the last season of his own money to buy shoes to wear, so he felt on his feet and the state is good, because he can choose different brands of shoes depending on the corresponding conditions instead of being forced to have to wear a particular brand of shoes。Belgian national team in the last three warm-up match, Loukakou wear shoes are not the same brand。In fact, before the 2017 mid-summer, Lukaku and Nike have a contract, but he did not renew at the end of the contract。Since then, Loukakou became a self-flying Mustang, a kaleidoscope of changing shoes, style&Brand varied。Against Egypt and Portugal game, Lukaku were wearing Nike and Adidas sneakers。In Belgium 4-1 victory over Costa Rica in the game, Lukaku scored twice wearing Puma shoes。Perhaps, so he will wear Puma shoes mainly in the Russian Cup。"The Sun" that Loukakou if this level of players signed shoe contract, a year in endorsement fees of at least 100 million pounds。Money can not buy free body, perhaps this is the main reason for not signing Loukakou it。However, if the color of the Loukakou have to play in the World Cup, will certainly be more shoe manufacturers come to him holding a huge contract signed。 Today, Loukakou given for the decision not to sign the contract sneakers explained: "what shoes to wear should allow players to choose their own, rather than being shackled other factors。"World football, stars who have their own basic endorsement shoes, as Lukaku this kind of 'clean' is not much, because shoes are generally valuable of contract。?Luo is the most powerful, he and Nike signed a lifetime contract, worth 7.500 million pounds。2017–18 season, Lukaku played a total of 54 times for United, scoring 27 goals nine assists。2018, Loukakou 4 appearances in the national team, scoring 5 goals。When talking about the recent achievements in Belgium, Lukaku said: "I think a lot of our recent progress。Before the game against Panama (Belgium's first group stage opponents), we will continue to progress。We will come up with 120% effort。"

For love hurt

Love is like walking on a curve, always thought that holding hands can go far, far away, you can head back to look, we are back to square one, still unfamiliar。  Love is like snow in the sun, always want to be crystal clear shine, may inadvertently, they vanish suddenly thrust, still sad。  Always allowed, should always, always should, so hard, funny, Who's cause, who is also the fruit, perhaps it is because of love to hurt each other。  Affection such as a glass of water, to the water that has been put into happiness candies will sweeten be among the rippling water, we enjoy the taste of coffee, bitter-sweet fragrant。  Family as the winter sun, people always look forward to it to drive the hearts of the haze may be in the dark, it disappeared on its color, still bright。  Always light, always slowly, always daydream, every family has the cupboard。  Friendship as a cup of vintage Laocu, always thought of vinegar added to the yeast will become wine, vinegar can be ripples, we enjoy the astringent taste, still Sentimental。  Friendship as the sun in Yulu, people always hope nourish their hearts, may dry up among its fragrance on the loose, still dry。  Always allowed, always keep, always did not answer, Hao Fan good stuffy, Who's cause, who is also the fruit, perhaps for love hurt。  Love, affection, friendship……We have good, it is because you care, always concerned because, in different roles, we do not always have the same scars, scars in fact, is a blessing, because to love and hurt。

Li Keqiang news conference passed three positive signal to financial sector

  Yesterday, Premier Li Keqiang met with Chinese and foreign reporters and answered questions on financial regulatory reform, development issues were explained。
In the context of promoting high quality economic development, strengthen the ability of financial service of the real economy, Prime Minister Lee conversation passed three positive signal to the financial industry: First, a more open and inclusive signal。   Prime Minister Lee said that in the past some of the "Internet +" business is always listed overseas, and now we have asked relevant departments to improve the system of measures in domestic market, they are welcome to return to A shares, while for innovative start-ups territory listed create a more favorable , in line with the law …。
  This statement consolidate the policy tone the Internet and other innovative start-ups in the market。 In 2018, the SFC system working meeting early this year, has proposed issuing and listing system reform, efforts to increase tolerance and adaptability of the system proposition。 At present, the Shanghai and Shenzhen Stock Exchange Commission and other departments and are actively promoting the work to revise and improve relevant systems。
Listed on the Internet and other innovative enterprises abroad through depositary receipts is expected to directly issue A shares, etc. return the territory; territory not yet listed on the stock market high-quality innovative companies will be landing on the premise of the conditions of the。
  At the same time, Prime Minister Lee said it would relax the access to services。 Including the lower limit or even abolish foreign ownership in banking, securities, fund management, futures, financial asset management companies, etc.。 Government work report reiterated that the revised policy orientation, the relevant regulations have also been in progress。   Whether it is to improve the system to make high-quality innovative companies listed on the domestic market or return from overseas markets, or lower the threshold of foreign participation in domestic financial markets, the aim is to improve China's financial markets, especially capital markets inclusiveness and openness, it carries more high-quality multi-market resources, resources, improve market competitiveness。   Second, we continue to adhere to the law of strict supervision signal。
  Prime Minister Lee pointed out that the recent regulatory authorities take initiative, to deal decisively, is to make these point-like non-proliferation risks, the stamp of "pustule" or to stamp, otherwise there is moral hazard。
He further said that there are similar problems in the future, but also firmly disposal。   In mid-2017, the capital market regulatory authorities crack down on price manipulation and insider trading, concentration and control universal insurance market, with the industry to carry out a special inspection of accounts, consolidation, financial markets, remove from the real economy needs highly leveraged business。 Transmissive supervision of the implementation of all financial services, forceful squeeze regulatory arbitrage。 Disposal of the use of energy and other Po insurance funds and short-law cases, such as the use of funds Ampang nested case the shareholding structure of the diversion of the banking system。   Regulation does not mean repression, but the root of the problem, classification disposal, be treated differently, it is necessary to eliminate financial ills due to lack of supervision of the formation, but also for the healthy development of the market set aside to expand space。
Burst pustule, is the protection of the entire financial system, the protection of rational financial activities。
  Li Keqiang similar problems in the future "will be firmly disposal," the statement, and "the merger is to prevent and avoid regulatory behavior," the interpretation, both said financial institutions, but also for investors and financial consumers say。
If you need financial activities from the real economy and the taste as "speculation money game", a few people may temporarily happy, but in the end it must be a multi-lose outcome。   Li Keqiang at the press conference noted that "market dynamics and the human spirit are mutually reinforcing."。
I believe that the same logic applies to the financial markets, must be strictly regulated by law to maintain a fair market order, strict supervision according to law guide the main reason to participate in all kinds of。   Third, there is sufficient capacity to guard against the risk of signal。
  Prime Minister Lee said that China has the ability to prevent, it will not appear systemic financial risks。 Because the fundamentals are good, but also robust financial operation。 He explained that China's bank capital adequacy ratio and provision coverage are higher than international standards。
Given the deposit reserve ratio at around 15%, which is equivalent to save more than 20 million yuan risk reserve。   He also explained the reasons for the initiative to reduce the fiscal deficit, one solid and reliable revenue – "stable and good to last year's economic, fiscal surplus than expected", "and the first two months of fiscal revenue has reached double-digit growth "; the second is an ample supply of pre tools to deal with – 'If the international response to the growing uncertainties, some domestic emergence of new risk points and an ample supply of tools'。
  From the beginning of 2018 the next three years to prevent and reduce the risk of one of the three major tasks。 We have to consider the adverse domestic factors, but also consider the adverse international factors, especially a full estimate of the current number of negative factors is difficult to predict。 On strategic "food first", "left FLAC"。
Promoting a drop by three to a meeting for the pilot of the supply-side structural reforms, major efforts to rectify the financial order, and take the initiative to reduce the leverage of the financial system, financial resources set aside to deal with disaster recovery and make the necessary policies and tools reserves, It is a concrete manifestation of this strategy。   Promoting reading:      。

Fed rate hike imminent Hong Kong stocks or funds face pressure

  Hong Kong dollar is facing accelerated depreciation pressure since the Federal Reserve came into force in December 2015 since the normalization of monetary policy, interest rates have been a total of five times。
Almost one-sided market expectations the Fed will raise interest rates this week by 25 basis points again。
  With the Fed to raise interest rates, Libor Libor will rise。 And after the financial crisis, monetary policy is the Hong Kong market funds face very ample, monetary base in Hong Kong in mid-2015 Aggregate Balance was as high as HK $ 424.4 billion。 After the Federal Reserve to tighten monetary policy, although the Aggregate Balance showed remarkable decline, but as of February 2018, Hong Kong is still the Aggregate Balance of HK $ 179.7 billion, it remains very high level, the Hong Kong interbank interest rates remain low HIBOR。
So the Fed to raise interest rates lead to a further rise in the Libor interest rate will increase the difference between Hong Kong and the United States, leading to the depreciation of the Hong Kong dollar appears to accelerate。   In fact, since the Federal Reserve to tighten monetary policy, the Hong Kong dollar exchange rate has seen a continued weakening。 Hong Kong dollar exchange rate since early 2017 continued depreciation of the US dollar against the Hong Kong dollar exchange rate rise this month, it has been repeatedly broken, which March 16 intraday rise is broken, refresh the record high since the linked exchange rate system, from the HKMA set the weak-side convertibility Undertaking within a whisker。 Hong Kong Monetary Authority Chief Executive Norman Chan has indicated a few days ago, he said that if the Hong Kong dollar hit a weak-side Convertibility Undertaking, the HKMA will stabilize the exchange rate shot。 Therefore, I believe that before the Hong Kong dollar to break through, the HKMA does not intervene, so Wednesday's rate hike, expected to weaken further promote Hong Kong dollar exchange rate, or the first time in history a chance to hit a weak-side Convertibility Undertaking lines。
  The risk of capital outflows from the beginning of 1983 to HK $ warming pegged exchange rate system, to HK dollar exchange rate to the US dollar。 Hong Kong Monetary Authority to limit exchange rate fluctuations of the upper and lower limits, the weak-side Convertibility Undertaking, the strong-side Convertibility Undertaking, fluctuations in the exchange rate to the upper and lower limits for currency trading HKMA will, in order to control the open market exchange rate。
Hong Kong's linked exchange rate system can limit the depreciation of the exchange rate of the Hong Kong dollar space to some extent, but when it comes to the weak-side Convertibility Undertaking lines, on the financial side, the Hong Kong market will tighten passive situation。
  Market analysts said, on the one hand, the direct cause of the current round of the Hong Kong dollar weakness is to expand the Hong Kong and the United States spreads。 After the Fed rate hike, Hong Kong and the United States spreads continued to widen, will further boost the carry trade。 When the dollar will be significantly higher than the Hong Kong dollar interest rates, it means that investors can arbitrage by borrowing dollars in exchange for the Hong Kong dollar, US dollar capital flows。
Superimposed on the gradual tightening of US monetary policy and the attitude of the world's major central banks synchronized into the normal monetary policy, although the phenomenon of a substantial outflow of foreign capital market in Hong Kong at present does not appear, but the dollar had to reflux into the Hong Kong market funds face a risk faced this year。   On the other hand, once the Hong Kong dollar hit a weak-side Convertibility Undertaking, the HKMA will sell for HK $ releasing dollar, Hong Kong dollar exchange rate to ensure that the guarantee falls within the scope of the Link。
But at the end of 2 Hong Kong official foreign currency reserve assets of US $ 443.5 billion, a new record high。 In a strong foreign exchange reserves to support the Hong Kong Monetary Authority on the stability of the Hong Kong dollar confidence。